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Well, depending on your route, there are 30 miles of road separating Boston Court Theatre in Pasadena and Pacific Resident Theater in Venice. There's so much heat being generated in the Engine28 newsroom, it can't be contained in actual, ya' know, real stories. New York City and Boston are some of the largest centers of culture in the American Northeast.
New York City celebrates its diverse ethnic makeup in many ways, including the wide range of food spread through- out the city.
NYU may not be known for its sports teams, but the city is famous for its athletic franchises. New York City, as one of the top performance centers in the world, is home to a wide range of actors, musicians and celebrities. The Global Liberal Studies class of 2016 took the stage on Tuesday to commemorate their last four years at NYU. Starting in the Big Apple, this tour will show you the magnificent sights of NYC, Boston, Old Quebec, Niagara Falls and the Lincoln memorial.
Enjoy a guided morning tour of Boston, see Faneuil Hall, the Old North Church and Boston Common. Experience a journey through New Hampshire, passing the state's Capital Dome at Concord and the scenic White Mountains. Today starts with a guided tour of North America's only walled city, crowned by the great turrets of the Chateau Frontenac. Follow the route of the Rideau Canal south to the amazing St Lawrence Islands National Park and enjoy an included scenic cruise along the St Lawrence River, past wooded islands with beautiful summer homes.
The 1,815-feet high CN Tower, one of the tallest towers in the world, is just one of Toronto's stunning architectural highlights. Travel around the west end of Lake Ontario, through rich farmlands and vineyards to one of the world's most amazing natural wonders, Niagara Falls.
Leave Canada today and head through the Appalachian Mountains and along a portion of the winding Susquehanna River, into the rich Pennsylvania Dutch farm country. Travel north this morning to Philadelphia for included sightseeing focusing on the important buildings of this historic city, the birthplace of the nation and the steps of the Museum of Art where Rocky was filmed. This morning, visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall before leaving for New York City where the evening is at leisure. A travel industry veteran in northern California looks at airlines, trains, hotels, car rentals, and destinations. Between Washington, New York, and Boston, Amtrak offers two distinct services: Northeast Regional and Acela Express.
Because Downeaster service leaves from Boston North Station and all other Amtrak service operates from South Station, you're best off using a taxi to get between the two stations (instead of transit) if you have much luggage. The Vermonter runs through Connecticut and western Massachusetts to the capital of Vermont (Montpelier) and ends in St. Empire Service (as in the "Empire State") is offered from New York City to Albany and beyond to upstate New York as far as Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Following a 5.9 magnitude earthquake centred within 150km of Washington DC in Mineral, Virginia, which was felt as far away as Boston, New York and North Carolina, US airports are reporting no delays or cancellations to flights. While some flight operations were temporarily suspended, New York's John F Kennedy (JFK), Newark (EWR) and La Guardia (LGA) are all expecting normal service this evening.
Buildings in New York and Washington DC swayed, with the Pentagon and other US government offices evacuated. Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Gli Stati Uniti d’America comprendono cinquanta stati, quarantotto dei quali nella parte centrale e nel nord America, piu l’Alaska e le Hawaii.
Il territorio varia dalle spiagge di fine sabbia bianca alle innevate cime delle montagne rocciose, intervallato da vasti campi di grano, fiumi possenti, deserti, baie e dinamiche metropoli. I porti statunitensi di New York, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Honolulu, sono tra i piu trafficati del mondo. I parchi nazionali rappresentano poi un altro aspetto del paesaggio americano e conservano alcuni dei piu stupefacenti scenari naturali del mondo: montagne, foreste, laghi, flora tropicale e rari esemplari di specie ormai in estinzione. Gli Stati Uniti si possono dividere sostanzialmente in cinque “regioni”: the Eastern Gateway, the South, the Midwest, the Western Frontier e the Far West.
Sobria, raffinata europea, storica, fantasiosa, divertente e proiettata nel futuro, Boston e una citta affascinante e singolare, ma soprattutto vivibile. The Windy City, tristemente famosa per la malavita organizzata e per i gangster di Al Capone e tutt’oggi polo d’attrazione e fonte di notevole interesse.
Il suo nome deriva da un termine spagnolo che significa “i prati”perche all’epoca della sua nascita qui esistevano dei pozzi d’acqua che tenevano in vita delle aeree verdi.

