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Micro-Trains has released their July 2012 Micro-News which shows many new N scale releases.
PWRS Exclusive N Scale Micro-Trains Canadian Pacific Express Boxcars 2 Pack - Minimum run is 50 sets. Pacific Western Rail Systems Exclusive Micro-Trains N Scale Montana Rail Link 4427 cu. PORTERS Members: Remember all Micro-Trains purchases earn Micro-Trains Manufacturer Credits that can be used towards current and future Micro-Trains PORTERS Club Lounge Cars such as the recently announced Soo Line Box Car below.
Micro Trains once did the PGE car, but only in one road number, we have had many requests from customers over the years for more road numbers of this paint scheme. Note: insider information - for those of you sitting on the fence, there are just a couple sets left of the BA Tank Cars and just 4 complete sets left of the ULTX Tank Cars. PWRS Exclusive Micro-Trains N scale Canadian Pacific Railway Heavyweight Passenger Express Reefer 4-Pack.
PWRS Exclusive Micro-Trains N Scale  Canadian Trailer on Flat Car Series 57 ft TOFC Ontario Northland 3-Packs. These 2970 cu ft 2 Bay Center Flow Covered Hoppers, with round hatches, are painted light tan with the black CSX herald. PORTERS Members: Remember all Micro-Trains purchases earn Micro-Trains Manufacturer Credits that can be used towards current and future Micro-Trains PORTERS Club Lounge Cars such as the Car below.
Robinsamuel Gagnon  January 25, 2007 Hey thanks for the review, I love your microscale.
Dean Spencer  August 27, 2006 omfg i want this train sooooooo much id build it if i had the train wheels and the tank part AND the railing pieces!! Reader Terry Bossick, from Roseville Michigan USA, not only reads this site, he does something about it! Gary Chapman, from Newark Valley, New York USA, converted an XTS Train System toy battery powered railroad into an operating HOn30 logging line, the Rex Lumber Company. Hayfinch consists of a length of straight track and uses a picture frame to focus attention on the railway. This S-scale Inglenook was built on 108x12in benchwork left over from an On30 portable layout, by Charles Malinowski, from Carmel, Indiana USA. Technical note: Sean does not have a digital camera, so he took these photos with his telephone! Inspired by this website, Marc Miller, from Tyne & Wear, England, is building Brewhouse Yard, an N scale shoebox layout set in the Edwardian era (early 20th century).

Our Japanese Correspondent, Hiromi Masaki, sent along these photos taken recently at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2006, one of Japan’s largest hobby exhibitions.
Although not many of us will be in the market for one of these little gems, Hiromi points out that we can learn much and take inspiration from these well-done small layouts. It was the last car painted with the PGE Map Herald, but the car spent most of its days running with BC Rail cars. Gravity fed, these hoppers are 100 tons, measure 39' 6" long, and run on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Terry signed up to give a clinic about micro layouts at his regional NMRA meeting in Michigan — and he presented it in the form of a video that included several layouts he built from designs he found here. The design originally appeared on this site as a CN branchline terminus located in northern Ontario. The XTS modular toy train sets use interlocking 6x6in modules with a track gauge of 9mm (N gauge), perfect for HO narrow gauge. The line hauls gravel from the crusher at left to the tip at right, and cars are visibly loaded and unloaded at opposite ends. He uses link and pin couplings, so has no problems about couplers mating on curves and such.
The base benchwork is the recycled staging yard from my On30 portable layout mounted on cantilevers to the basement stud wall.
The long modern style wagons are not ideal for a micro-layout but they fit and are the same as I use on the club layout. Jack explains, “The objective is to swap each car in the train for one of the same colour in the sidings, but reassemble the outbound train in the opposite order. These elegantly turned out small layouts, mostly built in N scale, are commercial products of a company named Diorama Display Factory. Carl came to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon where he graduated with a degree in physics and met Sheila, his wife of 49 years. Injection-molded plastic model with plastic wheelsets, removable coal load, and Magne-Matic couplers. Injection-molded plastic model with detailed interior, window glazing, plastic wheelsets, and Magne-Matic couplers. One of my favorites is Terry’s version of the Park Terrace Railway, a fictional backyard railway that Chris Gilbert, in Mansfield England, designed to fit with his house.
It’s a very nice switching layout — and quite different from his original design!

The train is powered by a loop of fishing line tied to the railcar underframe and looped through the ends on the layout and out of sight round the back, so there is no need for an electrical supply.
The points are medium radius which again suits the wagons but not a micro layout.” That said, Sean has built a good looking 4-2-2 Inglenook railway! As far as I can see this idea will work and keep the operator occupied for quite a while!” Anyone want to try it? All nodes work with Control Application through tablet or computer with 802.11 WiFi connection.
Terry’s delightful version of this little line is shown above in two frames from the video.
Peter has two locomotives, and he encountered problems in electrical continuity due to the short wheelbases of the Tenshodo Spud motor units. In the video, Terry spends a minute or so on camera, happily running the little train back and forth on this On15 (O scale on 9mm gauge) shelf line. Bob points out that this arrangement allows him to operate Hayfinch while also running another layout at an exhibition — and he only needs bring one electrical controller. I’ve had great fun building this especially as I can sit it on my lap and do some modelling while watching TV.
Following retirement from Westinghouse, Carl threw himself into the world of micro-railroading.
70-ton roller-bearing trucks with 33” metal wheelsets, removable trailer, and McHenry couplers.
A simple umbilical [runs] from the loco to the box, and it works very well…So now I have a very reliable and fun layout. This web site attracted a large worldwide following, and Carl built up a collection of friends who came to know and respect him even though most had never met him in person. He and Sheila moved to Olympia in 2009 to be close to their son Giles and his family, where Carl enjoyed time with his three grandchildren.
His wit, erudition, and creativity made this true gentleman a joy to be with, in both the real and the virtual world.
This site is a trove of microlayout ideas and examples, and so long as it continues will keep Carl's memory alive and further the hobby he loved.

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