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The scene looks really good, but did you really have to pass it through the static applicator? My opinion is that on your next tree, you should continue filling branches all the way to the top. A friend says my first tree looks like a scrub pine which are more represented in the south. After last months instalment I got a bit of feedback on an aspect of this scene which was a bit, well, not great.

Having used plasterboard to reasonable effect for cuttings I decided to elaborate on what can be done with this medium and see how it can be used for brick.
While renovating my garage I used a substantial amount of plasterboard which I had initially intended to chuck, but was advised strongly against doing at the time by my father in law who cited various DIY projects where it could be used. Having spent quite a bit of time on things technical I decided it was time to have some fun doing some scenery modeling and adding fine details to the more developed part of my layout.I have accumulated lots of small details like sailor figures, seagulls and wild animals to add to my harbour area to make it look more the part. Once you've got the basic shape where you like it, then add ground foam or other material for needles.

The colour to choose depends on what type of rock you are after, white for chalk, grey for Oolitic Limestone, beige for Portland Limestone, red for Central Scottish sandstone. You really don’t want any dust getting onto the tracks or into the inner workings of your locos.

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