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Tesla Motors has assembled a battle plan for combating range anxiety for the Tesla Model S.
The base Model S will boast a range of 160 miles, while the upper tier editions will have a massive 230 miles and 300 miles all on a single full charge.
Tesla CEO, Elon Musk explained the value of the program saying, “When people take an occasional two-way long distance trip, they’ll get a replacement pack and then pick up their original one on the way back. Tesla Motors' second mass-produced all-electric vehicle, the Tesla Model X crossover, is less than a year away from production. A Tesla spokerperson cites strong customer feedback and a preference toward all-wheel drive—as well as how the system should offer dynamic benefits—in addition to the natural traction advantages of AWD. The Model X, which is expected to make it to production with the prototype's gullwing-style 'falcon' doors, shares its platform and some of its underpinnings with the Model S; otherwise it will have what Tesla calls a Dual Electric Motor All Wheel Drive system that should deliver torque to all four wheels without the usual decrease in efficiency that accompanies it for gasoline-engine vehicles. At the time of the Model X prototype's original debut, Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased a 0-60 mph time of just 4.4 seconds—a second faster than the standard Model S—so we're eager to see what other changes in running gear (and power figures) the new model features. Electric RC airplanes have come a long way and are now accepted as an integral part of the hobby.
If you are a scale airplane enthusiast and would like to fly in the winter, then this could be for you!The photo shows the E-Flite Nieuport 17 250 ARF flying in a gym. Many Giant Scale, 3D Aerobatic pilots keep there reflexes sharp, during the winter months, by flying indoors.
This class of model are generally easy flying and are usually the next model to buy, after you have mastered the beginner RC airplane.These models are good transition flyers. Parkzone models are usually of all foam construction and many come complete with radio and are truly ready to fly. The Parkzone range of models is quite large, with beginner airplanes, Warbirds and many scale models. The cost of electrics for the larger electric RC airplanes has now come down to reasonable levels. The field of micro RC airplanes is a fascinating one that grows every week with more exciting models available.Scale RC planes as well as 3D aerobats are all available,Take a look on this page for more details.
The lithium polymer (Li-Po) battery is the latest technology to be offered for use in electric RC airplanes.
RC Helicopter Sound System from MrRCSound Nov 10, 15 11:19 AMRC Helicopter sound of 5 different copters.
The Blade 350 QX3 Maybe The Ideal Beginner Camera Drone Aug 28, 15 11:46 AMThe Blade 350 QX3 is available in three versions, from basic quadcopter to a camera drone with all the bells and whistles.
Sharing parts between models is a common practice in the auto industry, though it can be taken too far--just ask the "old" General Motors. As a startup, sharing parts between models means more efficient manufacturing, and since that's the main hurdle between Tesla and commercial success at this point--their designs are amazing, and electric cars are widely recognized to be one of the best near-future technologies--leveraging work on the Model S sedan for the Model X crossover will, possibly, make clearing that hurdle a bit easier.

Called "falcon wings" by Tesla and Elon Musk, the doors don't just open upward like traditional gullwings; they fold in on themselves, retracting like the wings of their namesake. Musk says it's to offer the utility and access of a minivan while maintaining a crossover or SUV-like form factor.
Expected to cost around $60,000-$90,000 before tax credits, much like the Model S, the Model X offers similar performance, too. Inside, there are four bucket seats, and the same 17-inch capacitive touch-screen interface as found in the Model S.
After all this time, we now know what the Tesla Model S electric car will look like, and what its basic specifications will be.
This means that the Tesla Model S will compete with much larger vehicles when it comes to cargo space.
First buyers of the hotly anticipated electric sedan will get to pick from three different editions that all exceed the typical top range of most electric cars. If owners still feel the range anxiety kick in they will have the added comfort of knowing they can swap their batteries at Tesla stores. It make a whole lot more sense to simply provide level 3 charging, since the recharge time is only 45 minutes. As our companion site Green Car Reports recently learned, there won't be a two-wheel-drive version of the Model X. Here we describe many of the different models available and also help you in selecting the components required for a successful model. These little models can be a lot of fun!Many types are available and construction is usually from foam sheet.For more details on scale indoor RC planes, including photos and videos, visit this page. These types of electric RC planes can also to flown outdoors, as long as the wind is low!The photo shows a typical example of this kind of indoor RC airplane. If you have learnt the basics and wish to progress to your first low winger, then these are the models to consider.Take a look at this page for full details of RC sport parkflyers. Electric ducted fans are also available.All are complete and just need the batteries charged to be ready to fly!Visit this page for more information. This is typical of a modern electric RC motor.Brushless motors have almost completely replaced brushed motors. They offer the best Power to Weight ratio and continue to improve in efficiency.The photo shows the E-flite Li-Po battery. But in Tesla's case, sharing 60 percent of the parts between the Model S and Model X makes great sense.
The interior design elements also look much the same, with contoured surfaces, premium materials, and modern themes at every turn.
Continued development and validation will likely have to be done, though with much of the underpinnings already tested for Model S use, it won't take as long to get the Model X to market.

Roomy enough to sit five passengers, the Tesla Model S will be offered in three models (160, 230-, or 300-mile range) and is estimated at about $50,000 when it hits the states in mid-2012. Charging time is 4 hours with a 200-volt power outlet, but a quickcharge can be done in 45 minutes and the Model S was designed so that the battery could be swapped in 5 minutes (not clear what kind of infrastructure would be needed for that, but it's certainly a nice future-proofing feature). Tesla recently revealed that's no longer part of the plan, and that all-wheel drive will be a standard setup in all Model X vehicles. From the smallest indoor model to the largest scale or 3D aerobatic airplane, it is definitely possible! The airplanes are small enough to carry in your car, completely assembled and ready to fly. As with all 3d capable models, they are super lightweight and high powered.The photo shows the Great Planes Reactor Bipe, For further details and information, on this park flyer plus many others, visit this page dedicated to these types. Compared to the electric Roadster (pictured above in red), the Model S looks like a grown-up car. There will also be a 440-volt charger for even faster recharge.The Tesla Model S electric car. This means access to online maps and all kinds of apps that will no doubt be developed for online cars, but it also means that the Model S can let you know (via email to SMS) when the battery is charged.Tesla says that even though (after tax credit) the Model S electric sedan will cost $49,900, it will compete with gasoline cars in the $35,000 range because of the savings on fuel. Please bear in mind that the very smallest and the very biggest will not be inexpensive!However, in the most popular sizes of airplanes, electric power is definitely here to stay and some modelers will fly nothing else!The advantages are many and I list a few of them here-Just flip a switch and fly! Wing spans are around 30-35" and they can weigh less than 6 ozs.Visit this page, Indoor RC Airplanes, for more information. Many modelers do just that and fly whenever the opportunity presents itself!The photo shows the Great Planes Sopwith Camel. While it offers equal or better performance than the sedan, the crossover weighs about 10 percent more--in part thanks to its unique rear doors.
Click the image above to see our Tesla Model S slideshow.The Model S powertrain features a liquid-cooled, floor-mounted battery pack and a single-speed gearbox, delivering effortless acceleration, responsive handling and quiet simplicity -- no fancy clutchwork or gear-shifting required. This makes the Model S look like a pretty good value, considering all the cargo space, high-tech gadgets and environmental benefits (especially if you have solar panels or get green power from your utility!).Tesla is taking reservations right now.What's the catch? As well as scale there is a wide range of sport and 3D aerobatic electric rc planes, in this size range.To learn more regarding mid size electric RC planes, and details of my experience building and flying the De Havilland Beaver, visit this page.

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