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How to incorporate an operating transfer dock, this becomes especially problematic if I make the river the backdrop side.
President Lincoln and family was in port aboard the River Queen, taking almost daily trips to see points of interest. Sherman arrived late in the afternoon of the 27th, leaving around noon on the 28th aboard the Bat, a captured blockade runner. There were several meetings among these men during the late afternoon and evening of the 27th and also the next morning.
I have seen the beautiful examplesin recent articles utilising photos as part of a backdrop. They have large format backdrops, cutouts and waterslide decals (the decals offered are just rolling stock graffiti).
Mountain scenes would likely not benefit much from the effect but certain industrial and maybe city scenes might. I think the trick is to at least smudge out some of the detail of the real photos at least. Matt (and others), First, Detail Associates offered several other Rail Scene backdrops, including a Country Town or Farm Town, Countryside, Woods or Forest, Mountains, Lumber Yards, Oil Tanks and, I think, Port.I have some of these installed on my layout. This is a really good topic and one that should be meaningful to layout builders everywhere. Jim is right on even the best commercial backdrops generally are faded and the joint between backdrop and layout is easily visible. Jim,I couldn't agree with you more if we were talking about our own philosophies on the art of the backdrop. Jim,I do have a tip that can work with both purchased and some home brew backdrops, so it bridges the two philosophies. Tom,Your and Jim's work really demonstrates how the digital age has raised the bar on backdrops. Capreol is 30 minutes north of Sudbury and is a CN crew change point and classification yard.
Here's a quick look at three layouts: the HO switching layout of Brian Buss that occupies a 10' x 15' basement room. If my rushed notes are correct the first photos below are from the HO layout of Wayne Cowan.
CP has moved its yard and crew change west while CN has a classification and crew change 30 minutes north of Sudbury at Capreol. I have posted some great tips from the clinics at the Sudbury model train convention at modelling tips.
If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below.
The yellow grass and sagebrush in the foreground are more ultramarine blue and yellow ochre, with white.
Note that the colors I use will play well with Scenic Express and Woodland Scenics ground foams.
With the backdrop essentially complete, save for maybe some buildings to be added later, I filled the yard back up with cars, just where they were when the last op session ended. If you have an opportunity some time, I'd like to hear a little about the phone system.

I believe that they at one time would take suggestions, so you may get your design idea into their product line. I can see why you'd like to locate them and give 'em a try.Yeah, look for shops that carry a wide new old stock selection.
On the other hand, there are people who have a different vision of what their layout should be. The layout is under construction but already has some excellent scenery, buildings and scenes. This 10 x 50 foot garden railroad hugs the perimenter on one side of his garden with loops at either end. The following video captures Huron Central departing with a train of coil cars for Sault Ste. You see super detailed photos and no matter how crazy-keen you are at detailing models, they still look like,well, models. Your mind knows that the photo is of a model and accepts that ,so in theory should blend in more readily to the viewer's eye to the 3D model foreground.
I haven't been there in years, but one potential source would be Hawkins Rail in Lafayette, IN. When I writhe something I am generally talking about scale model railroaders who take realism more seriously than other. As a native Hoosier, I can testify that you've done some very realistic examples of the Indiana countryside.
The yard in Sudbury is squeezed into the downtown core and hosts trains from CP, CN and Huron Central.
Very good ones, but when you see New England in the autumn up the back, there is a difference.
It is difficult for most modelers to effectively represent open or expansive space with their layouts.
It's not tinplate, but I think there is a certain number of people who like a certain "classic" layout look that manifests itself in bringing together elements that are familiar to those of us steeped in seeing the layout pics and reading the ads in old Model Railroader issues.
You can book or make reservation here and also the picture above is a nice image for your desktop wallpaper.
I think this is why not many modelers modeled open flatlands in years past as it was easier to do mountains as the hills and mountains offered a perfect backdrop. In fact, I'd bet that even many of us who primarily take a prototype-centric approach have a few elements like this around. This is something that you've noted above is a very important part of the magic of plausible backdrops, although you point out this is much easier for those of us who don't model the Midwest.I found stickers at Hobby Lobby under the Sandy Lion brand name. I may try the panorama mode in the camera next time I'm there (needs to be a morning shot). I managed to be in Capreol Sunday morning when CN was sorting cars out of a train.There's a video further down this page. The era is the 1930s.The second section of this video features the gigantic Mattawa Valley HO layout of Mike Svos. But what about folks who would rather model the midwest or other areas where there is no natural scenery break like hills and mountains to block sight of things at greater distance?
In my case, it's an Aleaxander Brownhoist Little Hook pillar crane used at a local machine shop.

The existing backdrop was painted off a montage of color prints, lined up and taped to the board. Don't miss to check all your favorite places by viewing the similar hotels and villas in pictures below.
That's all in the camera now -- then the fun really begins once you take things to Photoshop. This is a freelanced layout based on the Little Current area built by Wes Carmichael and includes various kit built, kitbashed and scratchbuilt structures.The third layout is the HO 10' x 10' layout made by Peter Pentilla. There are additional branchlines, multiple yards and an extensive double-ended staging yard.
However, only a limited selection of commercially available backdrops have been or are available. Works for me, despite the fact that I try to fool the eye on most of the rest of the layout that the viewer is in a few specific locations in Colorado.A discussion of backgrounds is certainly one in which the options one sees as viable are very dependent on the philosophical orientation of the builder, as well as the technical resources available.
This was the only way to attain a tall enough picture for what I was trying to accomplish.Mark. The period is September, 1957 and the roster includes steam and diesel, freight and passenger operations.
Me, I'm no artist, but I went the paint-it-yourself route, despite my trepidation over my technical skills when I needed to do this two decades ago.
As well, animation has been added: a thunderstorm, lighthouse and fog horn, rotary dumper, working coal loader and even a helipad.
One is that I do not want a backdrop on my layout that you or anyone else has on their layout! Nothing personal guys, but I prefer my layout to be of my creation and different from that of anyone else's layout.
If I had it to do today, advances in technology would probably see me doing it as you've illustrated.
I hve that backdrop on my layout!" That is not for me.The other reason is that commercial backdrops all have technical problems.
How many times have you seen a layout photo in the magazines and the photo backdrop is way to faded and light compared to the scenery and structures that are up against is. This is a dead give away and ruins an otherwise really good scene.This is all avoidable if you do as Tom Johnson (INRAIL) suggested and you go out and do you owen backdrop photography and print your pwn photos as Tom suggested. Tom and I decided to do so a few years ago and our photo backdrops have transformed our layouts. Tom has utilized this to better effect than anyone else I know of.Below is a composite photo that I am using on my layout.
The second photo is a cheal cell phone photo but you can see that the photo backdrop blends well with the foreground scenery. If you would like to learn more about this come to the Michiana Model Railroad Symposium on April 13th and 14th.

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