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In a place where it's all about seeing and being seen, Miami attracts big personalities and big stars.
If you are throwing a bachelor party, you need to consider one of exotic car rentals Miami ans Luxury Car Rentals Miami. Imagine grabbing your bag and walking straight off the plane to a luxury car that would be far too impractical for everyday commutes but the perfect little addition to celebrating your last few nights as a single man with all of your best friends.
Drive along the beaches during the day and let the sea breeze wash over you as you enjoy all of the beautiful sights Miami Beach has to offer. As the first 4-door coupe sedan on planet, Mercedes CLS550 achieves significant improvement on its overall performance. This powerful car’s 5.5-liter V8 engine produces magnificent 382-horsepower which is transmitted through 7-speed automatic transmission. For complete pampering throughout every mile of your Florida driving, come to Dynasty Luxury Rentals.
If you’re about to embark on a new journey, or simply need a night out in Miami with a super model Lamborghini rental that screams status, come to Dynasty for five-star service at affordable rates. Of course, the exotic car rental experience at Dynasty comes with additional perks, including delivery and pickup service to any home, hotel, local airport (including Miami Airport), or other private locale, as well as flexible returns and drop-off hours. Along with the ability to provide our clientele with a temporary lifestyle adjustment in the form of high-end rentals, we also have a selection of more customary vehicles, such as standard and compact cars, vans, and SUVs. SOUTH BEACH CLASSICS is set amidst the flash and glamor of Miami, where the people who wheel and deal automobiles at Florida's largest classic car dealership are as colorful as the people who buy them. If you are in the market for a Classic, Muscle or High Line automobile, or maybe you are interested in trading or selling your current special interest vehicle, We are here to assist you!

Once you have the perfect location and the itinerary scheduled the only thing left is transportation. Do you remember the freedom you felt when you would drive from club to club in college or take a road trip with your friends just because you didn’t have anything better to do?
Keep driving in one of our Luxury Car Rentals to the Art Deco district and on to South Beach to see why directors keep coming back to film some of the biggest blockbusters surrounded by the natural beauty of Florida’s beaches and the stunning beachgoers. Even the design and innovation applied to this car amazingly deliver much better impression.
Similar to the well-designed exterior, the inside of the car is beautified with leather upholstery and hand-polished wood trim. Respected for our capacity to serve anyone from athletes to actors to the Average Joe, we offer an expansive selection of high-end, exotic car rentals. We even serve our clientele with chauffeured limousines, chartered boat and yacht rentals, and fully staffed mansions, villas, and condominiums. For more information about any specials, rates, or car rental options, call us at 866-943-9627 or request a reservation using our online form. Gregarious and outspoken husband and wife business partners Ted and Robin Vernon -- along with the eclectic crew they've affectionately dubbed "the gargoyles" buy, sell, trade and exchange some of the most unique classic cars on the market. Our specialized niche of buying, selling and trading these high interest investments has not only made us one of the largest dealers in our region, but also many great friends from around the world.
Many grooms fly in for an entire weekend with the wedding party and select friends and a sweet ride is one of the best ways to start the trip.
You could even hire a limousine for nighttime escapades but you won’t have the ability to go anywhere you want, change plans on a whim, or really enjoy the freedom that your bachelor party is meant to celebrate.

Whether you wish to join an exclusive club of the elite, or want to try out a new toy, let us help you get behind the wheel of pure class.
At Dynasty, we serve Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding areas.
With over 300 cars on the lot at any one time, the action and the deals are fast and furious.
Head to the Bayside Marketplace if you want to shop some of the biggest names or to Little Havana for Latin American food, music, alcohol, and maybe even some of the famous cigars. You have to check out the Ball & Chain for souvenirs but you’ll want to stay for the atmosphere. Choose an exotic car rentals Miami and do exactly what you and your friends want as you let the beautiful city of Miami inspire you.
People with personal needs to give high impression can take this car as an option from Luxury car rental, seriously the price is reasonable most of the time.
Contact our Miami location at 866-943-9627 now, and receive a quote for any of our exotic and sports car rentals, convertibles, or luxury cars.
Go back to your hotel for a nap so you have plenty of energy for a night of partying with your friends.
Bachelor parties are notorious for ending up at strip clubs and Miami does have plenty to choose from but if you want something a little more low key there are a number of popular burlesque shows such like Erika Moon Productions or live music venues scattered throughout the city.

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