Sole, mare, palme, case color pastello, ristorantini cubani, arditi grattacieli, eleganti residenze.
Un affascinante mondo creolo e cajun comincia a New Orleans e si stende verso sud e verso ovest, lungo tutto il territorio della Louisiana. Grande Mela, nazione a se, metropoli per antonomasia, citta dei balocchi, paradiso ed inferno: New York.
San Francisco e costruita su quaranta colline: case, negozi, alberghi e parchi (ben 52) sono disposti con eleganza in un continuo saliscendi. Stile ed eleganza, storia e cultura, questa e Washington, splendida capitale degli Stati Uniti, una delle piu distinte citta d’America.
La vera risorsa turistica degli States sono sicuramente i Parchi Nazionali, innumerevoli aree protette tra cui le piu interessanti sono collocate tra California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming e Idaho. A wonderfully fast-paced city, New York is home to shows quickly coming and going on Broadway and exhibits at museums swapping out to display the newest art, artifact or scientific research.
New Yorkers can choose from almost any cuisine — from Italian to Chinese to Thai to Mexican — at nearly any time of day or night. Greenwich Village itself is home to many famous names, and it is not unusual to see celebrities such as Alec Baldwin, Louis C.K. On today's guided sightseeing see New York City's major attractions, including the Empire State Building, Broadway, Greenwich Village, Chinatown and Trinity Church.
This afternoon is free, so why not visit Copley Square, Chinatown or the Museum of Fine Arts? Capture inspiring views of mountain scenery, vast forests and innumerable lakes on the drive through Vermont. Until the British victory of 1759, Old Quebec was the centre of 'New France', and has now been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Major attractions on this afternoon's sightseeing tour include modern and Old Montreal, St Joseph's Oratory and a photo stop at the top of Mount Royal. Enjoy a sightseeing tour of the city beginning on Parliament Hill with its gothic buildings. Make a short stop in the historic city of Kingston, before heading on to Toronto, Ontario's capital and Canada's largest city.
Others include the New City Hall Plaza, the downtown banking district and the ultra-modern Roger's Centre.
Your included sightseeing offers spectacular views of the falls from scenic points along the edge of the gorge, and from the decks of your sightseeing cruise where you will experience the thundering columns of water up close!
This is an area populated by 17th and 18th century settlers from Germany, who retain many elements of their traditional culture.
This morning stop at the Amish Farm and House where a local guide explains the faith and way of life of these people whose tradition forbids the use of electricity or telephones in the home.
Your guided sightseeing includes a visit to Arlington National Cemetery to see the graves of American heroes, including those of Robert and John F Kennedy. Enjoy a guided sightseeing tour of the city beginning on Parliament Hill with its gothic buildings. When unfavourable conditions exist, a walking tour through the scenic tunnels will be substituted. Structures are reinforced more for hurricanes and the occasional tornado, as earthquakes are very infrequent in the region. La si puo visitare passeggiando lungo il “freedom trail” un percorso guidato che si snoda attraverso i luoghi “storici” della citta oppure soffermandosi lungo i suoi viali alberati, ammirando le numerose boutiques, passeggiando lungo le singolari vie di ciottolato illuminate dai lampioni di inizio secolo. Le meravigliose forme architettoniche che rivestono la citta e ne trasformano il suo “financial center” sono sicuramente la maggior espressione dell’arte di cui la metropoli: architetti di ogni angolo del mondo sono affascinati dai meravigliosi grattacieli e dalle innovazioni strutturali che caratterizzano la citta. Situata su un altopiano a nord-ovest del Lago Mead, fu fondata nel 1855 dai Mormoni durante il loro trasferimento da Santa Fe alla California. I primi esploratori arrivarono nella regione nel 1769 e la colonia vera e propria fu fondata nel 1871. Questa e la terra di sogno dove il muschio spagnolo pende dai tronchi delle querce e dei cipressi. Il vento e la fatica sfidano chiunque si accinga a percorrere le strade in salita; le colline sono superabili con il tram a cremagliera, la piu famosa istituzione di San Francisco. Simbolo dell’unita del paese, della sua storia e della tradizione, Washington e stata fondata appositamente per rappresentare la nazione unita in un punto tra il nord ed il sud.
