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Building a modular train layout that is portable and flexible is a design challenge for many clubs and home-based modellers. Here's the method developed by member Bill Payne that will help you level modules should you ever need to do so, for example, at a train show.
Cut several pieces of wood that are the same height like these scrap pieces of wall molding.
Here's a picture showing the modules being transported in our trailer to the Holland Centre, Ontario train show September 21, 2008. On the left is the layout set up in the Bradford Greenhouses where the 2008 Barrie Show was held. Another local train club has mounted its travelling layout as a single module on a flatbed trailer. Nottawasaga Model Railroad Club (NMRC) member, Bill Payne, took these pictures of our club layout set up at a train show.
Below are photos of a modular, self-contained, linear HO scale model railroad that was displayed at the Bracebridge, Ontario train show, 2008.Nottawasaga Model Railroad Club (NMRC) member, Bill Payne, took these pictures to illustrate what can be accomplished in a small space.
If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below. Before I began building this website, I didn't know anything about html, css style sheets, or how the Internet really works. Modular model railroads allow the individual model railroader to build a small layout which is then joined together with other modules to create very large sized model railroads. Modular model railroading is also being furthered by the considerable presence of Woodland Scenics.
The rail joiners will pop up if the track isn't levelled correctly at the joints.A piece of string is stretched over two 3" high blocks of wood resting on the rail tops at each end of the modules.

You're looking down the length of the layout modules set up at a train show at the fairgrounds in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Left to right are members Barry Ruse, John Carruthers and the late Max Watts.The photo on the right is looking over John Carruther's shoulder from the village end of the layout.
Behind him is Barry ruse with John Carruthers operating the mainline.We've made a number of changes since these photos were taken.
Right under your award certificate, of course! The beauty of this approach is that you are limited only by your imagination. Here's a picture of the wheels and skirt of the trailer at the Brampton, Ontario train show, October, 2008.
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In some cases, the individual layout is built to operate as a stand-alone railroad which can also be incorporated into a larger layout, but in other situations, the individual modules simply provide the layout builder an opportunity to super detail a model railroad scene.
One type of modular model railroad is designed to work interchangeably with any other module built to similar standards  N-Trak typifies this approach, made possible by strict construction standards mean to insure interoperative reliability with all other modules.
By doing so, an individual modeler can complete their railroad in “installments”€?, finally joining everything together into a complete model railroad.
Ours are designed to fit our specific trackplan.The modules are sized to fit side by side and end to end in a 6 x 12 foot trailer. When the string just touches the top of the blocks  you know the alignment is true from end to end of the layout. A new module has been built for the middle of the layout that allows trains to reverse direction.
We tried building a carrier so the modules could be slipped in from the side instead of from the end.

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Electrically the layout mainline is divided in half, end to end with a booster for the second half. When it does along the entire length of the connected modules they are all level lengthwise. There's a reason that many modular layouts are constructed in dimensions of 24" to 30" width, less than 8' long and 12" to 16" high: doorways! It was a big hit at the train show.One of the definitive guides to building benchwork is the book by Linn Westcott. The concept involves dropping in different structures and backdrops or complete dioramas in a small space. The dowels help make the process quicker but you can do without them and just use the C-clamps. You build different structures to fit the area and keep these scenes on shelves beneath your layout.
When the mood strikes you, you change the scenes.Think of the "Scene Sites" as a time machine. In garages the layout can be suspended from the ceiling on pulleys or parts can fold down when the car is parked in the driveway.Even if you do not plan to take your modular layout to a train show, you still retain the ability to interconnect the modules in various combinations as long as you are careful when planning where the tracks terminate at the ends.

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