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When selecting a Hornby train set, one very important consideration is the age of the purchaser or end-user.
Children under the age of 14 may lose interest in the train hobby after the newness wears off. While younger kids may enjoy Thomas the Tank, older children may think it is childish and silly.
Adults, unlike younger children, are a bit more appreciative of the level of detail in their models. Hornby Flying Scotsman, The Royal Scot Train Set, Hornby East Coast Pullman DCC Train Set, Hornby Pendolino DCC Train Set, Hornby Mixed Goods DCC Train Set The train is leaving the station, so All Aboard! Although it is easy to comprehend these days, No-one a 100 years back could potentially imagine how much a supposed toy item could influence the present day model train industry. For a century Hornby Model Trains has been a recognized household name for railroad models within the Uk.
The popular line the 'Hornby Dublo' by Hornby model trains has become interchangeable with OO gauge trains.
Now days, an entire line of OO and N gauge model trains, along with OO gauge locomotives, rolling stock and controllers are produced by Hornby Hobbies of Kent, UK. GWR, Great Western Railway, British Railways, Flying Scotsman, Station track, Caternary set, Steam locomotives, Deisel locomotives, Electric locomotives, Passenger cars, Freight cars, Trucks, Scenery kits.
The man who first put steam engines on rails was a tall, strong Cornishman described by his schoolmaster as “obstinate and inattentive”. On February 21, 1804, Trevithick’s pioneering engine hauled 10 tons of iron and 70 men nearly ten miles from Penydarren, at a speed of five miles-per-hour, winning the railway’s owner a 500 guinea bet into the bargain. Perhaps because it was the birthplace, Britain can boast more railway attractions per square mile than any other country. But it is North East England that is known as the birthplace of railways for here, around Newcastle, the world’s first tramways were laid and, later, the world’s first public railway between Stockton and Darlington steamed into life.

At nearby Beamish, the open-air museum of North Country Life – where the past is brought magically to life – there’s an opportunity to see one of the earliest railways re-created.
In 2008, Hornby acquired Corgi Classics Limited, one of the oldest manufacturers of transportation collectible die-cast models (buses, cars, airplanes, trucks). Adults, more than likely, are purchasing their train to pursue the hobby of model railroading seriously. Hornby model trains was that 'toy' item that evolved into such an important item of model railroading history. He applied for (and was granted)a patent for Meccano toys which he probably labeled as a revolution in toys and educational devices for young citizens.
Hobbyists and collectors alike have showed steady interest in both lines of Hornby model trains. Richard Trevithick (1771-1833), who learnt his craft in Cornish tin mines, built his “Penydarren tram road engine” for a line in South Wales whose primitive wagons were pulled, slowly and laboriously, by horses. He was 20 years ahead of his time – Stephenson’s “Rocket” was not even on the drawing board but Trevithick’s engines were seen as little more than a novelty. The figures are impressive: more than 100 heritage railways and 60 steam museum centres are home to 700 operational engines, steamed-up by an army of 23,000 enthusiastic volunteers and offering everyone the chance to savour a bygone age by riding on a lovingly preserved train. Though small in stature, these narrow-gauge lines are real working railways, originally built to haul slate and other minerals out of the mountains, but now a wonderful way for visitors to admire the scenery, which is breathtaking.
Feel the wind – and steam – in your hair as you travel in open carriages behind a working replica of a pioneering engine such as Stephenson’s Locomotion No.1, built in 1825.
It simply means that there are age appropriate train models based on the specific individual. You can also purchase Hornby's trakmat system packages so they can build a layout step-by-step. He started toy manufacturing in the name of Mechanic Made Easy that in some manner led to the institution of Meccano Limited back in 1907.

Frank Hornby originally founded Meccano Ltd, which later became "Hornby Hobbies", to manufacture model toys. There are eight lines to choose from and one, the Ffestiniog Railway, is the oldest of its kind in the world.
Part of Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry is situated in the world’s oldest passenger station; and the ‘Thinktank’ museum in Birmingham contains the world’s oldest active steam engine, designed by James Watt in 1778. So,the organization took the chance to subsequently introduce more train locomotives and accessories.
The popular Hornby model trains and the OO scale make up a small fraction of the wide world of model trains. The very first electric Hornby Model trains had been constructed in 1925 operating from 100-2500 volts of main power. Despite their popularity in the wide world of model trains, Hornby model trains are just a small part Hornby continues to change with the times, while keeping their Hornby Dublo and Tri-Ang lines popular with collectors. Hornby Model Trains obtained their success in a breeze, inspiring them to create a brand new line known as the Hornby Dublo 'OO'. Model train hobbyists continue to show great interest in the OO scale and Hornby model trains.
Hornby Model Trains had to stop operations during world war 2 but immediately re-opened in 1946. They chose alliances and mergers until re-gaining their independence as an independent company in 1980.

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