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The NY subway system is one of the busiest mass transit systems in the world, servicing over four million riders everyday. While it may seem intimidating to first-time visitors in New York, navigating the NYC subway map is simple.
New York Subway Map: The NY subway is one of just a small handful of mass transit systems in the world that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. NY Subway Fare: NY subway fare costs $2, and passengers are allowed to make subway transfers for free within two hours from the time their Metrocard is swiped.
Safety on the NY Subway: Though the NYC subway has had a reputation in the past as being unsafe, the NY subway has undergone a major facelift over the last two decades. NYC Subway Entertainment: While they can be easy to overlook, NY subway performers are actually some of the best in NYC.
Using the Subway to Attend Sporting Events: The NY subway map conveniently features easy to use subway stations near some of the most popular NYC sports stadiums.
PATH Transit System: For NYC tourists staying in New Jersey, the PATH transit system (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) is a cheap and easy way to travel into Manhattan. About the NY Subway: The first New York subway station opened on October 27th, 1904, and the first train took passengers from NY City Hall to The Bronx.
NYC Subway Gifts and Souvenirs - This fun replica MTA subway 11" x 17" steel sign is perfect for indoor or outdoors use and is easy to hang.
The city was in the midst of a devastating heatwave gripping in the entire Northeast during the first two weeks of July 1911.
In New York, the thermometer never broke a 100 degrees like it did in Washington or Boston. After July 7th, the temperatures dipped to normal levels but the humidity kept the city in sweaty discomfort. By the time rain came to relieve the city, a reported 211 people had fallen to heat-related deaths. You can tune into it below, download it for FREE from iTunes or other podcasting services, or get it straight from our satellite site.
A ride on any subway during the 70s and 80s usually meant containment within a car coated in graffiti tags. And finally, an excerpt of a short film by Steve Siegel, featuring a host of graffitified trains. Thanks for listening in on our several-part series of podcasts on the history of New York City public transportation. Part Three: Cable Cars, Trolleys and MonorailsElectrified trolley cars became the most common form of travel in New York starting in the 1890s and into the new century. The subway doesn’t immediately come to mind as a photogenic movie star, but in fact, the various tunnels and stations of the New York City Subway have appeared as the backdrop for hundreds of movies. ALSO: With intrigue rumbling below, even the breeze from a passing subway train could elicit a sexual response as a defenseless young woman in a white dress stands above a grating in the 1955 comedy The Seven Year Itch.
The Fantasy Detour: The reputation of the New York subway system was so poor in the 1970s that depictions went from the ultra-realistic to the absurd without missing a stop.
Midnight Horrors: As the subways became safer to ride, the usual tropes of knife-wielding thugs and rapists no longer made sense as objects of menace. The Worst Subway Depiction Ever: Of course, films are allowed to manipulate train lines, distort direction, even put trains next to landmarks that are, in reality, miles away.
Best unlaid plans: (Above) The aborted additions to the New York City subway system, illustrated on the coolest subway map ever, from 1968.
Exploring, with old maps: The remains of old trolley tracks, the home of Louis Armstrong, and the memories of old North Beach amusement park. Begging for improvement: The current mess with the Long Island Railroad recalls a near-disastrous blaze at Chambers Street from a few years ago which underscored the desperate need for equipment upgrades.

