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Train Town Toy & Hobby is the Charleston area's best source for model trains in sizes O, HO and N.
A We carry a wide array of steam and diesel engines, rolling stock, train sets and accessories, with emphasis on the local road names, Norfolk Southern, CSX, and Amtrak. Train Town has an experienced staff to help you whether it is a first time purchase or a special order item for an established layout or collector.
Little engineers, ages 3 and up, find the familiar THOMAS & FRIENDS characters and accessories at TrainTown, as well as a large assortment of die cast vehicles, kites, and other toys for boys and girls.
Many years ago I was a model train beginner, just like you may be now, or may have been in the past. I had seen the amazing layouts at a model railroad expo and I wanted to build my own model railroad.
There was so much different advice, that it almost seemed too hard to start model railroading.
Eventually I started with a small ho scale model train set from the local hobby store… My decision was based on what I could afford at the time. Over the years I bought more track, cars and accessories to expand it, and like most model railroaders that start this way, I found it became an unwieldy mess. I had wasted money, time and effort and often would build something only to start again because it didn’t look good. I want the beginner to be able to have access to all the information they require to help them build a model railroad of their dreams… even though they may not be creative, have limited space and a limited budget. Please could you tell me what problems or challenges you are having, or have had, with your model railroading? Or, you could be a well experienced model railroader that would like to provide some tips or hints of how you got around some of your model railroading problems.
Even if you see someone else has mentioned the same problem as you, please also submit your comment.
Please tell me what problems or challenges you are having, or have had, with your model railroading? I have seen all the literature offerings, but do they really address the needs of a BEGINNER or are the addressing an experienced user.
What about a small layout and tracks crossing – what is the minimum height needed here? Why do some “books” identify angle tracks on curves and others just run them flat?
As most people have commented here, I to have played with trains decades ago, and I have attended local model railroad shows and open house(s). I read a piece the other day with a simple answer to this that I had not previously thought of.

For more than 70 years I have wanted to build a model railroad, but due to job requirements, frequent moves, lack of space and lack of free time I have had to postpone time after time. Use Testors in the orange and white tube or, at the model railroad shop get Walther’s GOO or if they have superglue. On the paint side, one twelve ounce can of Krylon will do eight box cars (be sure to lightly under coat first with a neutral color – gray for example or white) One cat of black did three SD40-2 diesel engines. Hi Arnold, You said that you were having problems, you said that you would need boosters and reversing circuits, I do not know why to think you need these, II got into to trains about 2 years ago and knew nothing about then, I use DCC As far as i know you do no require reversing circuits for a layout of your size, mine is 10 foot by 4 foot, I wired every piece of track and have had no problem with my layout. Hi, I am looking for a display coffee table where I can build a either a z scale or a N scale train layout.
I am starting over again and all of my equipment is DC and am worried that some damage will occur if I mix them with the newer one.
Working in HO scale, want to go from main level to a second level without using a helix loop. As a small child, my dad used to build layouts for himself mainly, but my brother and I were encouraged to get involved. This I bolted to the table for stability, countersinking the bolts so they were flush with the top of the plywood. I had a fairly simple layout – a couple of ovals with a viaduct spur that ran down into a station in the middle of the board. Now, the room where my layout was has been temporarily reclaimed as a bedroom for a family member who is living with us for a few months, so the track was packed away, the baseboard unbolted, and stored in the garage – until the new year when I get the room back!!! I find blogs such as this are an immense source of encouragement, support and non-judgmental comment. If any of you belong to model clubs make a point of chatting to the new person, not everyone is confident and comfortable going into a situation where your handiwork is going to be viewed and comment on by well meaning but thoughtless comments.
I have found that by going to a wal-mart or k-mart I can find a number of items to use for scratch building like.square and round stock for bridge building also fireplace matches work really well as well. We are located in historic downtown Summerville, South Carolina, just two miles south of Interstate 26, off of Main Street. Model trains has provided me with a huge amount of skills that have benefited me throughout my life, and it has been so much fun. Its nice to see model railroading pictures (layouts, but these are really never quantified. This guy’s solution I thought was quite good he bought a couple of trestle tables and set his boards on those. But now I have a barn with an internal layout space available of 5 m x 5 m with a fully insulated area. So I’m researching, I see DCC vs DC and to me DCC is the way to go for what I want to do, but I have not found anything to let me know what I need for the sound and lights etc…along with the DCC, will the 1 DCC controller do all that?

I also found that by getting a large bag of plaster and some cheese-cloth I have made my own plaster cloth. According to my research you should be able to use Atlas or Kato track plans with EZ Track with little or no difficulty.
Our goal is to provide selection, information, inspiration, and recreation to train enthusiasts of all ages. There are many people missing out because they don’t have the right step by step information. You can request videos of how-too’s form there library and all you pay for is shipping. I’m unfortunate to live in an area where there are no local clubs, or exhibits, or even a hobby store, I have to go out of town to actually feel a train in my hand. In fact, it seems that some modelers have found that Bachmann EZ Track is compatible with Atlas or Kato track with only minor modifications. We are Authorized Service Stations for Lionel & MTH, and we service all others as well.
If this helps when I built my layout I had in the shed a couple of old base kitchen units but because I wanted to be able to manoeuvre my set-up I cut six inches of the bottom of the units and attached wheels. I know many modelers prefer to hand lay their track for DCC, because of the wiring needs, instead of using EZ Track, but I’ve run across more than a few that have found EZ Track (or prefab Atlas or Kato track) works fine with DCC wiring. I wanted my own personal RR so I did my own decals for both the freight cars and engines.) Be very careful with painting and do it in a well ventilated area. Keep us informed on how things go with your layout, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have other questions. I’m learning the ins and outs of building a layout to get ready for my permanent layout, if there is such a thing. You start feeling light headed and dizzy – get out of the area into fresh area for a while.
Please see our website for more information about our store, what we carry and how we can help you enjoy your hobby more.
I already have my idea for my layout, but in the mean time I can do lots of trail and error on the one I have. Plan is to use the set transformers to help on the switches , six or eight of them and to power the passengers runs, if they will handle the estimated 40 to 50 feet runs. I see that the wiring will need to be attached to each piece of track with two wires running the distance.

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