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In the early session, the children (and adults) are taught the care and maintenance of model railroading equipment, and how to construct a layout. There is no cost to participate in the program, as children six years of age and older are encouraged to experience the hobby of model railroading. A lot of sellers will use the war story to make their gray 314 girder bridges more desirable. The earliest versions of the 310 billboard sets were sold in the classic orange and blue Lionel boxes. Note it would be easy to exchange the light hoods on a 353 and 163 signals to get base variations.
The 175 rocket launcher is the largest of the space and military items Lionel made in the late 1950s. The rocket launcher was designed to be used with the Lionel 6175 flatcar with rocket, but the car was not included with the launcher.

The operator could lift a rocket from the 6175 flat car and then position it on the firing platform. When the 148-100 is in one position, the signal light is green and current is on to the block section. Copies of Lionel 148 dwarf signal were made in the late 1970s by a man in Nevada of cast metal. Lionel currently makes the banjo signal in brown rather than black, and MTH makes them in black. Later, they are allowed to run their own trains (or those provided by the Club) on one of the four main lines. When the car is positioned as shown above the doors open and horses go in and out of the car. These are quite common, but the railings around the top of the superstructure andb around the rocket launching platform are usually broken.

There are at least 10 gray bridges for every aluminum one Gray being more common is true for both the 314 and 316 bridges. The blister card is worth more than the set of billboards even in poor condition like the one above. Then you have to move the train a few inches to allow the forklift to unload the other side of the car.

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