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For extra longevity it is wise to run a fillet of PVA down every internal joint, body and roof, before finishing the model off.
I now have a plan for the space i have in front of my fueling area and engine shed, thanks John . To build the pub in a straight line the front was no problem, however there was a gaping hole at the back and I was short of an end too. The Kibri house alongside looked somewaht out of place which led to the decision to extend the terrace. Enhancement 1, Window boxes, bit of "U" section plastic, paint to match pub front, run a bead of superglue gel along the bottom and add flock and scatter, then add blobs of different colour acrylic for flowers, tweak so some bits hang down. Enhancement 2 (please ignore the drainpipes) more plants and a shed in the back yard; as the yard is paved the plants are in tubs, the 2 in the pub yard have white metal milk churns , hole drilled in the bottom, turned upside down and a couple of "branches" from a disassembled chinese ebay tree stuck in, next door has a tub made from plastic tubing, filled with modellers putty and more hacked tree bits planted and tweaked in the hope that it looks like a rambling rose. A bit magnified to compare Metcalfe kit on the left with the scratch built "copy", window frames are slightly modified Peedie Models etched brass, lower cross bar cut out,  window lintels and cills cut from a strip of white self adhesive vinyl. The camera shows up a load of imperfections that need attantion, but my dad always said " the man who never made a mistake never made anything". Apart from the aforementioned downpipes and a tidy up needed on those lintles ( a two second job with a blade) i'd be happy with that on NE. Or to reply to an individual post, or to include images, attachments and formatted text,click the Quote or Reply buttons on each post above. To start with, this kit is red brick but is far redder than the basic Scalescenes red brick paper so I added more magenta in the colour output via my printer.
With creating Solscenes papers by altering Red brick Scalescenes on a printer, it gets a reasonable colour match ( well it did) .

IMHO Connor, the Metcalfe kits are just about as easy to build as you can get.  Certainly I found them easier than the Superquick kits and I'm no master-modeller !!!
I can well understand why Bob has given Metcalfe the thumbs up and its own area on this website. All my buildings, engine shed, warehouse, brewery, goods shed, boiler house etc etc are all Metcalf.
I like the look of the one you have, boot fair you say,  where is the nearest one to me.
When you get your next one, don't forget to scan it, and or draw around various bits so that you can add extensions and so on, covering them with paper downloads from Scalescenes and similar. Now, pop off to the nearest art shop and get some watercolour crayons for colouring in the fold lines, and a no 2 and no 6 brush and a 1mm waterproof artists fibre tip pen in black to carefully emphasise lines under window sills, a line under barge boards etc. I don't think this will not be the last card kit that you make, if you fancy trying some free one's try looking, for or ask if anyone has any of the Hornby Magazine's laying around, as most of them came with a free Scalescenes building in them, that you could try next, I have quite a few of them if you fancy trying one. Your Inn  is coming along very well John - bet you wish you'd taken the plunge ages ago. Petermac I just used thin strips of paper they were off a metcalfe sheet of tarmac card and on one of the sheets the paper had come away from the card , glued it on then ran a scribe lightly down the centre . A New Dawn 2 gives the chance because of its five themed sections to have different buildings and these plus the Oasis models makes it affordable. Built around a strong frame, this sturdy kit is perfect for building hillsides and scenery around. The steps can be attached direct to the door or with an extended section for token working.

For this I ordered some Metcalfe stone card and using the previously scanned pub wall did some more cut and paste and cutter=plotter work. There's also the saying "we learn from our mistakes"  as you can see I'm still learning. I find them easy to assemble but i do tend to read the instructions a few times before i suss out what to do then just take my time. I really wasn't prepared to risk the dosh on a failure on my part, so the Car Boot purchase opened the door for me to have a go.
I like some of the Wills models and as Brian says, later it will be good to have fun with one of those. Based on the prototype at Bronwydd Arms, this new kit builds into either a brick or stone finish signal box, as illustrated above. Interesting about the glue - if you ever run out you might also like to try Rocket card glue, it's very quick drying and strong. Below  are some doors added to the metcalfe goods shed, just made from layers of postcard card and watercoloured.
It also contains a number of laser cut accessories that go together to form the steps and the superb timber relief around the top-half of the building.
A choice of finishes allows the modeller to adapt the kit in order to be suitable with either the Wayside Station (PO238) or the Country Station (PO237).

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