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I thought this was such a neat idea and couldn't wait so I found this looks to be very similar to what you built.
Using an emergency tire air tank for the resevoir but you can use anything that will hold a couple gallons of compressed air, a cheapo 12v electric tire pump for the compressor, 12v pressure switch to turn it on and off and an electric air solenoid valve wired into my exhisting horn for the trigger with an arming switch also. While I was googling away on train horns I found a pretty good article on wikipedia where I also found this pic.

Bought the plans off ebay for $16 bucks from dozerboymiller but reworked the design to use smaller, cheaper parts and are also much easier to make. I will get some pics tomorrow of the guts and maybe save you some $$ I got the smaller horns down to around $6 each to build and $10 for the bigger ones, minus inlet plumbing and funnels.
That design you found looks a little expensive, those threaded couplers are pricey and heavy remember its just gotta make noise.
Got me to digging for more information on them and today I picked up some parts for my first horn.

Plastic is the way to go for the diaphragm until a better material is found and goes with the PVC theme any way.

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