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Model-year 2012 marks the seventh year that Toyota’s Highlander mid-size SUV has been available as a hybrid.
For even greater emphasis on efficiency, Toyota has outfitted the Highlander Hybrid with both “EV” and “Econ” driving modes.
Though the Highlander Hybrid is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, it is not suited for off-road driving. The hybrid model is differentiated from the gasoline model by its own unique grille and bumper design. The hybrid version has about one inch less ground clearance than the standard all-wheel drive Highlander SUV, making entry and exit more like a minivan. Interior style is well refined and smart, granting a comfortable cabin with many convenient features.
In terms of cargo capacity, this SUV provides 10.3 cubic feet of space when the third row is in use, just over 42 cubic feet of space behind the second row when the third row is folded. The Limited model adds leather interior with a 10-way power driver’s seat and four-way power front passenger seat that are both heated, power moonroof and three-zone climate control.
There is a gaggle of electronic active safety features: electronic stability control, traction control, and four-wheel anti-lock disk brakes with brake force distribution and brake assist. Both the hybrid and standard Highlander are car-based — or crossover — midsize SUVs based on the Toyota Camry sedan.
Regardless of all its other positives, its 28 miles per gallon city rating is, hands down, the vehicle’s crowning achievement.
The 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid has a base price that ranges from $38,140 for the entry model to $43,795 for the Limited.
When comparing the Highlander to the popular, and soon to be discontinued Ford Escape Hybrid, there is a similar price difference.
Compared to its corporate cousin, the Lexus RX 450h, the Highlander comes in at about $6,000 less. Prices are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) at time of writing and do not include destination charges, taxes or licensing.
I hope eventually the Highlander Hybrid will get lithium-ion batteries and a slight larger gas tank, by a gallon or two.
In this economy Lexus wants you to pay $6,000 more for a status symbol that gives you less!!! Toyota is a smart company and I believe that as soon as the lithium-ion battery is mass produced, they will be switching over to it; they would be crazy not to. Unfortunately Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2011 MSRP price is up by $2,390 to $37,290 from $34,900 in 2010. This is a nice write up, but it’s more vehicle then I really need (towing, wood grain in the interior). Not only can you put the car seat there, but it is intended for that, and can slide forward quite a bit, so that the driver or passenger can more easily reach back.
I have a 2011 Highlander Hybrid Limited on order since early May… with no delivery date in sight. The article says the rx450h and the Highlander hybrid are virtually the same vehicle….
To me the only thing worse than buying a gas guzzling SUV that will safely deliver my family through a nighttime snowstorm is paying a premium price for a hybrid SUV that doesn’t reliably perform in snow nor significantly reduce my gas consumption. All heavy hybrids with V6 or V8 are going down in sales while the smaller hybrids with V4 are increasing. Even its cousin Lexus RX4560 sold only 9,490 units which is down 30% compared to last year. We have a 2006 Highlander Hybrid and it has been hands down the best car we’ve ever owned. The only car that comes close is the upcoming Audi Q5 but it’s missing the third row and the cargo capacity is pathetic.
We liked our Highlander also, until 117,000 when the inverter failed and needed towed to the dealer.
Thanks for this great post, i find it very interesting and very well thought out and put together. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative..
This is website is full of quality and not just quantity.It is an excellent site for getting useful information on hybrid cars. We’ve just bought similar Hybrid Limited paying exactly sticker price as a family car for my wife.
Kept a daily golf diary from when I returned to golf in 2009 up to mid 2010.Kashmir Kashmir Tour Packages It was an assist in going from 34 to 19 handicap in that time.
Okay, so I’ve narrowed my SUV search down to the Hyundai Santa-Fe and the Toyota Highlander.
I don’t drive very far, just an occassional trip to upstate New York once or twice a year.

