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A University of Alabama graduate with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Bentley spent 15 years as a trucking Publisher before becoming the Editorial Director for Randall-Reilly's Recruiting Media division.
Joe doesn’t have to disguise himself ala an executive on Undercover Boss, the reality TV show that demonstrates how leaders can be transformed by working in the field and getting to know employees at the human level. While that may sound cliche, there is actually an expression in the South that may describe Joe Herman even better: he gets it honest. One day, the Levi Strauss traffic manager asked Danny if they would haul some loads to El Paso. Teaching Joe about cultural differences and how to conduct business the right way became a priority for Danny, but he also groomed his son to learn about trucking from the ground up. He considered a career in law enforcement and took a few Criminal Justice classes at East Tennessee State University but discovered that college was not for him. Joe had been dating a lovely lady named Lucia who was working in Danny Herman Trucking’s Nogales office, and she would soon become his wife. Joe said his father always believed handshake deals were good enough, but near the end of the 20th century, Danny was getting tired of the corporate world and contract language. However, growing in today’s trucking environment will not be easy, and Joe admits it’s going to be challenging with all of the regulations.
To generate more revenue as the economy improves and capacity tightens, Joe said Danny Herman Trucking will continue building their logistics division. Joe acknowledges the biggest short-term challenge facing our industry is the driver market getting tighter. In an effort to increase driver pay, Joe is working with their top customers to address these issues. With Obamacare on the horizon, Joe said Danny Herman Trucking is also concentrating on driver wellness initiatives and encouraging their employees to have fitness checks. Despite these obstacles, Joe says he will never compromise about putting his people first and operating on the morals the company was founded upon. Joe says the best advice his father ever gave him was, “Always tell the truth and you won’t have to remember what you said. Any decision they make not to hire me based on information contained in your FMCSA reports will be their decision alone.
Bellavance Trucking is a full-service flatbed, stepdeck, lowbed, refrigerated, and dry van carrier with over 60 years of experience. You may download any image for personal or non-commercial use only.YOU MAY NOT DOWNLOAD ANY PICTURE FROM THIS WEB SITE TO BE USED ON YOUTUBE OR FACEBOOK.

I've found some pretty neat logging trucks up in my Oregon travels while working in Crescent City.
The Transformers Tyco train advertisement I posted a few days ago (posted here) doesn’t begin to touch on all of the odd Tyco sets of the eighties. In theory, at companies that prioritize people, recruiting gets easier, turnover drops off, service gets better and great ideas come to work. The key for most executives is to always measure their people skills by understanding the employee experience.
This is empathy by walking around, but Joe can “walk the walk” because he’s been in the same position as the majority of employees at Danny Herman Trucking.
Being based in Southern California, he also began delivering beer to the northern part of the state and hauled whiskey back. He first went on the truck with his dad as a two-year-old and likes to joke that kindergarten put his career on hold for a while – but he’s not far from the truth.
Worried that he would have to deadhead back, Danny quoted the rate as if he was delivering to Los Angeles and was surprised that they took it. Danny Herman Trucking, who will be celebrating a half-century of service in 2014, now operates 325 power units. He’s currently focused on process improvements, leadership training, internal communications, and transitioning the fleet to new technologies, like e-logs, as well. You can look people in the eye without hesitation.” Danny also taught Joe that they are in the people business first and that trucking is merely a tool. His people-centric management approach has fostered a culture of safety and driver satisfaction, and resulted in a turnover rate of only 59% – well below the industry average.
Brothers Joe and Arthur Bellavance started Bellavance Trucking in 1950 primarily to haul loads of granite monuments out of Barre, VT to Pittsburgh, PA. However, putting people first at a company, what is commonly referred to as being People-Centric, is easier said than done. For Joe Herman, the President of Mountain City, Tennessee-based Danny Herman Trucking, the process comes naturally.
When Danny moved to Mountain City, Tennessee in 1979 to begin providing service for a Levi Strauss plant nearby, Joe was only 11 years old. This became a regular occurrence, and Danny soon went to El Paso to look for back-haul freight opportunities.
In 1993, Joe moved back to Mountain City and started running day-to-day operations as the Vice President of Operations.

They say behind every successful man is a great woman, and that was certainly the case with my parents,” Joe added.
Until that happens, he is developing a program to give drivers an opportunity to make more money by improving their fuel mileage. About 70% of our business originates in or goes to Mexico, but I am proud to say Danny Herman Trucking has never bought a stick, box, or load of freight,” Joe said. We have a great group of people, drivers, and support staff that live our culture,” Joe said.
Our company is proud to still be a family owned and operated business with 2nd and 3rd generation Bellavance’s running daily operations.
Joe then worked in Operations in the summer and after hours during his senior year of high school.
By the mid-1980s, as Danny got involved with automotive freight in Laredo and Brownsville, Texas, and expanded into Nogales, AZ, Joe was actively involved in the business.
We’re not perfect, but we are willing to address issues and find what works best for all parties involved and move on.” This proactive remediation results in satisfied drivers who are viewed as valuable assets, rewarded for their good work, and communicated with frequently and openly. Bellavance has become the largest granite hauler in New England, but we haul product and materials for a wide variety of customers. He was giving delivery times and transit times in hours instead of days, which was unheard of then,” Joe said. In the next five years, Joe sees a lot of opportunity to grow Danny Herman Trucking to the 500-truck mark.
With over 100 trucks and 250 trailers, Bellavance Trucking proudly serves customers across the nation. After that, he went back as Director of Maintenance followed by a stint as Director of Safety. It’s in the rear view mirror now, and I know the Lord had a plan for all of that,” Joe said. Typically, parts are shipped into Mexico and the finished product is shipped back across the border).

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