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This wallpaper gallery is posted under cars n girls and car with model, car with girl, girl with car, babe with car, model with car, car with babe. One of the most popular Dodge cars India are the sedan versions, they launched their latest model that is the Dodge Caliber that has 2.4-liter powerful engine with state-of-the-art transmission system equipped with improved exhaust. It has superior handling due to Electronic Stability Controls, which means controlling this beast is easy. Another popular model is the Challenger that has 6.1-liter engine that is very powerful with improved exhaust system. Other Dodge car also have EVIC and it show direction through compass, g-forces produced, fuel consumption, digital speed meter and other information such as braking distance, that makes it one of the most desirable Dodge car price in India of many cars is under the budget of many people and that is one of the reason that dodge cars are widely sold in India. 2016 dodge charger is told to have gotten “a full-body transformation with virtually every physical body panel being redesigned.” The statement is stated by the team of dodge themselves.
The Dodge cars India are among the widely appreciated cars in the country and they are widely sold. Talking about its style, it has five doors, large boot space and very attractive front and rare lights.

It has 20-inch wide aluminum tires for better road grip, excellent entertainment system with 13-speaker set that can also be attached with iPodA®.
It is clear that the new car will be presented with new face lift and many other new changes which will add more stylish and fresh look to the car. People have anticipated the minor changes in the 2015 because they think that the Dodge will instead give major changes to the 2016 series.
But the car is predicted to be launched in the early next year with the price that will not far from its predecessor. It has better comfort and convenience features such as Electronic Vehicle Information Center that displays all the information about the vehicle performance on the screen. And the prediction is true because Dodge will give large changes to its new 2016 dodge charger. You must be very curious about what other improvements added to the car, its release date and also its price. This is far from the rumor which told that the car will be completed with a 6.2-liter V-8 motor.

And, the grille and tires which are furnished with granite alloy definitely make the car look so unique and attractive. If you ride the car, you will feel so satisfied because it has strong power and can run fast. If we look at the car closely, the car is influenced a lot by its predecessor in the year 60s and also 70s.
The power resulted by the car make it become the best in its class and for sure nobody will not underestimate the power of it.

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