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Trainload after trainload of black diamonds flowed east and west from the coal fields of western Pennsylvania, fueling industry and the profits of the Pennsylvania Railroad. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout.
There are several devices that can be used so a train, when it passes over or by a device, will activate the device, thereby activating the accessory attached to the device.
The complete cost of this project including the camera ($73), searchlight car ($30), and parts ($10) was $113. Here is a modified circuit that supplies the camera with battery backup power when track voltage goes below 12 volts.
The complete cost of this project including the camera ($73), crane tender car ($35), parts ($7) and battery pack and parts ($37) was $152. Update: Instead of making the cable yourself you can purchase a ready-made cable from MTH for approximately $20.

This is a Lionel 2343 Santa Fe F3 ABA Powered and Non-Powered Diesel Locomotive Set from 1950-1952.
Forever in search of a more efficient way of moving the never-ending loads, the Pennsy invested heavily in the engineering of its locomotives and hoppers. Led by an M1A mountain, this typical coal train of the Pennsylvania's standard GLA hoppers include three cars of the railroad and one from the Berwind White Coal Company. Spring loaded devices sit beneath the track and are activated when the train passes over them.
The control rail is an outside rail that does not have power from the transformer attached to it. Headquartered in Windber, PA, the Berwind White hoppers were copies of the Pennsylvania design and a fixture on their trains into the 1960s. This method will not work with standard tubular track that have metal rail ties*, but works well with track that have plastic or wood ties.

When the train leaves the isolated rail section the signal turns yellow, and then after a short time, returns to green . These devices do not work well on a permanent layout and with engines and rolling stock of different weight. The best way to isolate a section of rail is to use plastic rail joiners or cut through the rail. When a train passes into the isolated track section power is applied to that section, from the powered outside rail, by the metal wheels and axles.

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