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Tricks for Tracks – Making Inexpensive Paper BuildingsA recent Gateway NMRA meeting clinic on making paper buildings intrigued me enough to try it. Kitbashing HO Model Railroad StructuresAuthor: Art CurrenPresents the many ways commercial building kits can be combined by kitbashing into unique customized structures. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use.
Here are two Walthers Cornerstone coal towers in the process of being kitbashed into a representation of the tower the Rutland used. The track work is still in the process of being completed with a total of 10 to 12 tracks capable of holding 15 to 20 freight cars.
The Rutland's boiler shop and car shops had a few more tracks with larger buildings than what is modeled.
Using the yard plan above, I was able to determine how much space I needed and what I would be able to fit into the space I have. I initially used the roundhouse floor pieces put together to see how much room and the best location for it to accommodate. Central Valley 85' girder bridge kits modified for a bit of an extra reach being on an angle. Another turnout will be located on the right hand side continuing the main to the North end switching ladder in between the Burditt Brothers siding and the locomotive shop lead.

A shorter bridge section will be added leading into a coal shed attached to the Burditt Brothers building, the white styrene framework. Modeling the freelanced Southern Utah RR inspired by the coal mining railroads of central and southern Utah in HO scale.
Using some other photos I have of this structure, I determined that the building will be about 75 to 80 scale feet tall.
The two side walls are at an angle making the build a bit more of a challenge than just a plain square structure. The next step will be creating wall sections by, measuring out the window and freight door spacing!
I find this to be a good thickness for scoring the window cut outs with a #11 X-acto blade then bending it to get the openings to pop out. Tichy Masonry Double hung arch windows part #8044 will be installed along with freight doors #8022. Using info from Rick, in his response to window details I purchases some of the Monster Model Works lintel details. I used the Design Preservation Models Victorian store front pieces with doors and windows spliced together. The wall pieces come with brick detailing for in between the spliced pieces however, these were way to thick and wouldn't have matched the brick work on the rest of the model.

More windows will be added along with some extra brickwork detailing going up the corners of the building and above the top row of windows. Includes tips and techniques for creating houses, sheds, factories, and businesses to make an outstanding layout.
So far I have been making structures with square windows so cutting out all those curves should be interesting.
I like the idea of using gusset plates and making angled structural pieces for the longer run members. This theater and restaurant were built using Uncle Al’s Grocery sold by Model Power as a starting point. I'm looking at building a large building also sometime in to the future and this is surely going to help those endeavors. Although it's fairly easy to paint hills and general landforms on the backdrop, buildings are a lot harder to paint.
Many of them brought their completed kitbashed models for a "show and tell" presentation at the September 2009 meeting.

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