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The Pine Creek Railroad is a narrow gauge tourist railroad at the New Jersey Museum of Transportation located in Allaire State Park, Wall, NJ.
I went back and looked at the layout I had started a few years earlier and decided that it was just right for the project.
Passengers enjoy a warm Fall day on the Pine Creek Railroad as others enjoy their time riding horses and bicycles on the bike path that is the original Central New Jersey RR right of way. At 3’ X 5’ the Pine Creek Railroad is designed and built to be a self contained, interactive, display layout. I have a rather big Classification Yard given to me some time ago and now I am about to decorate this masterpiece but I do not know what to put on it in terms of buildings, roads etc. Modeling the freelanced Southern Utah RR inspired by the coal mining railroads of central and southern Utah in HO scale.
I always liked seeing the pictures John posted of his actual operations when his beautiful cars had those color coded washers on top of them. I've always admired the tab on car scheme, it seems to me to be one of the most simple ways to achieve realistic operation and routing of cars.
It was fun to read about the "Kringla cafe", there is in fact a Kringla conditori and backery in my hometown, Halden, and I also found a Kringla backery in my mothers hometown!
Not only is the Pine Ridge a fitting tribute to John Allen, it is truly a very fine layout in its own right. There are five types of freights on the Pine Ridge RR: Fast Freights, Slow Freights, Through Freights, Unit Trains and Peddler Freights. Westbound (red) and Eastbound (black) Fast Freights out of Great Divide do not make any stops on the Great Divide Division of the PRRR, except to reverse direction at Port via the Framework interchange loop. Slow Freights, which may be double-headed, run the same routes as the Fast Freights and carry all other types of cars and any remaining cars not added to the Fast Freight. Unit Log Trains (Loggers) run loaded from the Rounds Logging Camp to Port car ferry and Fassett Lumber Co. Peddler Freights also known as, local freights or way-freights, work a small group of local towns.
The Andrew Peddler, AKA Andrew-Port way freight, begins its day by switching Andrew and then heads down the mountain to Port with cars destined for points west and, if necessary works the coal trestle at Zachman. The Gorre Peddler, AKA Gorre-Port way freight, begins it day by leaving Gorre on its way eastbound to Port with pre-blocked light green cars destined for Rounds (supply cars, not logs), Wyatt Junction, Pooh-Bah City and the Framework Interchange. The Pine Ridge Peddler, AKA Pine Ridge-Great Divide way freight, begins its day by switching Pine Ridge and then heads down the mountain eastbound to Great Divide with white, red and black destination cars.
John was a very intelligent person and with the plethora of technology we have today I'm sure the operational and control parts of it would be something marvelous to see considering what he accomplished with the technology of his time. Once I worked out the first module construction method the others were just quick copy-cats. There have been many articles published over the years on how to make model pine trees and invariably they all end up looking like Christmas trees.
Since it prefers full sun, power line easements and pipeline easements are great places to find Goldenrod. I have shown you what to look for, because you want to locate these plants before they go to seed. An important note: when you harvest the plant, you should apply a preservative as soon as possible. Here is the trunk of the second tree after sanding to shape with a gentle taper that narrows towards the top. I started with the Espresso for the base coat, then lightly misted on the Fossil and Primer to change the overall color and give texture.
I hope someone can use this information, and even discover some new and better techniques for using Goldenrod. Passengers purchase tickets at the gift shop as others watch and wait for the train to pass by the water tower. Still left to build is a scratch built dog house style dormer for the larger of the two steel buildings.
It was moved to the Pine Creek Railroad site in Marlboro and then moved again to the current location in Allaire State Park around 1964. It is in five sections 1m (~39 inches) long each consequently 5m (197 inches) long and max 0,45m (14,6 inches) wide.

