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I've managed to get my hands on a pre-producion version, so things may change when the final version comes out, but let's take a look at the chassis. I'm currently using a McMillan A3 and like it for its narrow for-end, and traditional appearance with a vertical grip. I plan on ordering some length of pull spacers, QD cups for my sling, larger hand grips and a tripod mount when those come out. If you are taking about putting them on the front sides where the hand-guard is, then it's not possible unless you modify the aluminum backbone. Thanks you for your comprehensive review, I have long been thinking of a w3 g4 but am fairly certain I am going to put money down on a Xray within the week. Private Firearm Parts & Accessories Sales For the Private sale of Firearms related accessories.
Looking to sell my like new KRG Whiskey-3 Chassis (non folding) for the Tikka T3 rilfe $850 with free shipping takes it. Every shooter should own a pair of Electronic muffs — they are great when you are doing spotting duties or are working near the firing line. If you have ever shopped for 17 HMR ammunition, you know it rarely goes on sale (it’s the law of supply and demand).
This is the best price we’ve found this week on newly-manufactured 9mm pistol ammunition. Scores of manufacturers showcase their products at the SHOT Media Day event, held each year in Boulder City, Nevada. Kimber, known for its 1911-type semi-auto pistols, has introduced an all-new K6 .357 magnum carry revolver.
We noticed a BIG front objective on a brand-new Minox spotting scope — one of only two in the country. Along with the stand-alone DGR and DGV actions, Shilen is offering barreled action assemblies, chambered and ready to drop into Rem 700-inletted stocks. With Shilen’s complete rifles, buyers can choose their chambering, and select barrel and stock configuration.
The December Edition of Shooting Industry Magazine also contains a very comprehensive Shooting Industry Buyer’s Guide, starting on page 76. When you run the company, you get some pretty nice stuff — in this case you get what may be the most elegant Savage ever made. Purchase any Leupold VX-3 riflescope from November 15th, 2015 to December 31st, 2015 and you will receive a rebate in the form of a $100.00 check. Cabela’s is offering deep discounts on select guns as part of a pre-Black Friday promotion. A while back, RifleShooter online magazine published a list of the purported Ten Best Bolt-Action Rifles of All Time. Kinetic Research Group (KRG) has been producing the W3 Chassis for several years, and it is a superb choice for anybody looking for an extremely high quality stock. I have been using this stock on my business rifle for a couple months and have nothing but high praise for it.
If you are in the market for a chassis system and appreciate high quality machining, fit, and finish then you would be well-served with the W3C stock from Kinetic Research Group. This more closely resembles the X-Ray because all those features are built in and I would need them to shoot. You notice the for end is a bit shorter along with the length of pull, but *they are similar in overall dimensions. While it doesn't have all the features of a WC it still has the quality and great customer service that KRG offers. They allow you to hear ordinary conversations while still providing vital hearing protection. This year we saw some legendary names (such as Colt and Winchester), as well as new, 21st-century gun-makers (such as Tracking Point).
Designed to compete with the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR), the new Savage 110 BA Stealth has an AR-type hand grip, skeletal buttstock, and a low-profile vented forearm. These offer an 8X zoom ratio, with handy BDC turrets — just dial the yardage indicated on the turret (you can custom-order BDC rings calibrated for your favorite load). This tracked one-man rig provides all-terrain mobility so disabled persons can enjoy hunting and wilderness recreation. Two types are offered — the multi-shot DGR (Repeater) or the single-shot DGV (Varminter) action.

