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If you grew up at a certain time, there was a good chance that you snapped an MPC or Monogram model kit together at some point.
His two primary suppliers of kits are Missing Link Resin Casters from Detroit, and the Modelhaus in Decatur, Illinois. For more information on the model kits, we’ve provided links for both Missing Link Resin Casters and the Modelhaus. Moebius, a newer model kit manufacturer, recently introducted this new model kit of the 1953 Nudson Hornet. The Hudson Hornet is one of those classic cars that somehow stayed under the radar of the kit manufacturers. I wanted my illustration to capture the spirit of all the great automotive ads of the '50's.
In the illustration, I wanted to show the Hornet how it might have looked by in 1953 when it was new.
Later, after inspecting the tooling test shot, Moebius decided to revise the tooling for the kit to make it even more accurate.
Every so often those who know a modeller will generously add to your stash…that’s how the BA20 came our way.In fact it was my sister who very kindly got me the BA20 as a gift years ago. This is not comparable with modern kits, even at the time of its launch the moulding was pretty basic.

On the other hand, the BA20 is a surprisingly attractive little vehicle – even if it wasn’t that good. The finished result generally takes on a surreal appearance, due to our poor early model-making skills and the heady aroma of the Testor’s Model Glue. I first heard of the name Moebius a few years ago when they started making a line of sci-fi kits. Even though it was a popular car in the ealy days of stock car racing, it just never seemed to be mainstream enough to warrant a kit.
I also have an affection for Petrolana and thought it would be fun to show the car in front of a classic gas station.
It’s funny how this painting technique is no longer "a la mode" but it still works to add a dusty finish to a model kit. The material that is used is called resin, it is vary easy to work with and these kits are the best in the industry,” he says.
I'm not really into sci-fi stuff so much but I did apprieciate the quality of the kits and hoped that they would start making some automotive kits too. Rather than trying to make my illustration look photographic as I've done with other box art projects I've done I decided to break from my normal style and I purposely tried to make this one a bit more spontatious and painterly. I had to keep the gas station itself generic to avoid any licensing issues, so it is a conglomation of classic gas station styles of the '50's.

The body proportions look pretty good on my build up but the revised kit in it final form is even better.
If nothing else this old build serves to showcase a painting technique that we’ll be covering in more detail soon & which may come back into fashion. I was excited a little while later when they announced they would be adding a few cars kit to thier line. I prefer to paint digitally over using traditionally media because I can create the art in multiple layers which allows me to be more experimental and make changes easier if I desire later.
After completing my build, I used this model for the box photos and then designed the rest of the box layout. Upon hearing this, I contacted them and said I would like to be involved in creating some of their box art. It soldiered on until the very end when it was largely supplanted by the BA64 but, some examples could still be found in service.

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