I always thought the only engine left was at the NMRA headquarters displayed in their collection. I just don't know if i could live with the multicolored tabs sitting on tops of my cars, even if it was just during operation sessions.
John Allens book did inspire me back in the days I was still doing european and Norwegian modelrailroading. The Pine Ridge RR has three Peddlers: the Andrew Peddler (orange), the Gorre Peddler (light green), and the Pine Ridge Peddler (teal). He had a great interest in operation, but also built the G&D for photo opportunities, and was a master at building and weathering railcars and structures.
Same for the scenery aspect, with todays products and techniques plus things he would of thought of that we haven't yet it would be an amazing layout. Jacobs planned to sneak out the left side of the top picture, through the roughed in bathroom, and thence around the main room which will one day feature St.
What I’ve been looking for is something that looks more like a Southern Long leaf, Loblolly Pine, or Northern White pine tree. Regular rattle can spray paint doesn’t penetrate the fine fibers of the seeds and leaves a clumpy mess.
My hope is that other people can come up with a superior alternative to the Design Master Color Tool spray. After painting the foliage green, I reinforced the trunk by inserting a fine wire from the bottom.
The droopy tops need to be trimmed off, as well as the little leaves that can be seen on the lower part of the stems. I cut this from a tree, rather than picking up a fallen twig, because I didn’t want a piece of wood that was weakened from rot.
No glue yet I am only test fitting the branches to determine which ones work best near the top.
I painted the branches brownish gray, then applied a small dab of white glue at the tip of the branch to hold them in the holes.
This model railroad is patterned after a popular attraction in Allaire State Park located in Wall, New Jersey.
In its original configuration the roof extended to the left forming canopy next to the station. The G&D was one great RR and to model it or even a part of it is a tribute to John Allen when done as well as Tom has. Typical Coal Drag power includes a 2-10-2 and articulated #39, sometimes double-headed. Typical Silver Drag power includes articulateds #35, #36, #37 or #38, which are frequently double-headed. At Port, the peddler picks up pre-blocked Andrew  and Zachman (orange), Rand (teal supply cars, not coal) and Pine Ridge (teal) cars and heads back up hill eastbound, frequently tender-first, to Andrew. At Port, the peddler picks up pre-blocked light green cars destined for the Framework Interchange, Pooh-Bah City, Wyatt Junction, and Rounds (supply cars, not logs). At Great Divide, the peddler picks up pre-blocked cars destined for Pine Ridge (teal), Rand (teal supply cars, not coal) and Andrew (orange) and heads back up hill westbound to Pine Ridge and Andrew.
My sister, who owns the (fictitious) Duna Babe's Kringla Cafe, just sent me the location.
I have dreamed about battery operation, and upon getting back into the hobby after a 25 Year hiatus I was surprised that we still relied on track current for power.
Many years ago, an article was published in Model Railroader about using Goldenrod for pine trees. You will want to harvest the Goldenrod as soon as possible after the plant has completely gone to seed. We need good color, and a preservative to hold the seeds on the plant, and prevent it from becoming brittle. Once cut to length, (about 9 inches,) I striped off the bark and let it dry about a week because green wood sometimes frays into a mess when sanded. If I had all the materials ready at one time, I could probably assemble 5 or 6 of these trees in an hour. When continuous running, such as for guests, the Rand-Andrew loop is bypassed, so the westbound freights run from Great Divide-Framework-Pooh-Bah City-Gorre-(and back to Great Divide).

The Great Divide-bound through freight out of Port will take cars destined for Great Divide (white, red and black). There were no photos, no description of how the plant was prepared, colored, or when and where to find Goldenrod. The yellow blooms will turn white and fuzzy with seeds and the seeds are what we are interested in.
Stop by your chosen location every couple of days after you see the first plant turn white with seeds and harvest the ones that are thick and fuzzy. Also, if you use the color tool spray pictured above, you will need to allow the treated plants to air out for several days in a garage or shed, away from flame and animals. Next, I built up the width of the tree trunk with hot glue, and scraped it vertically with a razor saw to add texture. The last step before sanding to shape was to drill a small vertical hole into what will be the top of the tree trunk. It is made from brass and styrene and populated with Model Power sitting people and park benches. The control panel on the front of the layout gives children the oportunity to start and stop the train at the station.
Fast Freights are powered by 2-8-2s (heavy Mikados), 2-8-4s (Berkshires), and 2-10-2 (Santa Fes); double-heading is prohibited. Typical Andrew Peddler power includes 2-8-0 consolidations #26, #27 and #29, Tioga Pass RR 2-10-0 #31, and road switchers RS-1 #414 and RS-3 #516. On the way back to Gorre, the peddler will pick up cars for Gorre (yellow) and any other cars for Port and points east that it couldn’t pick up on its way to Port. At Andrew, the peddler drops off orange cars and heads back to Pine Ridge with cars destined for Pine Ridge and other points east and switches any Rand supply cars on the way back. My friend Robert Carr and I decided to investigate the potential of this plant as scenery material and we think we found something worth trying. Last year in North Carolina we had four weeks to harvest Goldenrod beginning about the 3rd week of October.
On some areas of this plant the seeds are to thin from the seeds being lost to wind and rain.
Then I painted the trunk a brownish gray and maybe dry-brush with a very light gray to bring out the texture. Using the hole in the top as a guide prevented me from creating a top that was too narrow and weak to hold the crown of the tree. I purchased an Atlas kit of the Maywood Station thinking that I could just shorten it up and use it as a stand in for Freneau.
Fast Freights may consist of reefer blocks loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables heading east and empties coming back. Through Freights are powered by 2-8-2s (Mikados), 2-8-4s (Berkshires) and 2-10-2 (Santa Fes) and may be double-headed.
It’s not unusual to see the #12 0-6-0 and #25 2-6-0 locos working the line double-headed. The loss of seeds leaves the texture of the structures more coarse then you will want so you have to be choosey about what you pick. I disassembled it, filed off all of the detail, and rebuilt it with styrene shapes and brass wire to match the CNJ caboose on the Pine Creek.
Typical Pine Ridge Peddler power includes consolidations, Tioga Pass RR  #31, and road switchers. I don't want to strain my eyes trying to figure out if that small color is light grey or light blue. The mountain variety has a shape that works well for eastern-type pine trees that don’t look like Christmas trees. The coastal variety is less useful, unless you are building your trees from the trunk up, and that is what I will show here.

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