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A Public Discussion Group For Friends and Fans of The Former New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company.
Well Walthers  produced a kit for a 36 seat diner which they puroprted to be a NHRR car. Hi Bill,I think "several years ago" was more like two to two-and-a-half decades ago or more?
After the NH acquired the parlors in 1945 the cars would be lettered for New Haven and have the 5.5 San serif font for the letterboard 7" and 5" for the name in the gray lettering style.
Wayne - thanks for the update.  I'm very glad to see that the "Bronx" was duly recognized! ShareThisDurango, CO - Blackstone Modelstm has announced the release of their ready to run HOn3 versions of the UTLX Narrow Frame and Frameless Tank Cars.
Narrow Frame Tank car roadnumbers available in both weathered and non-weathered are: UTLX No. The cars include accurately placed and scaled hardware, brake rigging, underbody detailing and fine nut & bolt applications. The models consist of high quality molded plastic with a diecast weight, free rolling trucks with metal wheels and Kadee® #714 couplers. For all you Standard gauge modelers I found the Frameless tank cars can be upgraded to standard gauge by simply swaping the narrow gauge trucks with standard gauge trucks from pretty much any era up to and including the year 1980.
I have 6 of these cars on order but I'll leave mine narrow gauge but, I thought many of you modeling the 1950-1970 could find a use for these cars.
Paperwork provides the place to record rail car weight and is a job aid that informs operating crews what weighing duties they need to perform. Four-sided waybills can be modified to include a field for weighing information (WEIGHED box in the lower right corner of each half of the bill).

Left) This bill (Side 1) requires weighing in Denver's Rice Yard, signified by the highlighted "RY" in the "WEIGHED at" field and the blank space below for the weight.
Merely highlighting a local yard (as for RY in the bill above) proves too subtle for local train and yard crews.
This WIT form tells the local crew to take this car to Rice Yard in Denver, and the Denver Yard Master to weigh this car before forwarding. Right) Once the car is weighed in the yard, the WIT form is removed and the weight recorded on the waybill. A mine block waybill like this is used to record reporting marks, car number, and gross weight of each loaded coal car. All the usual waybill information is preprinted on the block bill, as well as where to weigh and where to return when empty.
Other model railroad traffic generation systems create tables of car routings, switch lists, wheel reports, and the like.
Ensure the appropriate car routings take weighing into account as described in Weighing Loads. On a final note, we also need paperwork to document the annual weighing of empty cars, and the certification of track scales with Scale Test Cars. Definitive summary of railroad track scales, how they work, how they are used, and how they are maintained, with suggestions on how to integrate rail car weighing into model railroad operations. Railroad handbook describing weighing of all types of freight, track scales, and even the internal mechanism of railroad beam scales. Detailed technical specification of modern scales, including display division units, testing procedures, tolerances, and more. It needed work a mid car service door cut in on the kitchen side And a widow sealed onthe other side.

The Views and Opinions Of Authors Expressed Herein do not Necessarily State or Reflect those of the NHRHTA, its Officers, or its Membership. Available in both painted and unlettered as well as multiple road numbers, the cars are representative of those on the D&RGW between 1900 and the 1960s.
For what ever reason the NH renamd the car from its Pullman name of Patriot and since it was never leased back to Pullman for operation the name Navigatror does not show up in Pullman records. Many cars assigned to certain RR’s or trains had local or theme names but they were all Pullman. Even after the Parlors were divested and sold to the RR's in 1945 and the sleepers in 1948 the names remained. If a car was rebuilt or renamed it was noted as that was the only way Pullman tracked the cars.
The Railroad owned Diners were another story and there does not appear to be any rhyme or reason in the names applied,. The only major external change on this car was the addition of a small window and roof mounted globe vent on the dining room end of each side.
This window and vent were added to accomodate separate men's and ladies' rooms that were installed.

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