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Considering that I’m the anti-mobile or home user of mobile technology, some of you may find it strange that part of my portable gadget collection includes the six UMPCs you see here. And don’t get me started on my collection of miniature dollhouse foods (or ask me why I have them when I’ve never even had a dollhouse). My wedding favors were keepsake boxes that looked like miniature silver presents and three-tiered weddings cakes, a handful of mini animal figurines sits on my desk, I just bought a silly finger drum set, I keep mini tubes of lip gloss in my purse . I like to collect small doll-size furniture, and I have a collection of the small 8 inch Madam Alexander Dolls. Don’t sweat it, I have an unhealthy obsession with small laptops, I have a Vaio TZ myself and really have no use for it, I rarely travel with it, 99% of its usage is in my house. Ever since I saw the Toshiba Libretto a few years ago, I’ve fallen in love with small laptops.
For me I when I think of UMPC yes I want it small mainly to be the one computer I can take everywhere and actually be more productive than others in my field. To me until the recent Sharp D4, which may not be the best but it is at least to me the first UMPC that is small and more functional.
I love miniature items, in fact i have a whole collection of miniature items, they just fascinate me, i do scenes with them and build some scenes, i.e houses, restaurants, bakeries, and ect.
Why do I need even one UMPC when I work exclusively from home primarily on my Vaio TZ notebook?

I don’t know why, but anything in miniature form was just something I was immediately drawn to. I have a U810, Nokia 800, Macbook Pro, my Crackberry Curve but don’t have near your amount of gear. That being my motivation I think there is a difference between small based on that type of function and small based on what tech designers think of which are often too small to be practical. I think UMPC’s suffer from often not being small enough like the 7? slates and other non jacket size devices so they become expensive toys for tech lovers. It is great to come up with ways to make things smaller but to me it still has to be focused on making them functional. I’m a fanatic about the weight and function in my clothes, which are “engineered” for specific performance characteristics- there’s a whole world of ultralight camping products.
It’s a question that pops up every now and then in my inbox, usually from new readers who aren’t familiar with my gadget mania. I think it is often an issue due to the techno geeks designing it might think it cool to have a wrist watch, etc. I recently spent $125 for a 3 ounce Patagonia nylon rain jacket when I have a perfectly fine 9 ounce jacket – but carrying those extra 6 ounces around all day when I’m sightseeing adds up.
Imperial Holocron is not affiliated with Lucasfilm, LTD, Hasbro or any other company licensed to produce or distribute STAR WARS® merchandise.

In my responses, I often mention how my shopping habits are ruled by instant gratification, how I value "want" over "need," or how I’m just an average, run-of-the-mill technophile who refuses to seek help for my addiction. To small in that most people do not like nor want to thumb input into a full windows operating system and associated softwares.
My down sweater weighs 11 ounces – the two of them pack down to nothing and function fabulously. Then delivery, holding the box in your hands as you go home from work where it was delivered.
So it was a non-brainer to buy the Asus 701, which enables me to blog and get on-line anywhere, with a minimal increase in suitcase weight (I can go away for weeks with a carry on) and at a very low cost. Then comes one of the greatest thrills — the open box experience, followed by switching the device for the very first time. Needless to say, I don’t really need any of them as I actually hate working when I’m not in the office.
Whether its a UMPC, PDA, PMP or DAP — the first thing I do is to customize – change the wallpaper, change default settings, test the audio-video capabilities and install applications.

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