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With the emergence of economical small motors powered by small low-voltage batteries in the late 1950’s, Lionel would incorporate these features into this basic turntable design.
Lionel issued only one instruction sheet with this accessory that was printed with either BLUE or BLACK ink on WHITE paper.
This accessory came with almost 60 individual parts (not counting duplicates) and the variety of these parts is illustrated on the parts envelope No. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. The two size D batteries that power this motor are contained within the slide switch controller, No.

The steam era on the prototype railroads had effectively ended in 1959, and perhaps to reminisce, or to just offer something new to their dealers, Lionel issued this accessory in 1962.
To understand how these parts are used it is almost essential have the instruction sheet to ensure the proper operation of the turntable.
The controller rotates the turntable in both directions with the use of a center off slide switch. While many of the hardware parts can be purchased separately, the instruction sheet is needed to show the relationship between these parts. 736 Locomotive with tender would barely fit on to this length which would be difficult to do considering the post-war locomotives’ pretense for having high starting speeds.

This track and the turntable can be shimmed to meet the height requirements of adjoining O Gauge track.

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