Shooters can choose between a sporter weight wood stock or a variety of McMillan fiberglass stocks. Then check out the just-released December 2015 Digital Edition of Shooting Industry Magazine. This 80-page resource lists 2500+ companies, complete with address, phone number(s), email, and website link. This rifle featured a rotary magazine with a unique counter that displayed the number of rounds remaining. Among the best deals is a Savage 12 FV rifle with varmint barrel for just $379.99, $40 off. Starting next year, under proposed new NRA Competition Rules, Service Rifle shooters will be able to use optical sights with a max magnification of 4.5X (fixed power or variable).
Here’s a good set-up for those who need to load quality 7mm match ammo with low run-out.
Ten classic rifle designs (including the Remington 700 and Winchester Model 70) were featured with a paragraph or two explaining their notable features. While most readers might approve of half the entries, there are always some items on the Top 10 list that some readers would challenge. The W3 chassis is machined out of 6061-type aluminum, which is aircraft-grade and quite durable. The adjustability of the stock without tools is a major advantage while allowing customers to test my rifle, as we can fit the stock to each individual shooter easily and rapidly. They also make a less costly chassis, called the X-Ray, which is a polymer non-folding version very similar to the W3C. You can now buy a stock that accepts AI mags, is light, and has a generous amount of adjustment for $600.
I really like it because usually once I set my stock I don't adjust it, and besides it not being a folder, this stock is perfect for my needs. Here are some of the best deals on hardware, reloading components, and shooting accessories.
This chronograph attaches directly to your barrel so you don’t have to go downrange to position tripods and set up skyscreens. The 17 HMR is the perfect cartridge for dispatching ground squirrels and other small varmints. We have used this CCI-made Blazer 9mm ammo in Sig, HK, and Glock pistols and it performed very well. Savage and Kimber had some surprising new offerings, and we saw impressive new optics from Zeiss and Minox. This little rifle was a hoot to shoot, and with the suppressor in place it was amazingly quiet. Both actions are offered in most common bolt faces and both right-hand and left-hand actions are immediately available. With all complete rifles, the entire package is delivered in a quality gun case and Shilen even includes table mat, cleaning rod, bore guide, jag, bore brush, and cleaning patches.
This free, digital eZine contains a 22-page spread with dozens of new products — rifles, pistols, optics, reloading tools, hunting gear and more. All the major precision shooting suppliers, such as Berger Bullets, Lapua, Hodgdon, McMillan, Nightforce, Redding, Sierra etc. This highly embellished Savage 99 lever-action rifle is chambered for the .300 Savage cartridge.
At one-third the cost of a 4X ACOG, the Leupold 1.5-4X Mark AR is a good scope choice for the new optics-legal Service Rifle Class. Right now Precision Reloading is offering a Forster 2-die set with sizing die and Micrometer-top seater for just $78.69. Jeff Cooper, the Savage Scout is designed to be short and handy, with an 18″ barrel and forward-mounted optic.
Available in dark Tan or OD Green*, the Model 11 Scout comes with a 10-round detachable magazine (see below). The Whiskey 3 Chassis (W3C) from KRG is a modular system for a Rem 700, Tikka T3, or Badger 2008 barreled actions. KRG utilizes a combination of extrusions for rough shape and CNC machining to final dimensions for the fore-end and backbone of the chassis. One of the nicest features on this stock is the excellent Limb Saver recoil pad which is very soft and absorbs recoil nicely.

What caught my eye this time around was the new X-Ray chassis which is mostly polymer based.*While it lacks the adjustably of the WC, it makes up for it in price ($549 intro) and weight. Normally these features would set you back around $1000, so that allows a beginner or someone on a budget more money to spend on a scope or ammo. Mine is off getting paint from ShortBus but I have already had mine to the range and not to hijack the thread here is what she did.
Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good.
We really liked this set-up and the take-down system worked brilliantly — just pull one lever, then twist and the barrel section comes off. We shot a rifle fitted with the new 4.8-35x60mm V8, which features a very beefy 36mm main tube. With some help from a laser rangefinders, we were able to put rounds on a large steel plate at 960 yards. Jason Baney, who works for EuroOptics, says this new Minox spotting scope compares well with other spotters that cost considerably more. Starting in 2010, after a hiatus of nearly twenty years, Shilen returned to the rifle manufacturing market. This Savage-style barrel nut system simplifies headspacing, allowing easy swapping from one barrel to another. There is an interesting history of the company’s logo which features an Indian chief in feather head-dress.
After purchase you can apply for the rebate online or by mailing in the Leupold VX-3 Rebate Form.
Precision Reloading also has a 7mm WSM die site with Micrometer seater for the same low price.
Or, if you need a general purpose bench with power outlet, choose this handy Multi-Purpose 2-Drawer Bench for just $84.99 with Coupon. This new Savage was unveiled at SHOT Show in January, 2015, but production models are just now starting to appear at dealers. Borrowing heavily from the SAKO TRG design, this chassis offers good ergonomics, with adjustable cheekpiece and buttplate. The butt pad is also adjustable up and down as well as for tilt, up to about 15 degrees to either side.
First round was low right due to the change over and the next five made a nice little hole. Using Magnetspeed’s XFR adapter (sold separately), data can be transferred easily from the display module to your mobile device. The spiral-fluted bolts feature a floating bolt head with an interchangeable bolt handle knob.
Savage is bringing out a laminated wood-stocked version of its A17 17HMR Rifle, and there are new rifles from FNH, Howa, Merkel, Weatherby and more. This presentation-grade rifle boast deep relief engraving with a golden elk on one side of the receiver and a stalking cougar on the other.
In 1919, Chief Lame Deer approached Arthur Savage to purchase lever-action rifles for his tribe’s reservation and the two men struck a deal.
This little rifle can provide years of service in the varmint fields, and the 93R17 is also a good youth training rifle.
In return for discounted rifles and support, Savage received the tribe’s endorsement.
Both DGR and DGV actions will accept many aftermarket components crafted for Rem-700 style actions, including triggers and bottom metal.
By virtue of that association, Arthur Savage added the Indian head symbol to the company’s commercial trademark and letterhead. Many of the handgun manufacturers, including Ruger and Walther, supplied ammunition with composite polymer matrix bullets. These bullets are significantly lighter than conventional pistol bullets of the same caliber (the reduced bullet mass did lessen felt recoil with 9mm and 45 acp pistols). This impressive model 99 is currently showcased at the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia.

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