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Caboose - additional pictures and discussion #3017 - paint and truck variations, #232, #1127 - pp. Continuation of the Series parts II, III IV, V - Engines #3195, #3197, #3195X, #3198, #3190, #3180, #1084 - pp.
Steeple Cabs two long posts - Engines #1201, #1217, #1218, #1218 - Yellow, #1270, #3103, #3110 - pp. Clipper set from 1930: Consist - Engine #3103 red enameled steeple cab, #3103 litho gondola, #3012 litho Box car, litho caboose #3014 - pp.
The Potomac set of 1928 - tan and green enamel: Consist- Engine #3146, #3180 passenger car series - pp.
All-American Limited set from 1926 - Consist - maroon enamel and litho: Engine #4019, #4040 baggage, pullman - American, Observation - Pleasant View - pp. The Hamiltonian set from 1928 - Consist - red enamel: Engine #4687, baggage pullman, observation - pp. Freight Stations - general comparison with other manufacturers- AF, Bing, Fandor, Hornby - pp. I know there are some folks on who are interested in trains, so thought that I would provide a few photos of my train layout.
I have considered building one, but the 027 takes so much room, that I decided if I was going to build one it would be N gauge. Import & Export Trade Platform for China Tinplate manufacturers and global Tinplate buyers provided by Made-in-.
The 400E is the most popular and most sought after of the original pre-war tinplate engines. I have a true control panel with switches, buttons, and relays, but can also control everything from the remote control shown in the last photo. The largest of the Standard Gauge tinplate steamers, this engine was introduced in 1931 and was an immediate sensation.
Finally, one day about two years ago, I just, out of the blue, resolved myself to get something done. There it was, all shiny gray with nickel trim, sitting in the display case whispering "Take Me Home!" to me. I threw a 4x8 sheet of plywood on top of an old table, put an oval of track on top of it, and went from there. The professional production of tinplate, tinplate sheet, tinplate coil and other products, Jiangyin Kemao look forward to working with you. It was about an hoursfrom the time I brought the plywood up to the time I had trains running. I just preordered one, due in September, with an MSRP of $800(I was able to get several hundred off by preordering).
I added two extensions: one to make the total dimensions 8x10, and a second at a right angle to the first(to make a backwards L when viewed from overhead). The second expansion was to make room for the Lionel 456 coal ramp which I'd acquired. Fortunately, the vast majority of postwar Lionel is very affordable, provided that you're buying super rare items or mint-condition never run pieces. On the inside, it's 21st century with the full Protosound 2 sound and remote control package. I got four of the 500-series freight cars to go along with it -- a refrigerator (reefer) car, a searchlight car, a cattle car, and an exquisite Pennsylvania RR caboose.
I can buy these all day in the condition this one's in(which is good, but not great) for $100 or less. I have some from before the war, and some from the intervening years, but those two areas are my main interests.
It seldom happens, but for me it was love at first sight and I walked out of the store with the set even though it's Standard Gauge. The bulk of my trains are Lionel, although some of my postwar items are American Flyer, and I have one or two Marx pieces. For those unfamiliar with it, Standard Gauge trains run on track that is much wider than O-gauge track and, being much more from the toy train genre, there is no real scale, so Standard Gauge trains come in a variety of sizes, from small to very large. The newer ones come, again, mostly from Lionel, followed by a now defunct company called K-line, and then Atlas. My Standard Gauge Christmas trains (they're in older videos here on YouTube) are from the small school.

First, the 197 coal loader, the 456 coal ramp, and the control panel, including the pair of vintage Lionel ZW transformers to provide power.
You can actually get more O27 track in a small area than you can HO, which is the size between N and O.
