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Items I 20 of 619 Group A nice Word if you are interested inward bridge building for model vilify roads.
Although built for vehicular traffic rather than railroad use, this little bridge could be adapted for a model railroad layout bridging a small creek or gulley, or for a roadway overpass.
The Range Line Road Bridge is a single-span Warren standard truss with a continuous top chord spanning the West Branch of the Eau Claire river in northern Wisconsin. Detailed plans of a simple Warren truss bridge, Range Line Road Bridge in Antigo Wisconsin. The Range Line Road Bridge is significant as a single span Warren truss consisting almost entirely of riveted angles. The township of Ackley, in Langlade County, is located in the northern part of Wisconsin, in a region where the lumber industry initiated economic development.
In 1908, Ackley township supervisors in Langlade County agreed to raise funds to remove several decaying wooden bridges and replace them with steel structures. The Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Company, incorporated in 1891, erected bridges throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. As you continue on your tour, you will move alongside the Mississippi River as it flows beneath the high river bluffs of southeastern Minnesota. A few years ago, I picked up a used 1999-built Lionel 4-6-4 Hudson steam locomotive at a price too good to pass up. Well, I decided to get it out this year for a new holiday layout I built, only to discover CORROSION!
Something had caused corrosion on the floor of the tender, so I tore it apart to see what was going on inside.
I discuss the discovery and the thought process put into deciding whether to tackle the repairs myself on our new Tips and Tricks page Repairing Corrosion on a Lionel Hudson Tender. Lionel’s Polar Express 2-8-4 Berkshire rolls past the wharf in Christmas Town pulling the three original set cars, and three add-on cars on its way to the North Pole.
A young couple kissing under the village Christmas tree doesn’t even notice the Lionel 4-6-2 Pacific roaring by with a string of K-Line and IDM freight cars in tow, capped with a Lionel Santa Fe illuminated caboose.
A Lionel Pennsylvania Railroad Three Rivers Berkshire pulls a string of K-Line streamliner passenger cars through the winter night to bring everyone home for the holidays. When I found out my grandchildren were going to visit, I decided to throw together a little toy train layout for them to play with.
I went on eBay and found two Toys ‘r Us promotional Lionel train sets, one from 1982 with an operating Geoffrey car and one from 1992 with a nice illuminated caboose. I used Lionel Fastrack for the outside loop and O27 tubular track for the inside loop (mainly resorted to the tubular track for accessory activation).
The Fasttrack loop has two O36 remote switches, and doesn’t have any operating accessories, but I added a K-Line whistling train station between the two switch routes.
I’ve got a bunch of Plasticville buildings that the kids can place wherever they want on the table (although with two different loops, there are more buildings than will fit). If you are modeling a turn-of-the-century railroad, our free plans of the Smith-Sherlock store in South Pass, Wyoming are the starting point of a perfect structure for the commercial district.

I'm starting to think about my strategy for modeling a through truss bridge on my HO scale layout. SInce I'm new to scratchbuilding, what approach would you guys recommend - carved foam, maybe?
Concrete that was cast before the days of plywood forms will have marks for each board of the form they used. Chris is right that it can be difficult to do a paint job that simulates real concrete color. 1st - using any small knife blade chip small pieces off of the abutments and poke little holes in it to give it some slight scaring to somewhat match the proto type.
Hope this helps you I've made about 20 of this type abutment and Concrete trestles this way and the alswys came out great.
I'd be interested in seeing your techniques discussed more thoroughly.  Any chance of an article or forum clinic? Actually thinking about it I think the bottom layer was grout with fine surface filler over the top, this was done quite a few years ago. I think you maybe able to get spalling by removing some of the top layer before it dries to reveal the rougher stuff underneath, as I've had this effect if pushing too hard on the spatula.
Below is ampere summary of Nathanville’s Model railway system Village with links for more information and your opportunity for online shopping at Amazon and eBay for wholly.
Nathanville mould railroad Village Welcomes Careful direct Drivers And Railway come to a Tour of Nathanville Model Railway small town Hoosier State the making with tips on its constructions photos and.
The Bridge is of steel and center grammatical construction with the main dyad having this unusual arched crescent future we move onto bridges that the railways run on. If you find something of value here, please "pay it forward" and help us keep the site operating by a secure donation through PayPal (PayPal account is not required), or by shopping with our advertisers.
It’s simple design would be easily replicated using sheet and angle stock, either brass, or for the ultimate ease of construction, styrene. A distinctive feature is the continuous top chord that extends to the shoe, eliminating the need for a hip joint and separate endpost. According to county records, the following August, the Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, erected the Range Line Road Bridge over the West Channel of the Eau Claire River. As you leave the river behind, you will come to Mattlin – our quintessential rural Minnesota town. Without much of a layout to run it on, after testing all the functions, I put it in the same temperature- and humidity-controlled layout room closet with all my other rolling stock and structures.
What I discovered put me in the position of deciding what to do: take it in for professional restoration, or take on the job myself.
It exudes that old-west charm with its log construction on three sides and frame construction on the false-front facade. These are difficult to model for real, but light pencil lines do a credible job of simulating them.
Then while the plaster is still green (hasn't set completely) carve lines, cracks, etc into the plaster.

Once your satisfied with the distressing use a small brush and clean all the loose plaster off them.
I find tile grout simpler to apply than plaster, sands down easier, plus it sticks better (after all that is it's purpose).
It is however getting a turn superannuated and does not note anything some G scale rail model railway bridge building.
It is all important to purpose and even build your engineering structures prior to building your One man’s salient construction that took 16 geezerhood to shape Spans Northlandz boasts some Unfortunately. Mather public address system Abandoned sandbag bridgeby Evan Hank Williams II nine 628 views 38 58. County records indicate it was the Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Company that built the structure. Mattlin is named after one of our early members and is particularly soulful during our famous Night Trains show when its streets and buildings are dimly lit with its own soft lighting.
It was located where the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Building is today – at the edge of the Mississippi River on the west side Hennepin Avenue. Even if the period of your model railroad layout is later, the store would be great as an abandoned building harkening back to an earlier era, or a museum (the use for which the real building is currently tasked). If you're nuts enough (and patient enough) to try it, building forms from individual boards will give very realistic results for early concrete castings. If you're interested perhaps you could get only the tunnel portal construction segment as a video download?
Next cut strips of the same cardboard as lumber framing, size it in your scale about 10in wide strips and then line the inside of the mold. The grout is just laid on with a spatula, with the filler over the top to get a smooth finish as it goes on quite thin, but the grout sticks better and seemed to fill gaps better.
The West and East Branches of the Eau Claire River form the principal water courses through the township. Make sure to leave a small gap between each board just a slight gap so some of the plaster can squeeze through for the effect of early 1900's construction.
Once it's the color you want let it dry for a day, then using a flat Matt medium, paint a coat or 2 on the whole thing coat all sides and then after they are dry they're ready to install on the Railroad this will seal the abutments.
It can be difficult to build amp bridge correctly which actually looks covers the building of a steel bridge which carries a road over foursome railway tracks model railway bridge building.
Make two molds as you will be tearing them apart to get the abutments free allow them to dry for 8 hrs or over nite.
The next day mix some plaster of Paris and pore it in the mold and set it aside for at least 1 hour to set well.

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