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New products for the week of October 23, 2014New model railroad products from Athearn Trains, Micro-Trains Line Co., Wm. Napa Valley Wine Train freight cars.Bay-window caboose (Petit Verdot or Office), tank car (four car numbers available), and boxcar (two numbers).
New model railroad products from Micro-Trains Line Co., Bar Mills Scale Model Works, American Z Line, and more! New model trains for the week of February 19, 2015New model railroad products from Atlas Model Railroad Co., American Z Line, Walthers, and more!
Including model railroad products from InterMountain Railway, Woodland Scenics, Micro-Trains, and more! New products for July 28, 2011Including model railroad products from Athearn Trains, InterMountain Railway Co., Island Modelworks LLC, and more! Showcases all of SoundTraxx’s current Digital Command Control sound decoders, speakers, and accessories. Coach (Zinfadel and Merlot), observation (Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay), or dining car (Gourmet Express, Le Petit Gourmet, and Silverado Trail). Challenger scheme (three car numbers, two with blue seats and one with tan), Daylight scheme (two numbers, blue seats), general service (three car numbers, one with blue seats and two with tan), and Golden State scheme (Golden Vein, Golden Lode, or Golden Ore). Laser-cut wood kit with injection-molded and laser-cut wood doors and windows, Jordan Highway Miniatures single-horse buggy, and several pewter details castings. Injection-molded plastic bodies, plastic wheelsets, removable coal load, and Magne-Matic couplers.
Union Pacific and Southern Pacific heralds on both sides or UP and SP heralds on alternate sides. New paint schemes: Archer Daniels Midland Corn Sweeteners, Cargill, Dow Chemical, Occidental Chemical, Rampart Range, Southern Pacific, and Univar Canada Ltd. Kit is 3D printed in Shapeways frosted ultra detail (FUD) acrylic with screw bosses for mounting trucks and floor but no rivet detail, trucks, or floor. Amtrak: Amfleet inside bearing and Superliners (Superliner I airbag type or General Steel Castings for Superliner II). New paint schemes: Archer Daniels Midland Corn Sweeteners, Cargill, Dow Chemical, Occidental Chemical, and Southern Pacific. Athearn HO scale kit custom-decorated for National Model Railroad Association, Mid-Central Region, Division 8.
Bowser HO scale kit custom-decorated for the Ocala Model Railroaders Historic Preservation Society Inc. One-piece cast-resin shell, detailed underbody, tinted window inserts, and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority-licensed decals. Yard office and workshop (both available in blue, tan, or green with dark-gray roofs and doors). Picks up small parts with a mildly sticky tip and keeps them in position until the glue dries. Detailed interior, clear window glazing, and Micro-Trains trucks and Magne-Matic knuckle couplers. Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheels, separately applied horns, and all-wheel drive and electrical pickup.
Features color and black-and-white photos of scenes along the Northern Pacific and historic dates in NP’s history. Tinted window glazing as appropriate, factory-installed grab irons, Proto-Max couplers, metal wheelsets, and car name and number decals. Commonwealth: straight equalized with inside stabilizing bearing or outside bearing arch (solid or roller bearing). Injection-molded plastic body, detailed interior, plastic wheelsets, and Magne-Matic couplers.
Prototype-specific details, upgraded tooling, and Quick Plug for Digital Command Control decoder.
Garage coal loads, Bowser trucks with blackened metal wheelsets, and magnetic knuckle couplers. Complimentary and available through any SoundTraxx authorized dealer or direct from the manufacturer.
Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheels, working ditch lights, and factory-installed number boards. Can motor with dual flywheels, light-emitting diode headlights, prototype-specific details, and AutoLatch couplers. Can motor with dual flywheels (can be upgraded to Digital Command Control with Digitrax DZ123Z0 decoder, available separately), prototype-specific details, AutoLatch couplers, and brass handrails and side panels. Five-pole skew-wound armature motor, all-wheel drive and electrical pickup, and die-cast metal chassis.
Detailed brake gear, 50-ton solid-bearing or 70-ton roller-bearing trucks, and Accumate couplers.