The locomotive (based on a Milwaukee Road bipolar) and four cars stretch out over six feet in length! I've definitely learned my lesson, and will take the time to make the wiring on my next layout neater. While faithful to the original set in appearance, this reproduction incorporates all of the latest electronics and is fully controllable with the DCS remote control system. If the background looks unfamiliar, my Standard Gauge trains run on my auxiliary layout, which is on the carpeted floor of my library. Choose quality tinplate Manufacturers & tinplate Suppliers, buy cheap tinplate products at. Our die-cast model replicates American Flyer's® top-of-the-line Wide Gauge (Standard Gauge) steam locomotive, cataloged from 1931 to 1935. Known among collectors as the "Brass Piper," the 4696 was distinguished from its competition by a large number of added-on brass details, and brass piping that included elaborate cooling coils under each running board. The 4696 also sported additional drive rod parts that represented steam locomotive valve gear — a detail unheard on most other tinplate steamers. While once more widely used, the primary use of tinplate now is the manufacture of tin cans.
French Hornby layout with genuine british and french made Dinky-Toys, Corgi-Toys and french made CIJ & JRD ( fifties and sixties except two recent Corgi helicopters).. Farm and fortress by AP (Antibes 1965), barracks by Depreux (France) early and late sixties. Solido vehicles (sixties and seventies) on suspension bridge and Solido howitzer in fortress (late thirties). This is really going to be quite a collectors item one day, but I'm not going to sell my stuff. I like Lionel and I'm glad these beautiful engines and cars are being reproduced, but why didn't Lionel do it?Tinplate Standard Gauge Trains on the Livingroom Floor MTH Lionel Dark gray Lionel 318, all original except for some wiring. Information about tin plate in the free online English dictionary and tin plate - a thin sheet of metal (iron or steel) coated with tin to prevent rusting; used especially for cans, pots, and tins.
Most of the lighting and accessories are powered from the live wires on the telegraph poles. The action is in the corner of the livingroom under a 6-foot 100+ year old grand piano!Tinplate Trains Running at Christmas Two tinplate trains running on an oval of 3 rail track through a tunnel with a small girl watching. Missing the back battery cover plate only, but still has catch for closing it.MTH Tinplate Traditions #384E Standard Gauge Steam Locomotive Christmas Set in True HD 1080p After bringing out the Christmas Express ready-to-run Standard Gauge set in 2002 (video already posted), which came with the #10 electric locomotive, MTH followed-up in 2004 with another ready-to-run Christmas Express set, this one coming with the #384E steam locomotive and tender, a stalwart of the long-ago Standard Gauge era. Over the years, two more cars have been added, so in this True HD 1080p video, you can see the locomotive pulling the Dasher, Vixen, and Donner coach cars and the Prancer observation car. The layout is made with Scalextric track and scenery products made by Woodland Scenics (except for a few vintage Life-like trees, the rest are Woodland Scenics). The background mountains are made of foam and represent a mountain range far off in the distance with snow-capped peaks.
However I am an avid fan of contemporary Formula One racing and am lucky to have the Speed Channel to catch everything I can on F1.
The sound you hear is from a Ferrari V-12, obtained from a tape recorder mounted on Michael Parkes' Formula One Ferrari at Monza in the 1960s.
The camera is a little shaky because I was recording and trying to stay on track at the same time.
Much faster speeds are obtainable with this car than shown here.MTH Tinplate Traditions #10 Standard Gauge Christmas Set in True HD 1080p In 2002, MTH Electric Trains reproduced a very early (1925) Lionel Standard Gauge electric locomotive. This model of the #10 was done in red and green for Christmas, with three matching cars, also reproductions of those from more than three-quarters of a century ago.
Together, the train was called The Christmas Express and came in a complete set with track and transformer. This is worthy of note since this set was, as far as I know, the first ready-to-run Standard Gauge set in about 75 years!
Standard Gauge trains generally came in two size categories, small and enormous, and these are from the small school. Over the years, I've added the various add-on cars that MTH has brought out, and it makes for a really nice holiday train.
Notice how I almost lose it at the end but carefully saved it to get back on track to finish the lap.MTH Tinplate Traditions 263E O-Gauge Steam Locomotive MTH Tinplate Traditions O-Gauge 263E Steam Locomotive. The bed and breakfast is in Clarks Summit near Scranton, PA.MTH Tinplate Standard Gauge Christmas Sets Double-Headed in True HD 1080p I had hoped to have this video up for Christmas as well, but the fates conspired against me.

