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You can use turntables, wyes or reversing tracks as a way of turning your trains around (without having to manually lift them up off the tracks). One way to do this is by sitting down with paper and pencil (I emphasize pencil here) and just start drawing some ideas, based on the concept of your railroad that you have decided on in the previous sections of this site (the "Design page 1").
If you know what structures you will be using, you can include them in your planning at this time and see how the trains interact with the buildings as well as the terrain.
The purpose of such tracks I suspect is to allow a bit of track to place some sort of wheel stops on to reduce the chances of inadvertently overshooting the end of the rails. Since a locomotive should be balanced on a turntable it would be handy to have short overrun tracks when spotting long locos.
The Finest Model RR Tunnels available ONLY here or at our Retailers!Use them as a starter (with our other products) to build your layout. Welcome to Model Railroad Tunnels! Tired of those cheap, lightweight tunnels that seem so out of place on your layout? Model Railroad Tunnels sells both direct to consumers and wholesale to retailers and other resellers.
All of our tunnel portal holes are cut to exceed NMRA S-7 Modern standards for the applicable scale. Products bearing Union Pacific marks are used with approval from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
Message: I posted this shot over on the "N" side a couple of months ago, just to show what a Prototype "Pike Sized" Engine Facility could look like! Message: Here’s the engine service area from my old layout that I tore down a few years ago.

Message: Hi Mastiff,As I have just diesels I've opted to just have a ready track at mytwo interemediate yards. Message: One of the structures located near the roundhouse, but separate from it, was the lube (or oil) house. Message: Here's the best set of shots I have readily available showing my engine facilities.
As for the photo one would need to know the history of the place, maybe the stub tracks are leftover from and old roundhouse that was there in steam days? Anyone know where that place is?
Wishing for big, rocky mountains to make your model railroad look more more realistic but you just don't have the time or maybe the skills to create something from scratch? If you wish to purchase for resale, on the My Account page, click Register for a Wholesale User Account. Both the Cumberlands and the Collins-design tunnels, in both HO-scale and N-scale versions, are now in stock. Our new design, the Rockies, is in production and will be available for Christmas in both N-scale and HO-scale sizes. Sometimes it appears to be a service track long enough to accommodate a loco and other times it appears to be just a short little length of track as if to keep the loco from inadvertently running off the other end of the table. I will go with either no track or a couple of short stubs corresponding to the approach tracks. To complete the process you will need to supply a copy of your state reseller license for verification. For alignments that do not have a corresponding track on the other side, a short stub track makes sense to prevent incidents when the locomotive pulls just a wee bit too far onto the turntable.

Wholesale products and pricing are only visible to registered and verified wholesale customers, except as noted for tunnels below.Members of any Hobby Industry Association receive special pricing that includes shipping. Because they are made for plastic resin, they weigh very little, making them easy to move and position exactly as you want, yet they are solid enough to stay where placed. I have pictures of my prototype RR, the AC&Y, showing just such incidents in its early days. Once again I thank everyone who has contributed pictures, information and opinions  for their invaluable help and advice! They were surprised when they picked one up and found that they are not just a shell as they thought.
By the way, that Engine set on the far right, just pulled in, with full train attached !See, I eat some healthy food.
Based on later pictures, the AC&Y installed heavy posts across from tracks that had no direct alignment. So here's a photo of one of our Collins-design tunnels from the bottom showing just how sturdy and solid they are.

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