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According to Bleacher Report, former Memphis Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins is being sought after as an associate head coach for the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. Hollins has resided on the coaching market this past season, but it might not be for too much longer now that teams are reshaping their rosters and coaching staffs.
When you consider Hollins’ resume, he is built for much more than being an assistant coach. New York had begun rounding into form since acquiring Carmelo Anthony, Billups and Anthony Carter at the deadline for four former members of the Knicks' rotation -- guard Ray Felton, forwards Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari, and center Timofey Mozgov.
36 --  Combined 3-pointers by the Warriors and Magic in Golden State's 123-120 overtime victory Friday night, setting an NBA record for most threes in a game.
Jon Stewart Will Leave 'The Daily Show' on a Career High NoteFebruary 10, 2015 - 7:05 PM New York Times - Dave Itzkoff Comedy Central said that Mr.
John Legend Disagrees With Kanye: Beck Is Indeed a True ArtistFebruary 10, 2015 - 5:37 PM E! ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller dead, family saysFebruary 10, 2015 - 10:09 AM CNN - Jason Hanna The family of Kayla Mueller, an American woman held captive by the Islamist terror group ISIS, says it has received confirmation that she is dead. The Warriors and Rockets are both playoff teams that are looking to rebound from their first round eliminations this season. Marc J Spears of Yahoo Sports says teams such as the Lakers, Jazz, Cavaliers and T-Wolves want him to run the helm. But just when you think the Knicks have turned the corner, they throw out a dud like  Sunday's loss at home to slumping Indiana, dropping New York to just 6-5 since the trade -- though most of those games were played without Billups, who'd been sidelined with a thigh bruise and missed six of those games before returning Sunday. Our news engine aggregates over 50,000 stories each day from over 3,000 sources.Click here to start customizing your home page. Stewart, the longtime host of the satirical news show, was giving up his post, but would remain at the helm until later this year. Europe opens in SwedenFebruary 10, 2015 - 1:18 PM Russia Today The first-ever Palestinian embassy in Western Europe is set to open in Sweden on Tuesday evening, the Swedish prime minister's press service said.
Rather than signing a nine-figure contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers last summer, LeBron agreed to a two-year, $42.2 million deal with an opt out clause after this 2014-15 season. Johnny Cash takes the top spot, followed by Churchill and Keats while Henry VIII's missive to doomed wife Anne Boleyn comes in seventh.
He was the winningest coach in the franchise’s history and even led them to 3 straight playoff appearances, one of which included a trip to the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs.
The Warriors fired their head coach Mark Jackson, ironically after he led the team to their best record in franchise history. While associate head coach may sound like a good job title for more inexperienced coaches, Hollins is a veteran coach can definitely make an immediate impact with any one of those teams.
Because you see some guys that came out of my class (and got drafted), they're not even here right now. In the latest trailer for the highly anticipated sequel, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Co.
Unfortunately, the Grizzlies were swept by the Spurs and that led them to not renew the contract of Hollins after that season.
Now they have hired former Bulls guard Steve Kerr to take over and hopefully continue the success. Even if he gets the behind-the-scenes role of associate head coach, those two teams can expect to see some greater playoff success. He travels a lot and he's got practices and shootarounds and games, and he's worrying about when Rudy Gay's shoulder will heal, and he's in the middle of a playoff race that means a lot to his employers, the Memphis Grizzlies. The Rockets have not fired their head coach but many have speculated it could happen when they lost in the first round after some expected the team to reach the Finals. And then he looks at his son, Austin, a freshman point guard for the Golden Gophers, and he's got a totally different game from the old man.
When they play against bad defensive teams, like  last Monday against Utah, the Knicks can hang 120 on you without blinking, even though Mike D'Antoni isn't running and gunning as much as in previous seasons. It's a timetable on everything, whether it's I have 20 games, or (just) practices to show what I can do, or you have three years guaranteed, it's still a timetable. We, who sacrifice nothing, lose nothing, continue to obsess about silly people like Snooki and Charlie Sheen, and go on with our lives as if we aren't fighting wars in two countries . And all the while, our troops go on second, third, fourth tours of duty in those hellish locales, putting their lives on the line for ours.
Another young man was 24, and blind after a grenade exploded a foot or so from his face in Afghanistan.