The original set had three cars, the second set had two cars, and with additional cars added over the years, it's up to nine cars. Since only one observation car can be used on a train, when I string them all together there are eight. As you will have seen in the previous video, the eight cars are quite a load for just the #10 which was slipping its wheels quite a bit. In this True HD 1080p video, here are both locomotives, double-headed with DCS, hauling the eight cars. They're running on my Sky's The Limit Layout seven feet up off the floor and next to the ceiling! This is designed primarily to run smaller o27 type trains with sliding pick ups, however many roller type pick ups work also. Still a few more kinks to work out, but overall performance was very good and well received by those watching.GLENN'S PRE WAR TINPLATE TOY TRAIN LAYOUT My 10x12 multi level Prewar train layout.
Also a Leland Detroit Mono Rail.MTH Tinplate Traditions Ives Olympian Standard Gauge Train Set Around the Ceiling in True HD 1080p Now that I have four Standard Gauge trains (videos of all of them are on YouTube) I had the hankering to run more than one at a time. That was a problem since I had only one Standard Gauge loop on the floor of the library (my auxiliary layout). With no more room on the floor (there are already four loops), my eyes turned skyward and I came up with what I call my Sky's The Limit layout (you can see photos on my web site). This is the 2007 MTH reproduction of the original set, which was one of the last made by Ives (one of the great names in the history of toy trains) in the years leading up to the Great Depression (1929-1930).
As you can see in this True HD 1080p video, it a super appearing, super sounding set made all the more remarkable for now running a full seven feet up off the floor! And if those two are running on the same track at the same time, well, does it get any better? In 2004, they brought out another set with the #384E steam locomotive, tender, and two passenger cars. In this True HD 1080p video, you can see both sets, with their add-on cars, running on the same track at the same time. So, here are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen, with the Santa baggage car for good measure. In this True HD 1080p video, you can see it make a few runs around my Sky's The Limit layout on top of the bookcases, hauling its seven 500-series freight cars. The action is in the corner of the livingroom under a 6-foot 100+ year old grand piano!Alresford 2009 Tinplate trains Prewar Lionel Tinplate Layout My 5' x 8' layout of prewar Lionel trains and accessories.MTH Premier NYC "Tinplate" J1e Hudson O-Gauge Steam Locomotive in True HD 1080p In early 2002, I got a special train set from MTH. They called it "American Legacy #768W" and it was a reproduction of a train set originally brought out by Lionel in 1939. It had a beautiful die-cast Premier scale model of a NYC J1e Hudson painted in tinplate grey enamel with a matching tinplate tender and a set of four blue tinplate passenger cars.
In the intervening years, I've matched those blue cars with an MTH reproduction of the actual tinplate blue locomotive that together make up the classic Baby Blue Comet set. Since the grey Hudson has a box coupler (from the days before WW II), it's kind of hard to run it with most of my trains that have knuckle couplers. However, for a very long time I've had a set of the same 600-series tinplate passenger cars with the box couplers but in a gorgeous terra-cotta enamel finish.
Mating the locomotive with those cars makes for a stunning train, so here it is in crystal clear sharp detail in a True HD 1080p video.
I was initially going to do only a quickie video of another train running around the Plateau and not bothering to remove last week's props.
This was to be called 'Nothing Special On the MaP' - but once I got started I figured, hey why not pull down some of those tinplate buildings and highlight them.
The train featured today is the Marx Set #4350 Steam Freight Set being pulled by a really good running #400 0-4-0 Steam Engine.
The set normally comes with a 'Sinclair' tank car but my set had a 'UTLX Union Tank Car Co' tank car. Other cars are the #551 NYC tender, #241708 B&O gondola, and #20102 NYC caboose, all with plastic knuckle couplers.
The set also comes with the #319 30-watt transformer, 16 pieces of O-34 track and the Marx Paper Village. The structures used in today's shooting are a mix of vintage Marx, Skyline, Wyandotte, H&H Sales, Ohio Art, and Brumberger.
The garage is new production from the Czech Republic firm of Kovap and the Milwaukee Road station is also new production and currently available from Sunset Trains and Toys.

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