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It's not easy to eat an entire Reuben at Katz's, the legendary New York deli founded in 1888 — especially considering I haven't eaten corned beef or really any red meat in about eight years. Since its founding in 1888, it has become popular among locals and tourists alike for its pastrami sandwiches and hot dogs, both of which are widely considered among New York’s best.
Each week, Katz’s serves 5,000 pounds of corned beef, 2,000 pounds of salami and 12,000 hot dogs. New York Daily News Katz's Delicatessen turns 125: A look inside the iconic deli through the years Katz's Deli through the years Katz's Deli is a New York institution in its own right -- as much so as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and baseball in the Bronx.
But on my recent NYC sandwichstravaganza, I pretty much devoured this baby, except for a hearty overflow of meat that spilled out onto the plate.

But the relatively new Reuben, added after the deli stopped keeping Kosher about 20 years ago, is not to be missed. Even if you don't have a boy (or girl) in the armed forces, a Katz's salami is a one-of-a-kind New York memento. The famous kosher-style deli, established in 1888 on Ludlow Street, has become a popular eats destination for locals and tourists looking for savory (and huge!) pastrami sandwich. Served on untoasted rye bread, three inches of soft, crumbly corned beef are covered with sauerkraut, a blanket of swiss, and homemade Russian dressing. The sweetness of the pickles and thousand island dressing was a great match to the corned beef.

And the best part: When you stop in to buy it, you can treat yourself to the city's finest pastrami sandwich, still served in gloriously idiosyncratic fashion along a sandwich-making assembly line that would make Toyota proud. For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area.

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