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How much is a 1958 lionel train set worth it,lionel trains for sale near me,g scale track spikes vancouver - New On 2016

You can pretty much take your pick of Lionel Train Sets from before 1960 and it’s worth something.
Who knew in 1959 that Barbie would live to be 50 (and look better than ever) and be worth $7500?
Fans and collectors willing to pay for nostalgia aren’t just looking at bits of plastic from the 60s. Every little boy had at least a few dozen matchbox cars as a kid, but smashing them into each other and scratching those tiny wheels across the sidewalk definitely took its toll. Factory sealed with an AFA (Action Figure Authority) rating of 90 this 1984 Transformers Starscream figure is a steal at $1225.
Remember a time when Batman had light blue tights and a buttery smooth voice and rather than black body armor and laryngitis?
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If they did maybe they would have left a few more of those $3 dolls in their box rather than dressing them up and cutting their hair.
But we’ll still probably stick to the cheap plastic stuff you can find at the Disney store for $30. This classic 1966 Batman toy brings us back to the good ol’ days of the caped crusader with those goofy painted on eyebrows. You might be able to get a few bucks if you still have the elusive Yellow Castle set from the 70s and even something more recent like this 2000 LEGO Statue of Liberty sculpture. The seller didn’t want to part with this piece of nostalgia, but these tough times push us to part with our vintage plastic gold mines.
So don’t expect your beat up old transformers that are covered in dust and scratches to sell for anything near that price. All we knew was Star Wars was awesome and we wanted to take our Boba Fett action figure everywhere.

And it’s really a shame since some of our old vintage action figures, train sets and matchbox cars that we played with until the paint rubbed off are now worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars in mint condition. To be fair though, most toys today just light up or talk, but rarely (okay never) actually smoke, so that is pretty cool.
During tough economic times it would be great to sell off our old toys for cash, but most of us either destroyed our old toys or of course they were given away.

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