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The largest city not only in New York State but also in United States is taken by New York City. Let me tell you some Detroit facts to get closer with one of the greatest cities in United States.
The former name of New York was “New Amsterdam” as it was settled by the Dutch settlers in 17th century. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Cheap city When European sea explorers first arrived in what is now New York, there were thousands of people already living there from the Algonquian, Iroquois and Lenape tribes.
The Christmas tree is arguably the most well-known attraction at Rockefeller Center, even though it only stands for the holiday season.
At 70 stories, the GE Building is the tallest structure and centerpiece of Rockefeller Center, crowned by the multilevel Top of the Rock observation deck. New York City is one of the most globalized and diverse cities in the United States and over 170 foreign languages are spoken here. One interesting fact about New York City is that it played an important role in early 20thcentury African American history because in the 1920s numerous blacks moved to the Harlem section of the city and it was in Harlem that some of the best African American literary giants such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston and Countee Cullen as well as Paul Lawrence Dunbar made their mark during a period known as the Harlem Renaissance. In the 19th century Broadway became one of the busiest and most entertaining sections of New York City and it was filled with operas, musical theaters, nightclubs and other venues. In 1904 the city’s first subway system was created and if you visit the different subway stations around the city you will notice the cool pieces of murals and other types of artwork that was created mostly by local artists. The New York Marathon was started in 1970 and since then it has become one of the best activities for locals and out-of-towners to participate in. New York City has over 40,000 street vendors and this makes it one of the best cities to get a taste of the numerous cultures that make up the city. Harlem is a historically African American neighborhood that was influential in American culture during the early 20thcentury thanks to the many African-American writers, musicians and visual artists who moved there and built great careers in New York City. The Rockefeller Plaza was erected in 1929 and since that time it has been the home of entertainment and news programs such as Saturday Night Live, The Today Show and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
Living in New York City can be fun because you are served with various entertainments and places. This city plays important role not only in finance for the world but also in some various aspects such as fashion, culture, global commerce and entertainment.
After the English took this city from the Dutch, they changed its name to the New York to honor the Duke of York and Albany, who was the brother of King Charles II and later became the King James II of England. This is where you'll find New York City's most famous Christmas tree looming over the ice rink during the holidays, as well as NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall and the Top of the Rock observation deck. During World War II there were actually three Christmas trees illuminated red, white and blue.

Much of it is historic, dating back to the opening of Rockefeller Center, which itself was declared a National Landmark in 1987. The United Nations headquarters is located in New York City and you will find some of the best cultural and entertainment attractions in this city such as Rockefekker Plaza, Radio City Music Hall, the Bronx Zoo and many others.
New York City is also the second largest city for the movie industry and countless TV shows are produced here. The first official Broadway musical opened in 1866 by William Wheatley who owned the Niblo Garden Auditorium. It is also common to see street performers all around the subway stations and in fact auditions are held to get new performers to perform near the subway stations. Celebrities have been involved in this marathon over the years and stars such as Meredith Baxter, William Baldwin and Anthony Edwards have done exceptionally well and even getting close to the top of the list of winners in the marathon. If you are looking for traditional Jewish food New York City is where you should go because it has a large Jewish population and you will find several delis that specialize in Jewish food. It is home to several important landmarks such as the Apollo Theater where a wide variety of R&B and jazz artists performed over the years. Tiffany and Co is a well known jeweler that has existed since 1837 and there is the infamous Central Park where tourists can enjoy the city’s natural landscape. Some of them include Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue for shopping, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, Broadway theaters, Times Square, Central Park, and Ellis Island. It is also the most ethnically diverse: 40 per cent of the present-day inhabitants of New York City were born outside the US. The underground shops and eateries of the concourse at Rockefeller Center are also a big draw. In 1944, as part a wartime blackout, all three trees remained dark for the at-home war effort. The murals, sculptures and engravings are done in the art deco motif, which was all the rage in the 1930s when the center opened. Numerous award shows are held in New York City and in the 1700s it used to be the capital of the United States.
Most residents in this city do not drive cars and this makes the city a model example of sudtainable urban living. Broadway is also known as the Great White Way by locals there and it has become synonymous with tourism in this city. The founder of the New York City Marathon survived the horrors of Nazi Germany and was a seller of knock-off clothing. An important neighborhood in New York City is Greenwich Village and is located in the borough of Manhattan.
Harlem was also a place where civil rights leader Malcolm X conducted his campaigns for social justice.

Other landmarks include Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, CBGB, and Junior’s, which is a popular restaurant in Brooklyn. It's free to see the tree; the ice skating rink below it charges a fee and the wait can be long. The city was the first selling place for Durch immigrants and in 1895 the first pizza parlor in the country was established in New York City. Sports lovers will like New York City because it is home to several sports teams such as the New York Knicks, New York Mets and New York Giants. If you have trouble locating the subway stations, look for entrances on street corners that have a descending staircase and inside the station there are maps to help you navigate the different subways and where they pass.
In the beginning the marathon was conducted mainly through Central Park but by 1976 the founder Fred Lebow decided to revamp it so that the marathon would be conducted through all of New York City. For a long time Greenwich Village has been a place where poetry and beat culture thrived in the 1950s with influential beat figures such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. An original Diego Rivera painting was replaced by the Rockefellers because of supposed communist imagery. Since New York City was a hub for immigrants, the city has the Ellis Island Immigration Museum where visitors can learn about the city’s role in immigration. Broadway even has its’ own awards show to celebrate the best Broadway performances and this is called the Tony Awards.
The marathon starts in Staten Island and then it makes its’ way through Brooklyn and the other boroughs. In the 1960s the city began offering discounts on the subway fare for senior citizens and the disabled and in 2003 the city began using electronic cards in place of tokens, which have been used since 1953. It was coined by the writer Washington Irving in his journal Salmagundi, which satirised New York life and politics. For example, you want to wear a beautiful formal outfit for the opening night of the Broadway show and you want avoid wearing too much perfume or cologne. You want to refrain from excessive yelling and clapping during the performance and avoid the use of cell phones during the show. Another interesting fact is that it becomes nearly impossible for residents to get around without a subway system and when transit workers go on strike, the entire city feels the impact. The story goes that Carothers changed one letter at a time until Du Pont’s management was satisfied.

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