Di seguito abbiamo selezionato hotels nelle destinazioni piu gettonate ed alcune meno conosciute, per permettere di costruire il proprio soggiorno in base alle proprie esigenze ed al tempo disponibile. You'll see our selection of what's worth reading in other publications and blogs, short hits on things that caught our attention, and some spin and polish on stories we've grown to care about. While Boston also has a wide range of options, from the Italian restaurants of the North End to classic Irish pubs, Bostonians tend to appreciate traditional New England cuisine.

True New Yorkers are seriously passionate about their teams and are willing to fight you tooth and nail to prove it. With two legs of the tour covering New York City, you’ll be sure to get enough of the Five Boroughs.
Continue to the Canadian border, where you will notice a change in language and tradition as you enter the French-Canadian province of Quebec.
Within the walls are the Place d'Armes, the Laval Seminary, the star-plan Citadelle and the ancient Place Royale. See the Governor General's official residence, the National Arts Centre, the stately residences and embassies. After, visit the Lincoln Memorial and there are photo stops at Capitol Hill and the White House. The depth of the earthquake -- shallow, at around 6km -- likely led to it being felt across a wide area.
Non dobbiamo pero dimenticare che la citta e un centro culturale attivissimo e sede di numerosi ed interessantissimi musei. Una prima espansione avviene nel 1905 con la costruzione della ferrovia ma il boom turistico e dovuto alla legalizzazione del gioco d’azzardo nel 1931, che di fatto l’ha consacrata come sua capitale mondiale.
Stupiscono i grattacieli, i taxi gialli che sfrecciano ovunque, gli incredibili negozi dove si trova di tutto, il cuore verde di Central Park, le luci sfavillanti di Broadway, l’incanto del ponte di Brooklyn, SoHo e il Village, la ricchezza e la bellezza dei suoi musei, la varieta dei ristoranti e degli abitanti. Affascinano i suoi immensi monumenti neoclassici, gli eleganti palazzi, il vivace quartiere di Georgetown, il cimitero di Arlington, dove tra le sterminate colline punteggiate di bianco, “brilla” la fiamma di JFK.
One of Boston’s most famous attrac- tions is the Freedom Trail, a red-brick road that runs through the city. Clam chowder, baked beans and lobster platters are some of the comfort foods that can be enjoyed throughout the city.
While Boston has less well-known names, those who grow up there never really forget their roots. You’ll be guided round the Empire State Building, Broadway, Greenwich Village and Chinatown, giving you the biggest dose of local living that we can find. An elegant city, which combines early colonial history with modern innovation, Boston has many historic landmarks which reflect the important part it has played in the United States' history. Also see the old-world houses crowding the narrow streets in Lower Town by the St Lawrence River and the historic Plains of Abraham.
The afternoon is at leisure so perhaps take the opportunity to visit the Canadian Museum of History or Byward Market.
La lingua e la cultura francese dominano ancora oggi in gran parte questo stato anche se sono passati ormai quasi due secoli da quando Napoleone vendette agli Stati Uniti il territorio della Louisiana, compresa New Orleans. San Francisco ha tre linee di tram a cremagliera, con un percorso totale di 16 Km; cio permette di esplorare la citta da cima a fondo.
People can follow the path to nearly every well-known Revolutionary War site in Boston, including Old North Church, Paul Revere’s house and the USS Constitution. New Yorkers may rush to Starbucks in hopes of ordering a coffee frappuccino before the line is out the door.
Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have all starred in movies set with heavy focus on their hometown, such as “The Fighter,” “Good Will Hunting” and “The Town,” respectively, and many films shoot on location throughout the city. As well as having the chance to try some famous local delicacies: like mouth-watering, vanilla cheesecake. La California venne a far parte degli Stati Uniti alla fine della guerra tra Messico e America, nel 1848. Comparatively, any self-respecting Bostonian prefers large iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts, often referred to as Dunks, even in the dead of winter. The hometown loyalty of each city can best be demonstrated in the famous New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox rivalry.
There’s a little time at leisure in Boston and you’d have seen the bigger spots on the morning tour, so why not go see Fenway Park, or try something new with seafood clam chowder.
La maggioranza degli immigrati si stabili a San Francisco e dintorni, ma molti emigrarono anche a Los Angeles. Durante gli anni ottanta migliaia di colonizzatori si riversarono qui, dando cosi il via al boom della citta. Don’t forget the Lincoln Memorial or a day in Philadelphia to make you feel like a local!After your tour why not extend your stay with 3 extra nights in New York.

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