He re-upped, he said, because he saw the incoming troops were even younger than he -- 18 and 19 years old -- and had no idea of what they were about to face.
But we're at the time of year where similar angst-ridden scenes will play out in arenas all over the country. The NCAA Tournament is here, and with it comes more than a dozen young players who have some family connection to an NBA player or coach. But we cannot keep asking the same people, and their families, to continue to sacrifice, over and over, with no end in sight.
This doesn't count kids like Austin Hollins or his teammate Ralph Sampson, III, a junior center for the Gophers and son of four-time NBA All-Star Ralph Sampson; Minnesota didn't make the NCAA field.
Their bravery is a shining example of our best and brightest, and for what they do, I will be forever grateful. Neither did Jeremiah Rivers, the Indiana University guard and son of Doc Rivers, or Jeff and Marcus Jordan, Michael's sons, who play at Central Florida -- though UCF will be playing in the College Basketball Invitational postseason tournament.Sunday brought signficant angst for several NBA relations at Michigan, where the Wolverines had to sweat it out before finding out they'd been awarded an at-large bid as the eighth seed in the West Region.
It was doubly troubling because Josh Bartelstein had worked his way into Michigan's rotation after arriving on campus last year as a walk-on. The Knicks started Ronny Turiaf at center immediately after the trade, but have since put Stoudemire in at center, with Jared Jeffries -- who was recently signed after being waived by Houston -- starting at power forward. March is a tough month as far as the games and the traveling, and just figuring out when we're going to get rest as a team and how we're going to get through this month.
From Mike Harris:Typically, I agree with what you have to say in regards to the whole league.
Rondo is, now, the foundation -- I do believe that the Celtics' organization will make him the best team point guard in the league.
Grant Hill took an exhibition of African-American art around the country for a year, featuring paintings by Romare Bearden and sculptures by Elizabeth Catlett. Jordan Dumars was a fixture at Pistons practices for years while a teenager, shooting around with a world championship team, getting ragged on like anyone else on the team. Keeping Doc and building a team around him (Rondo) is the safest strategy.Jeff Green is promising, as you mention -- and yes, Kristc is not as scary as Perk, but his numbers are pretty much what Perk delivered. Mark Bartelstein represents Pistons like guard Will Bynum as well as former ones like Brian Cardinal and Kwame Brown. Their relationship is good, but as with any agent and president, they've argued over the years about money and other things.
A team is greater than the sum of their players -- a gem of wisdom forgotten about in the NBA (no wonder the league is broke). Fortunately for the Cetics, the best part about the first part of a reconstruction effort is that no first move is the wrong move.
But the black kids who go to Duke shouldn't be stereotyped, just like the black kids who grew up in Detroit with Jalen Rose.2) I did read this correctly, right? Getty Images archive Lionel Hollins and Ralph Sampson won't see their kids in the NCAAs -- the Golden Gophers finished ninth in the Big 10 in the regular season and lost in the first round of the conference tournament to Northwestern, struggling at the finish after losing senior point guard Al Nolen to a broken foot. But the Gophers have made two NCAAs under coach Tubby Smith, who won a national championship at Kentucky in 1998. For two years, the Wolves have done nothing but turn over their roster, bringing in younger and younger players, and asking Rambis and his staff to teach and live with all those Ls on their ledger. But there (at Minnesota), you have 6 o'clock weightlifting, then school, then practice, then study hall.
You don't win with young in this league; you win with talented veterans, and other than Kevin Love, the Wolves barely have enough talent to compete on a nightly basis. He didn't have any study hall (in high school), and he didn't need it because he was a good student.
Clearly we lack the composure and experience and savvy, and maybe in some extent, personnel, to finish out games when things are tight. Love, who clashed with Rambis last season, has seen that playing on a really bad team won't keep him from individual accolades like making the U.S.
World Championship team last year and the All-Star team this year -- and as such, the source claims, Love isn't going anywhere when and if he becomes a free agent.4) Condolences to Baron Davis, whose grandmother, Lela Nicholson, died last week at the age of 89. The league then locked out the players Friday evening, shutting things down for the foreseeable future. And the shudder could be felt throughout arenas in the NBA, whose date with a work stoppage draws closer.What provides the biggest concern is the idea that NFL owners and players couldn't figure out a way to divide $9 billion. The NBA's pie is smaller -- about $4 billion -- and owners aren't just looking to adjust the split between themselves and players.