Skyline shenanigans: Is the Empire State Building being threatened by a younger, slimmer upstart being proposed for a spot just a couple blocks west? The subway in 1951, a bevy of new lines thanks to the unification of the IRT, the BMT and the IND, a consolidation we live with today. PODCAST The amazing New York City subway system travels hundreds of miles under the earth and elevated through the boroughs. This is our last episode in our series BOWERY BOYS ON THE GO, and we end it on the expansion of the New York City subway. ALSO: Bernhard Goetz, Mayor Jimmy Walker and the future present history of the Second Avenue Subway! The Dual Contracts let the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT) to expand its lines and opened Manhattan to Brooklyn Rapid Transit (BRT). For a more visceral immersion into subway history, visit the New York Transit Museum and walk through the old subway cars contained in an actual, abandoned station.
That decorative control house and former subway entrance standing out so conspicuously at the crossroads was designed by Heins and Lafarge, and its ornate design is similar to that of the Bowling Green IRT control house at the foot of Manhattan; in fact both were constructed at the same time to serve the same line.
This intersection of Fourth, Flatbush and Atlantic avenues was once known as Times Plaza, named in what I can only think of as wishful thinking after the Brooklyn Daily Times in emulation of Manhattan’s own Times newspaper plaza. Oh, and you might like this profile in the September 1981 issue of New York magazine, where she says, “In SoHo and Chinatown I can wander around and nobody knows who I am. Featuring 24 lines, 468 stations, and more than 800 total miles of track, the NY subway system is the cheapest and most convenient way for NYC tourists to explore New York. The NYC subway map connects to four of the five buroughs in NYC, with Staten Island connecting to Manhattan via the Staten Island Railway. If you're traveling with your family, multiple cards aren't necessary, but can be more convenient.
With many more police officers patrolling the stations and cars, as well as an overall drop in NYC crime throughout the city, NYC subway crime rates have fallen sharply since the 1990's.
There is a NY subway station in The Bronx for Yankee Stadium (161st-Yankee Stadium, 4, B, D), a New York City subway station near Citi Field in Queens (Mets-Willets Point, 7), and of course, a number of convenient subway stations near the famous Madison Square Garden (34th St-7th Ave, 1, 2, 3).
For just $1.75, commuters from New Jersey can reach the Word Trade Center, 33rd St, and other stations in Manhattan. The busiest subway station in NYC is the Times Square-42nd St Station, serving around 60 million passengers every year.
Check out this and many other cool NYC gifts and souvenirs that you aren't going to find in your average store!
But the humidity was deadly, and the city too crowded and ill-prepared for such withering conditions. Henry Burgh’s American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was out in force with water buckets. And a look at the aftermath which spawned today’s tough city laws and a warehouse space in Queens called 5Pointz, where graffiti masterpieces thrive in abundance today.
The most artistic, colorful pieces (like the one below, by Lee Quinones, 1976) were hung on the outside. Kings of New York is a spectacular photo blog of past and current work on walls and other surfaces throughout the city.
The most unusual of these is certainly the 1934 hokey gangbuster Dames, featuring an exotic dance number by Busby Berkeley as psychedelic as any 60s counter-culture movie.
A subway ride provides the impetus for the central romance, as Gene Kelly falls for a poster of Miss Turnstiles (a play on the mid-century’s quaint beauty pageant contest Miss Subways).
The opening scene is one of its most famous, as an eerie Richard Widmark hovers over ditzy Jean Peters in a crowded subway car, gingerly relieving her purse of what proves to be a very troublesome item.
Presaging a rich future as a moving hellcar of violence and death, the 1967 film The Incident presents a group of unwitting passengers terrorized by two young, stereotypical ’60s sadists.

In Death Wish (1974), the subway is one of several locales of seething, bald-faced criminal activity, but it’s so dangerous that Charles Bronson goes down there twice to pick off bad guys.
In The Warriors (1979), the train becomes a virtual yellow-brick-row for a costumed Coney Island gang escaping a host of absurd villains. The subway in the cinematic 1980s and 1990s was still dangerous, but in wild, sensational and very unrealistic ways.
In this episode, we let you in on how it went from one long tunnel in 1904 to the busiest subway on earth. After listening to this show, you won’t look at the Herald Square subway station the same way again.
Although I doubt you would guess its importance by visiting the Chuck E Cheese or the Target store that presently inhabits the Atlantic Terminal Mall sitting around here today. In Midtown Manhattan, there are NY subway stations every few blocks, giving NYC tourists easy access to the most popular NYC landmarks. All NYC subway stations feature an on-site map, making it easy to figure out which train to take on the spot.
Weekday mornings from 6am- 9am are perhaps the most congested, as well as weekday evenings from 4pm- 7pm. The NY subway Metrocard also offers a discounted 7-day unlimited pass, which is convenient for NYC tourists visiting New York for an extended period. If you like what you hear while waiting for your train at the NY subway, throw these NYC musicians a buck or two! Use the convenient NY subway and avoid high parking rates when you attend a sporting event in New York City. Over one billion passengers ride the NY subway every year, making it the fifth busiest rail system in the world.
New York’s beaches offered some respite, but you had to cram into a sweltering train cabin to get there.
In the universe of this unsubtle action flick, you could be mugged and raped five, six, seven times a day, so best to be proactive and pick them off before they get you. The Union Square subway station holds one of their deadliest challenges: suspendered, roller-skating pretty boy toughs with feathered hair.
The tunnels underneath Manhattan harbored rivers of ectoplasmic ooze (Ghostbusters 2, 1989), a train booby-trapped with explosives (Die Hard With A Vengeance, 1995), a supernatural danger zone of runaway trains and alien warriors (Superman 2 AND Superman 4), and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (who hole up in that abandoned City Hall subway station). But somewhere out there in the vast universe of fiction there is a vague, undefined point where a film steps over the line, and the movie which does this most shamelessly is the otherwise great Spider-Man 2, which inserts a vast, fantasy elevated R line through the heart of Manhattan, rebuilding what the city so painstakingly tore down in the 1940s and 50s. Metrocards are found in subway station Metrocard vending machines, subway station booths, and neighborhood vendors. Rudimentary air conditioning had only been invented a few years before and was hardly widespread. Ten years later, Bernhard Goetz would reinvent this hyper, fictional fantasy by actually doing it. Check out the NYCTourist subway map and schedule for the latest updates and changes to the NYC subway schedule. Graffiti has divided New Yorkers since it first appeared on walls, signs and lampposts in the late 1960s.
Its ascent paralleled the city’s sunken financial fortunes, allowing simple markings to evolve into elaborate pieces of art. The best examples were on the sides of subway cars which the city promptly attempted to eradicate, their attempts thwarted by clever, creative artists and a downtown culture that was slowly embracing graffiti as New York City’s defining art form.

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