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See how much fun you can have with a bit of foam, some painter’s caulk and some brown shades of acrylic paint.
Ground coffee (after drying) makes good ballast (or add it to your cat litter to make it darker) and tea mixed with herbs makes great ground cover.
Or, believe it or not, just regular dirt (scooped up from outside) sprinkled down on to wet glue works a treat. Building model train scenery is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of model railroading.
Ground Goop - The first layer of ground cover used to cover the plaster cloth or other scenery base before applying turf and trees, etc.
Modeling Winter Scenery - Best tips for creating snow, ice, icicles and snow-covered trees and structures. Ballasting track - Rejuvenating old scenery - List of products, manufacturers and suppliers.

The "Terminus Layout" (see this track-plan) is not the only one idea, which was bustling around my head! Photos from the layout: I realized this track plan some years ago, it was my first model railroad layout at all. Getting N-scale buildings for a harbor layout is not a problem, there are enough producers. As I like the "harbour topic" on model railroad layouts, also see this shelf layout with a harbor scenery on a much smaller space!
The second track idea plan is a river port, too, but now with a river lock (on the upper left) as an appealing detail of this model railroad layout. The first track-plan above is designed as a riverport, but could also be (a section of) a seaport. But the supply for freight ships in N scale was not satisfactory to me, especially typically cargo boats, as they run on the Rhine.

The river, coming from the upper left to the harbor, has two water levels (low and high); so the level behind the gate doors must be high enough to cover the model trains.
A port with ships and water is always a nice idea for model railroading, as a harbor offers a lot of input for modelmaking and many tasks for freight traffic, like bulk goods, container, various freight goods or even cruise liners for passengers. There are many ports like this along the Rhine; probably this stream has the most ship traffic at all in Germany. One track runs through a silo, too; but this layout is even smaller than the 1st plan above.
Graphics were designed on the PC, printed, cut out, and then glued on the balsa construction.

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