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Parents don’t have to worry about their kids being stranded somewhere between civilization and Deliverance. And, relatively, I feel the 1986 Accord made a bigger splash styling- and technical-wise than the 90. I found that when comparing the Accord to a Civic of the same era, the Accord seemed downright overbuilt. My only gripe about this car (and the generation following this one) were the god damned trapped front brake rotors. The driver’s door window had considerable slop in it by the time we sold the car, but it still worked. I had a Seattle Silver 1992 EX (similar to the ’91 pictured but without the dents) automatic that I bought very lightly used in 1995. In case you didn’t know the VX model is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles to come out of Honda. I once drove my cousin’s 1991 Honda Civic way back in the early 90s and remember how well the car rode.
With the gas mileage of a hybrid and with Honda’s reliability the VX makes for the perfect commuter car especially for those that require cheap transportation. Since there is so much rust on the body it’s important that a buyer check the undercarriage for rust. I'm a part time blogger and a full time car enthusiast and found this site to help people find quality used cars for the lowest price. The MDX, a mid-sized crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV), is manufactured by Acura, the luxury car unit of Honda Motor.
The MDX’s late 2000 launching for the 2001 model year was geared to replace the Isuzu Trooper-based SLX which was then having sluggish performance in the market.
If you are looking for a car that is both sporty and economical, look no further than the 1990 Honda CRX. While the Americans were still struggling to offer quality products, Honda had an assembly line in Marysville, OH that simply wouldn’t quit (and never needed to).

The 1990-1993 Honda Accord is a far more reliable AND durable vehicle than the Volvo 240 can ever hope to be.
Budget minded folks don’t have to worry about getting constant repair bills that require selling or junking.
The head gasket was starting to go at 185,000 miles, but that was fixed in my garage with basic hand tools and without sending the head out to be machined. If this car was designed with maintenance and simplicity in mind, why the hell should you need to pull the spindle and axle apart to get the rotor off??? It’s truly incredible how the (US) Accord went from a model of simplicity and efficiency to the bloated, compromised car of today. It completely fulfilled our expectations of being indestructible, reliable, and reasonably enjoyable to drive. The weight remained nearly identical across the models and the cars actually got lower and wider, resulting in a a lower center of gravity and a flatter, better looking car. GM would struggle to sell a few dozen Cavaliers in Japan while Honda would export thousands of Accords to the land of the rising sun.
Forget about Luminas and Camrys, not even a Corvette or Camaro handshaker of the day could match it. I really liked the flexibility of the 5-speed, and wish that our current car wasn’t an automatic.
Cars in North Georgia enjoy a low salt, smooth road diet that can keep even the worst vehicles roadworthy. This engine came from the same company that dominated everything from scooters to sports cycles by this point. By the time Chrysler was on the brink (again), and Ford was busy ignoring rampant tranny issues with their Taurus, Honda was rapidly becoming a best seller without the help of the domestics all too vital rental car business to inflate annual numbers. Shifts are as pure as silk with only the slightest bit of notchiness after many years of use. In contrast to the article, the blue-green paint showed no signs of peeling or discoloration, the engine sounded fine (at least judging by the exhaust note), and there wasn’t any damaged bodywork at all.

Drop a dohc motor in and, with the multitude of modifications available for them, you have a legitimate sports car that can play with almost anything with more reliability and less money.
Apparently it is exactly what it was designed to be, an economical sports car - and not a practical family car.
Even in a midsized market dominated by V6’s, the Honda four made enough power to make the Accord above average. Of course, many have paint that’s starting to discombobulate and others have road scars that indicate their eventual expendability with their younger drivers. Of course, it could be that this particular Accord was blessed with an obsessive, mechanically adept owner, but I digress. It lived outside all its life, and there was a little body rust at the edges of the rear quarter and deck lid above the exhaust pipe when we sold it.
If you find anyone willing to sell his or her CRX, you might be able to buy it for under $700.
And the powertrain offers a comparable level of longevity with about 20% to 30% better fuel economy. A neighbor had a sedan of this generation too, and he only surrendered it a couple of years ago when his wife had another kid. The car was in two accidents, one in which my wife hit a deer and one in which the car was sideswiped hard enough to require replacing both doors on that side. By offering the handshaker in coupes, sedans and wagons, Honda would offer a welcome escape from a midsized market riddled with slushboxes and V6’s bent on pushrods. Soichiro equipped the Japanese virgin in plain-Jane garb… but with some surprisingly well kept secrets underneath.

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