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Lionel ho scale train sets for sale online

Jdm model car kits for sale cheap,train set and track,n scale hand cart - And More

Kit includes a Tracer Front Bumper for the JDM Integras, a 2dr Tracer Rear Bumper, and a pair of 2dr M3 Side Skirts.
I actually play the game, but I can imagine most people here want pics of REAL JDM cars not silly little cartoons. The Japanese are know HIGHLY for their silly little cartoons, JDM = Japan Domestic Market which, technically, could be a picture of a Japanese made wallet.
But, with all technicalities aside, perhaps the title of this thread should be "nice JDM car pictures".

Wish I saw a pic of my colour with Bronze wheels a while ago, as I was tenative about going Bronze with Ti Grey. Made in durable VFIBER PURE-FRP material.Vision Autodynamics is proud to introduce the VFiber(TM) line of products which include carbon fiber, polyurethane as well as fiberglass aerodynamic parts.
All VFiber(TM) products are crafted with pinpoint precision, diligent care and top quality materials along with strict quality control standards to ensure products unparalleled by the competition.
Bronze wheels done (though 17"), and I just need to get that lip painted up and the suspension installed.

To show our confidence in the VFiber(TM) product line, we are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all VFiber(TM) Products.

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