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This collector's issue features new stories of Lionel's innovative O gauge trains and accessories, plus favorites from Classic Toy Trains, special issues, and subscriber-only website exclusives. Plus, you'll receive a bonus movie disk featuring nearly two hours of fun hobby films from 1938 to 1983!
Updated software provides easy navigation and it's fully searchable by issue, keyword, contributor, and more! Model Railroader Special Issue and Archive Collection DVD-ROM cannot be merged with Model Railroader 75 Years: 1934-2009 DVD-ROM. Follow the expert advice in How to Build a Model Railroad and you’ll be able to complete any of the 12 inspiring layouts in this special issue from start to finish! With How to Build a Model Railroad there’s no need to put off building your layout any longer. From tips for tucking wyes into compact areas to designing a layout with photography in mind, 12-ALL NEW TRACK PLANS show you creative ways to solve dilemmas that can derail your layout's success.
Plus, get an exclusive BONUS planning booklet with your copy of Model Railroad Planning 2012. Great Model Railroads 2013 travels across North America to bring you 10 outstanding layouts. See Jack Burgess' now-completed double-check HO scale Yosemite Valley Railroad and discover the lessons he learned along the way. Don't miss Pat Lana's N scale coversion of the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railroad into a regional common carrier and his spot-on modeling of agricultural crops.
Check out Andy Rubbo's amazing 1950's-era double-deck, multi-track electrified Pennsylvania Railroad layout featuring renowned GG1 locomotives. How to Operate Your Model Railroad gives you 34 operator-focused stories from the last 10 years of Model Railroader magazine compiled into one convenient issue.
Get inspired by realistic operating sessions on the mid-sized Santa Cruz Northern and Model Railroader’s own Beer Line layout. Take an innovative approach to model railroad planning with the creative design ideas, expert advice, and thought-provoking tips for small to large HO, N, and O scale track plans in this all new annual issue.

To create this DVD set, the actual printed pages of Model Railroader magazine were digitally scanned and captured in a PDF format.
EXPLORE the fully-searchable index instantly by issue, keyword, title, contributor and more. LEARN from the most influential authors of the past 75 years including, Linn Westcott, John Armstrong, Tony Koester, Dean Freytag and many more! REVISIT favorite departments like At the Throttle, Student Fare, and Boomer Pete and Bull Session.
Discover the design benefits of the most innovative and inspired track plans to ever appear in past issues of Model Railroad Planning. Build your best model railroad yet with the experience and insight in Great Model Railroads 2011!
Find creative solutions to your challenges by seeing how accomplished modelers have worked around their own space limitations-and how their ideas can work for you. Get the all-new special issue of How to Model Railroads of the 1950s, and you’ll have the expert insight you need to recreate an accurate re-creation of a bustling 1950s railroad.
Enjoy a fantastic variety of exciting track plans and layout design ideas for all scales in this popular annual edition.
While walking through the offices at MR, we came across a couple of recent MR Project Layouts. I was in Milwaukee on business with another model railroader about 1983, and we dropped by the old downtown location one afternoon and got a nice tour.
It was great seeing pics of the "Myrt" - there certainly has been a lot of progress since we spent lunch hours ripping sheets of Masonite for fascia and laying what seemed like endless stacks of flextrack!I got a tour of MR back in my early Navy days from Gordy Odegard.
Model Railroader senior editor Jim Hediger shows you how he made the yard ladders for our HO scale project layout.
Guys fantastic idea and execution, one quick question when the layout is in any of the other than the runaround format is there any safety put in place not to drive the trains off the open loops? I like the concept, ever since I saw the MR staff do it last year with their Beer Line project layout.Congrats on the raffle sales!

You'll also take a fond look back at Lionel moments on classic television shows, in motion pictures, and even in a Broadway musical. The archive disk will not run on tablet computers, stand-alone DVD-players, e-readers, or smartphones and requires a PC or MAC with a DVD drive.
You'll finds loads of inspiration, fully illustrated track plans, and helpful tips from the builders in each story. Each of the more than 100,000 magazine pages is shown on your computer screen in its original format, exactly as it was originally printed on paper. And though JD probably holds the record for "most tours given by one staffer" I gave many, many tours in my time at MR.
Our layout here at home will have a base height of roughly 50 inches giving a bit of an overhead view for me but, right now, it gives a trackside view for my children! Maybe think you should have posted this sooner might have gotten some takers for tickets here?
The pages include all stories, photos, drawings, advertisements, and even the original page numbers.
Dustin really liked that one, and so did I.Parked in the hallway right next to the N Scale layout was the Beer Line Project.
The art department, the workshop (especially if there was a project that hadn't appeared in the magazine yet) and, of course, the Myrt were the highlights. Here we see the Schlitz Brewery.While we were in the MR workshop, we saw the most recent project, "The Virginian". Here we see the Schlitz Brewery.So what happens to the project layouts after they have been featured. Case in point, the extension from the "Turtle Creek Central" is currently being used on the Virginian build.

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