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I know I recently discussed my desire to have an O gauge Lionel train running around the ceiling my dental office.
Well for the first time doing it by yourself it might take 3-4hours to maintenance a Pullmor. These are series-wound motors, with laminated magnetic circuits so that they can be run on AC as well as DC. I would consider this motor to be a form of a Pullmor, but it's actually closer to a prewar Lionel motor. I am fairly new to model railroading, so my question may seem dumb, but I'll go ahead and ask anyway. One last thing: do you suppose that Olsen's site is correct in saying that the proper e-unit for the 2046 is the 100-25 e-unit? I hope this doesn't add to more confussion, but on page 184, Greenberg notes that the 100-25 replaces the 100-1 and 100-10 e-units.

Would an old school, open-framed, AC typical STEAM Lionel motor be considered a "Pullmor"? Some engines made in the 80's, 90's to current day even have Pullmors but they also have traction tires. The housing for the armature is built into the main chassis just like a prewar motor, but the armature resembles a postwar Lionel Pullmor. I recently acquired a lionel 2046 locomotive and everything is fine except the e-unit and bracket that it mounts on are missing. As I look at my Greenburg Lionel Repair book, I see that the E-unit mounts at the rear of the motor frame. If you know how to maintenance one or get one maintenance correctly, you will not have to maintenance it for at least another 5-6years. From the looks of things, the e-unit should sit out back behind everything, so that the e-unit switch can reach through the hole in the boiler, which is just in front of the cab.

I could maintenance a Pullmor in about 30mins and have the train running in 40minutes tops.
I have purchased some items from Olsen Toy Trains in the past and had excellent service, but when I went to look up this bracket and e-unit on their website, the picture in the 2046 library section was of a completely different motor. From what I am seeing on other sites, I think that it probably is, but since that page is not entirely correct, I thought that I would make sure. This ebay auction shows how my 2046 looks, which, as you can see, is totally different from Olsen's Toy Train website.

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