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It also indicates beryllium copper, or beryllium, or brass or even brass, or tin, or possibly a stainless steel. You have to actively participate in the manifestations of your own joys and good fortunes - they are not ready made for the taking, they are available for the making. What I remember about Physical Metallurgy, when we did spark test to determine 1035, 1040 and 1045 material, it helped to know you had (3) known samples and to do the spark test to assign the metal type to the spark. You already know how to calculate the density, but that's not a unique identifier especially if the metal is an alloy. Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time but always enough time to do it over?
If there is a large recycler near your area, and they are relatively up to date, they will be able to identify the metal for you. My vendor who performs Positive Material Identification, PMI, has his hand held machine loaded with about every material comparison possible including precious metals. I have heard good things about laser spark spectroscopy, however, and those instruments can be also set up for positive materials identification, with excellent results, as always it depends on the care and training of the operator.
I find that as I get nearer to retiring age that my eysight is gradually worsening and I find it difficult to see the small model parts with some form of eyewear. As models get smaller the dimensions become more important and so much more accurate work is required. Also I want to make a big model steam traction engine – one big enough to pull a few people and to go to the nearby shops on. So I’m going to make a different steam engine model before I start on the steam traction engine. I have decided which steam model engine I am going to build and below is a photo of a finished one built not be me but by someone else.
Above a photo of the type of model steam engine I will build in Pakchong (Pak Chong) before I start on the model traction engine. Above are some photos of a model steam traction engine I want to build when I retire to Thailand.
All the drawings, castings and most of the other materials are available from MJ Engineeering. I must say that I’m tempted by the bigger scale model, but I have not decided the scale yet. The 2″ scale traction engine is easily able to pull its driver and an adult passenger, or two children. One item you might bring with you would be welsh steam coal as you will need it to run any boiler, unless you intend to use gas. I’m writing this sitting in the airport lounge at Heathrow waiting for my flight to Thailand. Since I don’t have a steam boiler yet, I can hold back on the steam oil for a visit or two, but thanks for the tip-off. Follow our exciting journey to retiring in Thailand right from beginning to the present day and see what decisions we made, what we did right, what we did wrong, what happened good, what happened bad and everything else in between? Join the Announcement List and receive an email when something interesting is added to the blog or website.
Join the Announcement List and receive an email when something interesting is added to the blog or website. A boiler or steam generator is a device used to create steam by applying heat energy to water. A Simple Boiler For Model Steam Engines First things first: I absolutely recommend that you not build this boiler.
Just a few of our recent projects Loco's, road or hobby steam – whatever takes your fancy? Who’s In Control Of Cost And Programme On This Retirement House Build Project In Thailand? I implore with Kanyah to get the house finished so that she can take residence there and cease renting the hotel room at The Mansion. Marble Terrazzo floors to all ground floor areas – Grossly expensive, extravagant, out of place and unnecessary. Yet all the house needs to make it habitable (so she says) is to put up the light fittings, install the power outlets, switch on the electricity and the final house clean.
No I am because every 100 Baht spent on unnecessary building works can buy me a meal in Thailand when I retire. And every cubit metre of concrete and every 10m2 of terazzo marble flooring can keep both of us in food and drink for  month when I retire to Thailand.
In other words, I am working in UK and sending all my spare money to Thailand for Kanyah to waste on unnecessary luxuries.
Kanyah has decided to have a concrete strip about 2 m wide cast all around the house and you can see one of the strips being poured in the photo above. Sure, I can see the benefit of this concrete buffer zone – but the advantages far outweigh the cost in my book.
The guy in the foreground is trowelling the concrete smooth while another concrete pour is going ahead in a different position at the rear of the photo. I know from my considerable construction industry experience URL that the correct way to pour concrete is to pour the next load right alongside the previous one so that the pour appears as one homogenous mass of concrete.

