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Model railway exhibitions can be a fantastic way to get great ideas for your own model railway set up. If you are looking for ways to get inspiration and ideas, which can help you in building your own model railway set up, or even just adding new additional features and scenery, then probably one of the best ways to do this is to find a high-quality step-by-step guide, which can show you how to build certain parts of scenery in a very specific and exact way, which can save you a lot of time in the long run. All aboard: Eric Marshall spends hours in his front garden with his model railwayNow he just has to get used to the hundreds of tourists flocking to his front door to see his collection in motion.
World in miniature: Eric's prized cable car Mr Marshall, who used to work in the printing industry, accepts donations from visitors and has raised over A?500 for Macmillan Cancer Support this year alone. The Model Railroad and Train Sets ThreadThis is a discussion on The Model Railroad and Train Sets Thread within Shifting gears, part of the Around the Corner category; Northlandz is the biggest display of model railroad trains in the world. View My Garage Northlandz Northlandz is the biggest display of model railroad trains in the world. We should have one thread dedicated to model making on which everyone can share their ideas. Originally Posted by Maverick1977 I would be really glad if any one can tell me where I can buy these sets in Mumbai? My dad had gifted me one when I was small and he used to actually help me set it up and play trains each evening when he came back from work. Unfortunately, like a typical 3-4 year old monster, I decided I wanted to see what was inside the engine and therefore took it apart in a rather unscientific manner - no one could put it back together again! I will take some pix of it this evening at home and then post it on this tomorrow for you to see.

Ive been meaning to buy one more (vintage train) from Hornby or even maybe the Hogwarts Express but last time in the UK i didnt have enough space.
In the days of old, and mainly abroad, a train set was a fundamental toy to have, just like play station today. In Germany you can even buy used stuff at sales which are held somewhere or the other every weekend.
I have not mentioned Hornby because these were mainly in plastic, the others mentioned by me were metal with greater detailing, much more sturdy. View My Garage Photos of a steam loco and diesel locomotive that I have in N gauge.
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There is nothing like seeing the fantastic work of other model railway hobbyists, in order to garner new ideas. There are also many special tricks which you can learn, by using a specific model railway layout building guide. Owned by Bruce Williams, Northlandz contains a variety of sceneries recreated with utmost details. I used to see these sets in a shop called India Hobby centre located at Marinelines (dont even know if it still exists). I want to run two trains together and see if I can manage crossings etc, but this means a lot more equipment and I need to slowly build it up!

In the first stage you can set up the tracks and the trains move with power supplied through the rails.
Tikuji-ni-wadi at Thane had a room with a running trainset, I do not know if it is still there. With the introduction of the Internet, this is now easier than ever, as many people now have websites displaying their work with building model trains and model train layouts.
Mostly these are set up on table-tennis sized tables and are either in the basement or in the attic.
Train can be run simultaneously with both systems, steam engines cannot use overhead supply. You get signals that work, level crossongs that come down when a train approaches, very very fascinating. You can even change tracks, first it was done manually, later on electical switching was also possible. When one sees such a train set duly set up, it is so very fascinating for children and adults alike.

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