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Runs on DC, DCC, or MTS power (Use loco address 0 for analog or add a Massoth M decoder or LS for sound and full remote control. Protected Gearboxes each with a Powerful Bühler 7 pole DC motor for max pulling power. 2ea Shourt Line Drop Ceiling Lighting Fixture with 4 LED wide angle warm white lighting fixtures and assembled LGB male and female power connectors at each end of the fixture. Shourt Line SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture with wires and LGB power plugs included and installed in the cab for interior illumination. SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture back side showing voltage regulated LED potted for waterproof or underwater operation. SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture front side with optional two pins for adding additional LEDs. SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture with 18 inch wires added for installation in the loco's cab. SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture mounted in the cab and plugged into the locos power socket for easy install in minutes.

Complete new classic LGB Work Train Starter Set wlith Steam Loco, Working Crane and Flat Car with Work Truck carring a load. This set provides a real working Classic LGB Steitz Steam Locomotive with directional lighting, Working Crane Car and Flat car with a work truck and load.. An original LGB power pack and track clips are provided to set up and run your train in minutes - no experience needed. Have fun placing the included 4 LGB figures around the track to work on your railroad using the crane car and truck. This classic LGB set is no longer available from dealers and is hard to find and rare in this condition. German Made Starter set has been upgraded with Shourt Line LED lighting products for loco cab illumination and interior passenger car illumination from track power via the LGB power pack or any AC, DCC or DC voltage from 4-30 volts.
Note the holes in the vertical side of the power plugs above for connecting additional lighting power as shown below. Installed in the roof of each passenger car for full car illumination and no unsightly circuit board, electronic parts or wires.

It features 4 bezel mounted LEDs in a drop ceiling fixtures for full illumination at extreme low track voltage operation (4 to 30Volts DC, AC or DCC).
LGB track to make a oval of solid brass rail, LGB Power Pack, LGB Track Clips and clips to hold track together.
Also included 2 sets of Shourt Line SL 4128210 LGB round mini-banana power connector kit: 2 plugs, 2 sockets red & black power loco power and female sockets for powering cars to the rear of the train.
Shown above with our Shourt Line SL 4128210 LGB round mini-banana power connector kit; 2 plugs, 2 sockets red & black for solder less and easy wire connection via screw driver.

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