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If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. If you are the winner you will be entered into a legal & binding contract with the SELLER to purchase this item. Many have said that Louis Marx was to the train and toy industry what Henry Ford was to the automobile industry. Most of the early trains and locomotives were equipped with ESP (Early Swing Pin) coupling systems.
It is also important to note that all engines, trains, frames, and couplers were made from tin until 1972. Canadian Pacific power unit - designed in time to go along with the first run of the Canada Pacific passenger trains. Former productions created 1,000 Marx train sets for Christmas, which offered a new electric train. Scale line still produced, though they also created seven inch as well as eight inch types. Modern passenger cars were also introduced, which included visible people inside the train.
Produced a popular Disney train using a seven inch scale and a mechanical engine with cars adorned by various Disney characters.
During 1952, more and more items were being produced with plastic, including engines and freight cars.
Other memorable toys produced by Marx included service stations, collectible dollhouses, the Big Wheel pedal bike, Yo-Yo, Rock'em Sock'em Robots, and the Green Machine.
Louis Marx was considered the Toy King for many, many years and was the first toy manufacturer of the time to be elected into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame.

Because these toys and trains were created so long ago, they are extremely popular with collectors, whether the collector focuses on toys or trains; however, when searching for these specific toys and trains, it is important to understand the grading system used by most sellers. When searching eBay for Louis Marx toys and trains, it is important to read the descriptions.
All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. This is because Louis Marx created mass produced trains and toys for a reasonable price that many families could afford, whereas prior to this, many similar products were considered luxury items. The Union Pacific M10000 series was the first, which was in a lithographed tin, but there were many other designs created over the years. The engines started off with a mechanical style but were soon updated to electrical systems. Most were electric versions and included road names of Baltimore and Ohio and Southern Pacific. Their toys were as popular as their trains because they were sold at prices that almost everyone could afford, and yet they still had high-quality standards. Individual descriptions will include a grading, if available, as well as a year to get a better idea of the value and quality of the particular item, so scroll down to the item specifics. There are several different shipping options available when shopping on eBay, and often, buyers will be able to choose from many different shipping options on a single item. This long train a running looks great in the dining room where we eat once a year for Thanksgiving. In 1955, a larger diecast steamer, 666, was introduced, and in 1959, it was cast in plastic and had smoking versions.
Types of playsets created include Fort Apache, Gunsmoke, the Alamo, Roy Rogers Ranch, Rifleman, Wagon Train, the Blue and Gray, Ben Hur, and Zorro.

These words are important because they explain that it is one of the older Louis Marx toys, and it has all its original parts.
This is a great way to ensure an item arrives on time, while saving a little money as well. Whether you want to own a piece of history, play with or collect them, you can find what you are looking for on eBay.
These toys and trains are no longer in production, which makes Louis Marx trains and toys extremely popular with collectors.
Marx invented their own scale for the early trains, which had a height similar to S and zero scale but was only generally half the length. Of course, there were many, many others created and produced, but these were most popular during their time frames. This became a trademark of Marx trains, and the American Classic was a favorite for over four decades. I think its really cool you get to see this run running all the time, and on the Dinning Table. The flat black stamped steel shell is approximately 9 inches long and has some general wear and green paint on cab.

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