They're looking to change the system by which the players are paid by going to a hard salary cap.
The 26-year-old Shakur has been a basketball nomad since going undrafted out of Arizona, where he was honorable mention all-Pac 10 as a senior in 2007 and finished third in the country in assists. Shakur signed with Sacramento that summer as an undrafted free agent, but didn't play in a game before being released. He then played for Prokom Trefl Sopot in Poland, TAU Ceramica in Spain and Panellinios BC in Greece before returning stateside and playing in the NBA D-League, first for the Tulsa 66ers, where he became a D-League All-Star last year and then got two 10-day contracts with Tulsa's parent team, Oklahoma City. District Court Judge Susan Richard Nelson decides when she has a hearing on the players' lawsuit April 6. Do owners rally want to pay $12-15 million to guys who don't want to play for them?So where's the benefit? He played on OKC's summer league team but signed a partially guaranteed deal with New Orleans. Unless the tag was for multiple seasons, which I can't see the players agreeing to because it would effectively wipe out free agency for the best guys.
He didn't make the final roster, however, and went back to the D-League with Rio Grande, where he was playing when the Wizards signed him to the first of two 10-days this year. District Judge David Doty of Minneapolis, who has been hearing labor cases between the NFL and the players for more than 20 years, and has generally ruled in favor of the players most of the time. So is there some other benefit that I'm just missing?It won't be exactly the same as the NFL, Aaron. Nelson ruled for the players last week in a dispute with owners about television revenue, saying that the NFL's owners could not pocket approximately $4 billion in money from the networks that broadcast NFL games in case of a protracted lockout.
The franchise tag would likely allow a player's existing team to pay more than another team looking to sign that player in free agency.
It wouldn't be a cure-all for the smaller-revenue teams, but it would be one way for them to have the best of both worlds -- a hard cap that would give them a more level playing field with the Knicks and Lakers and Bulls of the league, yet not get outspent for their best players.No, many players wouldn't like it. If Nelson rules for the players and that gets the NFL owners to the table faster, decertification will be hailed as a brilliant strategy.
If your e-mail is sufficiently interesting, compelling, mind-bending or snarky, we just may publish it! But if Nelson goes the other way, NFL players will be left in the cold and their NBA brethren might be less inclined to take that ultimate step.What little optimism remains that the NBA can avoid its own work stoppage once its CBA expires June 30 dwindles with each passing day, although both commisioner David Stern and NBPA executive director Billy Hunter said during the All-Star break that the rhetoric during their meetings with one another was much less heated than in previous sessions. But the reality is that owners want a new system, and the things they're asking for continue to be non-starters with the players.Sources indicate that the union already has the signatures of all but a few players authorizing a vote to decertify the NBPA if the union decides to use that last-gasp tactic.
Player representatives from each team would conduct the vote, although a meeting of the full membership would take place before said vote, one source said. If the players voted to decertify, the signatures of the players who have already voted yes would be submitted, and the union would then file an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA, much as the NFLPA has done. And like the football union, which has star players like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees listed among the plaintiffs, a basketball players' lawsuit would include stars, free agents and probably a player currently in college. The idea would be that a work stoppage would harm players at all levels, from unrestricted free agents to rookies working on their first deals.The NBPA filed such a lawsuit in 1987, led by Junior Bridgeman, then the president of the union. Joining Bridgeman in the suit that would ultimately bear his name were free agents at the time like Rory Sparrow, Phil Hubbard and Darrell Walker; top Draft picks like David Robinson -- taken first overall that year by San Antonio -- Armon Gilliam and Reggie Williams, and players that were playing overseas at the time.
The Mavericks will reach 11 straight 50-win seasons with three wins this week.Your browser does not support iframes. In some cases, those packages could have anywhere between $100,000 and $300,000 built up over the years. That would help defray the costs of purchasing expensive short-term health insurance packages such as COBRA in case there is a protracted work stoppage implemented by the owners. There is still some hope that a last-second solution can be found, with meetings scheduled before the end of the regular season between smaller groups of players and owners.
In the case of players, that wouldn't happen until the fall, when they stop receiving their game checks. Teams will suffer some in the short term if fans opt not to renew season ticket packages or purchase luxury suites; those renewal notices have already started going out leaguewide.

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