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I was able to get a good start on scenery this past weekend including laying down a base of ground foam as well as weathering and ballasting the yard tracks.
How did you achieve the rough-edged sleepers in the first pic, foreground track, sleepers to the right of centre? The Track is ME code 83 flextrack and I just hacked and slashed it with a good ol trusty Xacto blade.
My old 49 Serve is a store of oily leaks in the dirt mix it with fine sand and lay it down.
The other piece (tube #2) is pushed into the jar lid just far enough so it stays nears the top.

When the vacuum cleaner is turned on you should have just enough suction on tube #1 to gently suck up small areas of loose grains without disturbing the majority of your carefully groomed ballast.
I like the idea of being able to collect and reuse the material, Ive been stealing my wifes old stockings for years and holding them over the end of a shop vac. Some places almost like the track was laid in an oil or mud pit as opposed to nice clean ballast around it, as you are use to seeing on the mainline.
The other end of tube #2 is loosely connected to a vacuum cleaner crevice tool with masking or painter’s tape. It is not completely connected since I don’t want the full power of the vacuum to be applied.

One piece (tube #1) goes to the bottom of the jar and is long enough to reach areas I want to vacuum.

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