Separately applied brake rigging, 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps, and jacket seam detail. Light-emitting diode directional lighting, prototype-specific details, and AZL AutoLatch couplers.
Eight-pin Digital Command Control Quick Plug, flush-fitting windows, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.

Can be converted to Digital Command Control with Train Control Systems K1D4 motor decoder (sold separately). Prototype-specific cushioning devices and handbrakes, etched-metal running boards and uncoupling levers, and wire brake rods and air pipes.
Die-cast metal frame, 70-ton ASF Ride Control trucks, re-designed 33” metal wheelsets, and trainline air hoses. Detailed interior, 70-ton solid-bearing trucks, and Accumate offset shank magnetic knuckle couplers.
Golden-white light-emitting-diode headlights, blackened metal wheels, and separately applied uncoupling levers. Street items (four fire hydrants, two mailboxes, and two each of police and fire emergency call boxes), $20.99. Pullman: four-wheel with 8-foot wheelbase and 106W reinforced wood beam (solid or roller bearing).
Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, directional lighting, and AccuMate magnetic knuckle couplers. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, prototype-specific details, and magnetic knuckle couplers. Box 144, Parchment, MI 49004.Accurail kit 70-ton offset-side triple hopper, custom-decorated for W. Separately applied detail parts, etched-metal radiator running board, and five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels. General Steel Castings and Milwaukee Road trucks available in black or silver; all others offered in black only. New paint schemes: Erie Lackawanna (American Revolution Bicentennial scheme), Northern Pacific (three road numbers), and Penn Central (four numbers).
Allen McClelland's Virginian & OhioVirginian & Ohio 70-ton offset-side triple hopper kit. Canadian Pacific United States Railroad Administration 40-foot boxcar with crate load, $23.75.
Injection-molded plastic kits with plastic wheelsets and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers.
Separately applied details, Quick Plug for Digital Command Control decoder, prototype-specific details, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.
New road numbers: Diamond Shamrock, General American, Hooker, Occidental, PPGX, and Stauffer.
Huber, National Starch, Omya, Procter & Gamble, Red Venturi (two car numbers), and Trinity Rail Management.
Conrail heavyweight depressed-center flatcar with equipment load (one road number), $27.90. Allen McClelland’s V&O, offered by Division 7, Mid-Central Region, National Model Railroad Association. Constant and directional headlights, prototype-specific details, and Proto-Max magnetic knuckle couplers. Metal safety bars, separately molded brake rigging, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers.
Plans (motive power, rolling stock, and railroad structures) for logging, main line, narrow gauge, short line and traction. Etched-metal running boards, detailed brake gear with scale piping, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers.
Identifies more than 12,000 railroad hauled containers in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), trash, and “dirty dirt” service seen throughout the northeastern United States.
Etched-metal running boards, metal wheelsets, and Micro-Trains trucks and knuckle couplers. Clip-fit printed-circuit board, Digital Command Control decoder-ready mechanism with insulated motor, heavy die-cast metal split frame, five-pole motor with flywheels, directional light-emitting diode headlights, and Magne-Matic couplers. New road numbers: BNSF (post-2005 herald), Canadian Pacific, Ferromex, Kansas City Southern of Mexico, and Union Pacific.
Five-pole skew-wound motor, all-wheel drive and electrical pickup, and die-cast metal chassis. Separately applied end and side ladders, metal wheelsets, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers. New road numbers: Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Canadian National, CSX, and Railbox (with small or large heralds).
55-ton United States Railroad Association hopper (new road numbers), $37.98 per three-pack. CSX, Detroit Edison, Trinity Rail Management (PNJX reporting marks), and Union Pacific (Chicago, St. Etched-metal running boards, factory-installed wire grab irons, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.
Four road numbers per scheme (two each on direct-current and Digital Command Control-equipped models). Separately applied metal grab irons, McHenry magnetic knuckle couplers, and removable coal load. Removable coal load in each car, factory-installed grab irons, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.

BNSF, Pacer (late version, three car numbers), and Trailer Train (DTTX reporting marks, with or without red logo).
Milwaukee Road, Northern Pacific, Pacific Fruit Express (Southern Pacific and Union Pacific heralds, three versions), and Western Fruit Express.