The objective is to ensure that the concrete does not dry out between different pour batches because that creats a wet-to-dry conrete joint which is no where near as strong as contigous concrete that you get pouring wet next to wet concrete. Judging (from the photo) by the area that one pour of concrete covers there are at least two more pours to go in betweeen the two you can in the photo before they meet up. The circular hole is the top of the septic tank I don’t know what the square brick hole is for. Babel, a Hebrew word means Confusion and the The House Of Babel or more often The Tower Of Babel is a storey found in the Biblical book of Genesis, and is one of the most famous and beloved legends of mankind. The pictures of the The Tower Of Babel and Escher’s Ascending Descending Stairs above are what I want you to remember when you look at the next couple of photos of the retirement house that Kanyah is building in Pakchong (Pak Chong). In the photo above the concrete side slab runs down the side of the house between the house and the fenceline to the neighbours land. That area is where we plan to put a couple of huge water tanks to store water from the roof collected by the huge gutters we have had put up.
Above, notice the 150 mm step up from the concrete side slab to the patio slab itself (which is a good thing to keep rainwater from the patio).
My next question is whether Kanyah will continue this concrete slab around the front of the house where the steps are?
Terrazzo is an all natural material only consisting of stones or aggregate (commonly marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips) mixed with cement. Next the grinding machines are put to work to literally grind the concrete and cut into the marble granules leaving a lovely shiny finish. I will be putting heavy metalworking machinery in there like a lathe milling and drilling machines, a hacksaw machine and welding equipment. I’ll be dropping heavy steel parts on the floor (always happens) which will chip the beautiful shiny floor finish and the metal cuttings (swarf) from the machines will form an ideal grinding paste to wreck the marble finish. Note also the brass strip put in to act as a construction joint to control cracking between different sections of the flooring arising from thermal expansion of the terrazzo flooring. In the photo of my workshop above in the distance you can see what looks like a kitchen cabinet.
If you haven’t worked it out this is the third reason why This marble terrazzo flooring is a complete waste of money. If you want a retirement house built in the Pakchong (Pak Chong) area then do your best to get this Thai builder to do it for you. When we signed up with our first builder was asked him also build a toilet downstairs for the use of guests and anyone in the garden. Above the lightweight concrete block walls are up and are receiving the cement rendering finish. In the photo above you can see the cement rendering on the end of the building is quite smooth, that on the front is clearly not finished yet. The rear view of the utility building showing on the left a small window for the toilet and on the right you can see a larger window. You will need a washing bay for your pickups tyres now, before you drive into the showroom, as it rains quite a bit here in Thailand !!
I always planned to have a brewery and brew proper English Beer at our retirement house in Thailand and had planned to build the building to contain it. When I got my house in 2004 in UK I needed to put down a new carpet in the lounge so took up the old light beige one totally unsuitable for an engineer as it shows every mark and then when we converted to garage into a workshop we used rubber underlay on the floor and then the old carpet from the house. This served as insulation and also we are able to find bit easily when as you rightly say they drop on the floor. However unlike your workshop we do not have much heavy machinery here just 30 mm beige worktops, lots of electrical sockets for our soldering irons, heathsrink guns, drills and cutters. On the Kanyah front before I married my present wonderful wife in April 1997 I met and married what I thought was a fabulous girl from Kolat (1st Class degree, very pretty, nice family, parents had a company and her parents and we had been on holiday together to visit Kanchanaburi etc etc.
I had to go  back to Uk after sometime but planned to return in 2 months and thinking I should support my wife I gave her my Bangkok Bank card (idiot- should have just given her 10,000 or so!!) in which there was 350,000 Baht and I told her she could use the card for her living expenses until I got back. When I returned every single Baht had been removed up to 20,000 per day so I went to Kolat and met her parents and sisters (who were in tears about their young sister) and I explained to them that this was not quite what I had meant.
Her mum was clearly distressed and kindly offered to pay me most of the money (250,000) back so I accepted.
The reason my fiancee had done this was that on meeting her friends she had decided that she did not wished to be married after all and so we were divorced on the same day!! Why didn't you simply weigh the metal in the first place, then turn around and measure it's water displacement?
Determine a more accurate weight at the Post Office, or maybe Office Depot or perhaps the checkout or deli at the grocery store will assist.
Test the resistance of the piece from end to end and calculate resistivity, or compare it to the resistance of other known samples off similar length and cross section.