If luxury space, decent performance, and impressive fuel economy ratings is your major concern, the new Highlander SUV hybrid will certainly be one of the irresistible choices for you on the present market.
Uvakiraguc asa, aduyucep awisoboza lepone Prosolution humok un dofumofoje eyuxufeva mararire ugozabuzud. All information, specifications, data, details, description and price are subject to change without notice. Please contact the dealer selling this vehicle for complete, accurate, up-to-date information.
With the best monthly fuel costs in its class at an affordable price, the 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid has become very popular among drivers everywhere. This hybrid's sleek design and advanced interior options are characteristics not often seen on similar economy cars in general; furthermore, it has enough power to make it highly enjoyable to drive. The Fusion Hybrid sedan is equipped with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder gas engine and an electric motor. This Ford hybrid sedan is a pleasure to drive because it doesn't compromise on acceleration to get good gas mileage. The gas only standard Ford Fusion model actually offers only 175 horsepower, which is LESS than the 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid. You can choose from nine colors for your Fusion hybrid's body: ingot silver metallic, black, ginger ale, sterling gray metallic, white platinum metallic tri-coat, white suede, steel blue metallic, tuxedo black or red candy metallic tinted. Federal government agencies have awarded the 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid four out of five stars for rollover risk and side crash impacts. All buyers receive a 36,000 mile or three year warranty, whichever comes first, on every part of the car from one bumper to the other.
This hybrid has struck an excellent balance between fuel economy and performance of an all-gas powered vehicle. Some reviewers have found that the brakes of this Ford hybrid require a little more pressure to respond than conventional Ford models. On the other hand, it should be noted that other reviewers were pleased with the regenerative brake response and steering capabilities; therefore, individual driving styles and preferences may determine whether or not to buy this hybrid.
In conclusion, this car is best suited for those who want an affordable hybrid sedan that not only offers a high tech interior but also has a good acceleration capacity. In 2008, Toyota completely redesigned the Highlander Hybrid, giving it more refinement and a larger body while still maintaining the same gas mileage as its predecessor. Still, with no competition in its class, the automaker is poised for continued dominance of the “large families who love hybrids” market. The dual-overhead cam Atkinson-cycle engine (a more fuel-efficient version of the traditional four-stroke Otto-cycle engine) is rated at 231-horsepower.
In EV, this hybrid functions solely on electric power, but only at low speeds and distances up to one mile. The 4-WD system does not have a mechanical driveshaft from the front to the rear, and doesn’t require power-transfer gearing. It shares fenders and hood with the gas Highlander, but features color-keyed rocker panels with chrome accents, plus vertically stacked fog lamps. Base models are equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, while the Limited trim brings 19-inch alloy wheels and a power rear liftgate.
But the looks boast a wide appeal that is popular with families, weekend roadtrippers, and diehard urbanites. It reclines, slides fore and aft and the center section can be removed and stowed away, leaving an open center aisle. With all rear seats stowed away, the Highlander Hybrid allows for a voluminous 94 cubic feet of storage area. Occupant safety is delivered by seven airbags including dual-front, front side, side curtain, and one at the driver’s knee. While not precisely duplicating the Camry, the Highlander Hybrid’s four-wheel independent suspension provides a ride that is noticeably superior to truck-based SUVs. That’s approximately $3,000 to $7,700 more than the conventional gas-powered Highlander, depending on model comparison. But that’s to be expected, regardless of the fact that the two vehicles feature the same hybrid system with virtually the same performance, same horsepower and nearly the same fuel economy. But for eco-minded consumers looking for a practical people-mover, who can ask for anything more than the most fuel-efficient seven-passenger vehicle on the market? I was excited until I saw the part where it says, the suv is not good in harsh climates and terrain.
So good, in fact, that we don’t want to replace it even though we have 110k miles on it. Have since began to do the diary again now I have reached 14 and within sight of the target of ten. Drivers can travel from 0-60 miles per hour in only 8.7 seconds, which is unheard of in most hybrid midsize vehicles. The automatic transmission offers smooth transitions between electric and gas engine while driving are less noticeable than other hybrids.

With seven airbags total, including a special air bag to protect the driver's knees, this vehicle offers more protection than most midsize cars. In addition, it's highly affordable and offers very high value for its cost in the long run.
Others have noted a tendency of this car to under-steer, impairing the driver's ability to make sharper turns.
By comparison, the Toyota Camry Hybrid offers similar features in the same price range, but is much more lacking in its driving performance. In 2011, the Highlander Hybrid received what the auto industry calls a “mid-cycle refresh.” The update included new front-end styling, additional standard features and, surprisingly, a new powertrain that returns better fuel economy.
In addition, two electric motors join this powertrain, one in the front and one in the rear, boosting the overall horsepower to a very respectable 280. The more practical “Econ” mode works to limit throttle response in order to promote greater fuel economy. Access to the third row is made easy with a walk-in lever placed at an easy to reach position at the bottom of the passenger-side second-row seat. This configuration results in a pair of second-row captain’s chairs with fold-down armrests, much like those found in many minivans. Car and Driver had this to say: “Despite its electric bits, the hybrid drives almost exactly like a conventional Highlander. But, for the premium in cost, the Highlander offers 10 more horsepower and 11 more miles to the gallon in the city and six more on the highway. The biggest difference falls in the way of sheer power and strength between the two vehicles. In the end, the Lexus is a true status symbol, and so it commands a significantly higher price tag.
Fill out some basic details and we.ll have a dealer in your area send you a price quote to get the ball rolling.
The new Highland got bigger and, with my wife working in the city, we don’t want a bigger car. This topic has been something I have been looking into for a few hours and your post is one of the best I have read..
The realilty is that hybrid owners don’t seem to be repurchasing hybrids the next time around.
In the city, average drivers get 41 miles for each gallon of gas; on the highway, drivers can expect around 36 miles for each gallon of gas. The hybrid components of the powertrain should last even longer, with a 100,000 mile or eight year warranty. The under-steer may be due to the additional engine weight and low rolling resistance in the tires. There’s also a center screen in the dash to display various bits of vehicle information as well as to provide the image captured by the car’s back-up camera. The Highlander Hybrid offers 280 horsepower and can tow up to 3,500 pounds, while the Ford Escape Hybrid rates at a much less useful 177 horsepower, with a towing capacity of only 1,000 pounds.
The Highlander’s greater affordability also comes from allowing shoppers to hedge on costs by opting down certain amenities, like upholstery, sound system, and other creature comforts that come standard on the Lexus. What we do want is a third row option (not a deal killer), reasonable cargo capacity, AWD and 30+ combined mpg. The whole system is connected to a continuously variable transmission, which is engineered to manage the various sources of power in a way that maximizes the Highlander Hybrid’s efficiency. The Escape hybrid does, however, edge the Highlander out in fuel efficiency, by about five to 10 percent, depending on model comparisons. It should be noted that the most visible advantage Highlander has over the Rx450h is the availability of seven-passenger seating. You’ll need to decide if the extra mpg and the $5,800 premium trump the Toyota name as the leader in hybrid technology. Only thing I have notice on the Highlander is it takes a long time for the temperature to rise since the electric motor runs most of the time going to town which is almost all down hill.
But I have found if you turn the heater on low, the gas engine will kick in to help warm up faster. But sometimes you just want to postpone this moment when you switching from driving SUVs to a van.
Complain all you want but Ford, Chevrolet and Chysler don’t have anything to compare in the Hybrid SUV market.

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