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Product DescriptionThis is a Complete Ready-to-Run Holiday Express Electric Animated Train Set from New Bright.
Includes Four 9 inch straight track pieces and twelve 12 inch curved track pieces with black track bed and brass colored rails.
The tender car features simulated wood textures, piles of toys, and an attractive green over tan paint job. The candy pump car is a green and candy-cane covered car with two elves working a center-mounted pump and a large "Candy Dancer" sign.
The caboose is red over green, carries present sorting elves and sports a large "santa's toy shop" sign.
Easy-to-use train controller is equipped with 14 clearly labeled buttons that provide complete control over the train.
Packaged in an attractive two-piece box with all pieces included tucked safely inside large styrofoam trays. However, there were two problems, the red and green street light globes on the train stations lamp post was broken, but they still worked. At each stop, guests can board the train, visit with Santa and his elves and tour the inside of three cars of the festive, six-car train. The 2015 fundraising effort is in memory of a special member of the KCS Holiday Express family, Willis F. The festive locomotive is decorated with snow bells, and ribbons, the whole thing is simply oozing Christmas. In the store the train was displayed, all hooked up and powered to show off all of the lights, sounds and details.

On the tanker car there was an ice skating pond, one of the little elves that twirled on the ice was missing. I made a light source with two LEDs, a blue and white one, both fit nicely under the station deck. Over 15 years, the project has raised well over $1 million to purchase gift cards, which are donated to The Salvation Army at each scheduled stop.” said C. This year’s bear is called Darby, a nickname given to Kilpatrick by his family, and the bear is yellow, his favorite color. Unfortunately, the wheel that goes next to the elves on the caboose get stuck and make an unbearable noise.
So off to Ebay, where I found the deluxe version of the Holiday Express train set for less than Sam’s clubs basic train price. Kilpatrick was among the founders of the Holiday Express in 2001 and was its head elf through 2012, retiring in early 2013, she said. In recent years, one of the toys in the free gift bags for children has been a small teddy bear in the colors of a KCS locomotive.
When I first saw this train, it did not interest me, but over time, I really started to like it. The deluxe set came with a train station, and train water tanker car with two ice skating elves. Since the station was all injection molded plastic, the light post had to be removed with a dremel motor tool.
The idea of a train under the Christmas tree was a holiday tradition I wanted to contuniue for my family.

While I was searching Ebay, I found that you could purchase additional animated train cars to add to your existing set. I reassembled the station and noticed I could embellish the station with some new detail paint.
The basic Holiday Express train set consisted of an engine with an animated Santa waving, a tree tender car, a candy dancer car; and of course a caboose at the end.
In the auction description for the original set, the seller stated that the train was near new. I had though about replacing the light bulbs inside the new lamp, but it would be very hard. A little white paint around the base of the post to complete the look of snow, and that was all that was needed to give it the finishing touch. After I completed the lamp post, I started to look at the Christmas tree that was also on the train station deck. I could add LED colored lights to the tree, but the size of the LEDs were way too big to make it believable. The LED would be placed at one end of the fibers and transmit light through to the other end. I started to remove the tree, luckily, the tree was hallow, but it was glued very well to the station base.

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