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Ever since Little Miss C first unwrapped the train set that we bought her last Christmas the whole family have loved the traditional nature of their train sets and we have played with it for hours. Disclaimer: I have received no payment or reward for this post, but do plan to attend the World Record attempt where the Bigjigs team have promised me that someone will make this pregnant lady a cup of tea and find her a chair!
The other great thing about these trains is that theyre such good quality that they last for ages and then still have a resale value on eBay!

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Our train track is normally set up around the living room floor and if we’re getting adventurous we make a tunnel out of the coffee table too.
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The current record is just over 1650 metres which is in itself quite impressive when you consider that a standard piece of track is only 21.5cm long (according to my trusty tape measure!) Bearing in mind what year we’re in the Bigjigs team are aiming for a staggering 2012 metres!

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