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We purchased a home for retirement that fits our empty nester life style, which only allowed room for an N Scale size train set.  We found this 2’ by 3’ layout and a rolling table that fits perfectly in a corner of Lee’s office. After learning about the techniques of remodeling a train layout, Lee changed the scenes to reflect our travels through the Moab, Utah area. The beach scene has all its available camping sites filled with trailers and tents, boaters, picnickers and swimmers.  This is the kind of camping that we are looking for when we venture into the outdoors. Lee has been sharing his love of trains with all seven grandsons and may need to be careful as to how many train sets he promises to build with the grandboys.
I've lived through 50+ happy years of marriage with my best friend, 4 well-adjusted adult children, which now include 8 beautiful grandchildren, and 4 spoiled grand-dogs.
I hope you'll sign up to follow along on my travels, hobbies and crafts, it's the ultimate compliment and I thank you. This will be part 4 of the diorama display report for the 11th International Model Railroad Convention.

The name Umiden Yamaden comes from umi (sea) dentetsu and yama (mountain) dentetsu, from the Enoden of the sea and Hakone Tozan Dentetsu of the mountains, which are the specialties of the two circles that joined up to form Umiden Yamaden.
This has the "Meister Controller" built in, which is actually an original train controller device made by one of their members! A different Enoden train came around because this setup was an alternating track, where two trains switch off each lap. People on the beach packed together like this really looks like a scene from a Japanese beach in the summer. If you press the red button, the door to the bathroom in the display opens up, and the girl inside yells, "Ahh!
And in front of it, an army man, a dog, another dog, a pig, a duck, and yet another dog that's leaving its scent on another person. The shrubbery is a modified version of this and the sign is a printed decal of a photo the creator took.

It must be painstaking to find that one perfect part out of the myriad accessories available. If you ever have the chance to go to something like this, be sure to go and have a good time!
Shizuoka Hobby Show 2016 report Woody JOE, Sweet, Sankei, Yamashita Hobby, Gulliver, Hobby Base ver.
And eye decals for Nausicaa, for the people who gave up on the original Tsukuda release because you had to paint them on!? Be sure to try out different points of view if you ever get the chance to see a model display.

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