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Long time reader, first time poster.What a great forum and what absolutely knowledgeable members. Many thanks Fellas for the welcome and the advice.Apologise for the large format, but it took me half an hour to finally work out how to get the picture posted, and yes, I did follow all the instructions on how to do it that I found on this forum. You only need the K83's if you do NOT have the decoder modules that fit underneath the C track points. Best thing to do is to divide the layout into blocks, and control each block with a signal.If you are using Viessmann signals, you will generally need a K83, a signal controller such as the 5210, and a relay of some sort to control current to the track.

Overall length of all modules joined together is 7m and the width is 2.3mEnd plates of the module is 600mm wide, 200mm high and 12mm thick plywood. It has given me thought of what my next step will be - order the new signal book for starters. Each module will have its own digital address, which you use when defining the point on the CS.K82 modules - don't know what you mean by that! And I suppose the most important step, to fire up the CS2 and see if I can get the points working - Ive been a bit hesitant in starting it up after reading all the problems people have had with theirs.

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