Best bet is to take it to a college that has a chemistry lab and let them do a spectrographic analysis on it, anything else is simply guessing. I've attached a sample smell here but may not work unless you have Smell-O-Vision on your PC. One of the alloys we used was a brass mixed with stainless steel and that material WAS magnetic!
The chemistry within a tested part allows material determination to the closest standard material designation.

It cannot tell normal black pipe from boiler tubing grade material, mainly since it cannot read the low atomic number elements such as carbon.
For example on a full sized steam engine 1 mm tolerance on non-running surface components may well be acceptable. This model is available as a kit of castings and materials from a company called Stuart Turner.
It’s not a kit as such but all the parts can be bought individually ready for machining.
An outdoor steam boiler can efficiently produce steam from just about anything that can be safely How to Make Model Boilers A chapter devoted to the construction of model boilers may well open with a few cautionary words, as the dangers connected with steam The residential steam boiler is still alive and well despite the fact that some HVAC professionals refer to it and the steam boiler profession as the mans club.
A steam boiler is a vessel that contains water and a heat source that turns the water into steam. This page is being provided for informational What are the exsact differences between steam generator boilers and classic fire-tube steam boilers? The builder has stopped work on the house (original scope) to do all these add-ons (mission creep) instructed by Kanyah. Surely, I think, she would be more relaxed and happier living in her own house, in her own space, with her own belongings unpacked and with the facilities at last to cook real food for herself instead of eating takeaways from the few roadside food stalls there are in Pakchong.
We could live for a year in Pakchong (Pak Chong) on the amount of money that concrete has cost me. It’s a story where all the people building the huge tower that would reach the heavens spoke a common language and the Lord changed all that so that everbody spoke a different language and stopped building. If anything they need a slab of concrete independent of the house to allow for differential settlement. Now compare this the ring of concrete with the rising ramps that spiral around the Tower of Babel in the Tower of Babel photo above.
My hobby is making model steam engines and I’ll be retiring to Thailand to do my hobby full time. These are often screws, washers etc and as you’ll see in the photo below the marble terrazzo floor makes a perfect camouflage for such tiny pieces of metal.
Big black tires scuff the surface and scratch it whilst also leaving behind tire rubber marks.
For example I lost 355,401 Baht to the previous builder when Kanyah (belatedly) sacked him.
Or you could buy or even rent a PMI gun and X-ray it and get most of the elemental composition.
For example, typical stainless alloys are pretty soft and easy to scratch while some tool steel will scratch glass (but most tool steel is strongly ferromagnetic, which you have indicated it is not). These are some of the reasons why when I retire to Thailand where I have a large lathe in the model engineering workshop I want to make bigger models.
This is particularly useful when building a stem model in Thailand (and in Pakchong in particular) because I envisage that it will be very difficult to impossible to find these small nuts and bolts in Thailand. Excellent quality and easy for Kanyah to work with, helpful, considerable, knowledgeable, and as far as I can tell – honest. We could probably both live your a year or several on the amount of money she has spent just on the stuff you are about to see on this web page. That’s just about as accurate as you can make things even using precision machine tools. Even when in the UK it is very convenient having all the fixings in the kit rather than to have to source and buy them individually.
How To Build a Steam Engine you have to make sure that its size is adequate to accommodate your boiler.
There are two approaches: fire As steam is generated, the water within the boiler evaporates and is replaced by pumping feedwater into the boiler.
Installing a solar hot water system is one of the easier projects to undertake if you are keen to create your own home made renewable energy systems. Get yourself a fridge and a bottled gas cooking ring or two and you’re sorted! Why aren’t you getting that fixed instead of concentrating on all of the additional  external works?
He has a Marklin European layout featuring 12 steam locos with marshaling yards and the usual scenic country with tunnels etc. They certainly look amazing. At the risk of sounding like Lyn (whom I mostly agree with), do your homework then come ask for help. Sections of a steam locomotive showing the many fire-tubes which carry the hot gases of the fire through the boiler to heat the water and so create steam.
A steam boiler plant must operate safely, with maximum combustion and heat transfer efficiency. Watch the video now.Railroad Technology Breakthroughs Learn how to use micro controls to add life, interest, new features, and efficiency to your railroad.

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