Ex-Model Die Casting tooling, metal wheelsets, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.
R-30-13-18 (Union Pacific herald), R-30-12-16 (UP experimental stripe, five car numbers available), R-30-18 (Southern Pacific and UP dual heralds), R-40-19 (UP), R-30-21 (UP), R-30-21 (SP and UP dual heralds).
Three single and one three-pack available on all cars unless noted; also available undecorated (single car only). Etched-metal platforms and steps, painted interior with lighting, and MacDonald-Cartier magnetic knuckle couplers. BMW Z4 (blue or graphite), Mini Cooper S Cabrio (blue or red), Porsche 911 (type 977) Carrera S coupe (silver or red), Land Rover Defender (white or silver), Porsche Cayman S (yellow or red), and Porsche Boxter S (yellow or red).
Factory-installed and painted grab irons, detailed interior, and Proto-Max magnetic knuckle couplers. Etched-metal platforms and steps, bottle of steam oil, and MacDonald-Cartier magnetic knuckle couplers. Arkansas-Oklahoma (early version), Iowa Interstate RR (early), Mass Central (early), and Northwest Container Services (late, three car numbers).
Includes container pedestals in up and down positions and Proto Max magnetic knuckle couplers. Scale Speed motor with dual flywheels, separately applied uncoupling levers, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers. For Union Pacific and Chicago & North Western 1937 Challenger 56-seat nurse-room chair cars. HO scale Amityville vacation homeHO scale structuresAssorted laser-cut wood structure kits. Five-pole motor with flywheels, road numbers printed per prototype photos, and Micro-Trains magnetic knuckle couplers.
Available for General Electric P32, P40, and P42 Genesis Series units, and basic details for 2000-era road and switcher units.
Canada Malting, Garvey Elevator Inc., Grand Trunk Western, Lincoln Grain, Ralston-Jefferson, and Union Pacific (with "Sugar" placard). New road numbers: Allied Waste Industries (red stripe), DSEU (orange), and USA Waste Services (green). Inline blade (single and double arm), Electro-Motive Division tandem arm (standard or wide-nose cab), and General Electric tandem arm (standard or wide-nose cab). Trucks are available in assorted cab colors and designs and have Rhode Island license plates on the front and rear. New York Central 50-foot 14-panel gondola with bulk concrete containers, two car numbers available, $18.10. Side corrugations with an 8-55-8 arrangement, front wall with 10 vertical corrugations, roof with 6-54-6 corrugations, and 1-3-1 beveled doors. New paint schemes: Algoma Central, Missouri Pacific, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific (Western Pacific reporting marks). Detailed underframe, removable cement container load, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers. Positionable roof hatches, handle and latch detail, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers.
N scale passenger car interior lighting moduleElectronics and controls N scale passenger car interior lighting module. CEFX Leasing (one road number), CSX, Indiana RR, Norfolk Southern, Oakway Leasing (two new road numbers) Panama Canal Rys.
Factory-wired copper wheel-wiper power pickups, golden-white light-emitting diodes (other colors available), and flicker-free lighting circuit. Prototypical ride height, metal wheelsets, and body-mounted Micro-Trains magnetic knuckle couplers. Back-electro-motive force control, adjustable lighting brightness, and outputs for flashing ditch lights. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt, two car numbers), Southern Pacific (four numbers), Union Pacific (yellow with "We can handle it" lettering, three numbers), Union Pacific (oxide red with "We will deliver" lettering, two numbers), and Wabash (blue, four numbers).
Correct 5-foot offset wheelbase, free rolling axles with plastic wheels, and detailed brake rigging. Bachrus Inc.Sidetracked Electronics ILC2 dual-track crossing signal controllerILC2 dual-track crossing signal controller. Includes two light sensors that self-calibrate to detect trains in almost any lighting conditions. Set of libraries and programs for various model railroading applications, including interfacing with DCC systems, managing freight car switch lists, making employee timetables, computing dropping resistors, and figuring camera view angles.
Updated library and new calculation program LocoPull, for calculating how many cars a given power consist will be able to pull.

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