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One of model railroading's best-known scenery modelers offers new techniques for adding realism to a layout of any size or scale.
Laying tracks and getting the trains operating is the first step to having a satisfying model railroad layout, but it’s just the beginning. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Operations of railroad yards such as Schaffer's Crossing here in Roanoke on the Ex-Norfolk & Western mainline can be hard to understand to the non-railroader. The Model Railroader's Guide to Freight Yards by Model Railroader Books gives the beginning model railroad builder a quick overview of the activities in a railroad yard and how to model those activities on their own layout. HO and N scale illustrations and prototype and layout photos introduce modelers to the principles of designing, constructing and operating a realistic freight yard.
Most of the layouts featured in the book tend to be on the large size, especially for a beginning modeler. Gene BowkerRoanoke Model Train ExaminerGene Bowker has always had a fascination with trains since his childhood in California.
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Featuring today's newest products and equipment, this third edition of one of Kalmbach's top-sellers will attract modelers with contemporary images of diesel locomotives and urban settings, plus updates to Dave's trademark scenery "recipes." Hundreds of photographs bring the techniques to life and make it easy for modelers to get started quickly.
He currently lives in Aiken, South Carolina and spends his free time photographing and writing about trains and travel for the Examiner. Structures usually come with instructions on how to put them together, and placing them on the layout is relatively straightforward, since most buildings are essentially a rectangular solid (or slight variant thereof). The book will also give the non-modeler a basic understanding of the activities around the local freight yard. But making landscape scenery, such as bushes, trees, mountains, tunnels, and heck even track ballast, is not as straightforward.
The book shows you how easy it can be to add backdrops to your layouts by explaining why you need one, how to build and paint one, how to add clouds, how to blend with layout scenery, and more. Most of the supplies, like bags of ballast or packs of plaster wrap, come with minimal, or sometimes no, instructions, and frequently following the instructions exactly will make your job harder.
Dave Frary’s book is a boon for those of us who would like to make nice landscapes but don’t know how. This book is packed with hints, such as the idea of putting a layer of sculptamold on top of plaster cloth material to strengthen it.This book takes the mystery out of model railroad scenery. Dave guides you step by step through the process of making “hardshell” (the surface for your scenery) for mountains and hills, making realistic looking grass, fields, ballast, and foliage, making trees, making water.

Just about any landscape item that might occur to you is listed in the book with detailed instructions on how to make it.
He has step-by-step pictures for some of the items (though not all), and gives away lots of “trade secrets” that will enhance your modeling experience. He spends the most space and goes into the most detail of his favorite methods, but he explains how to do the other methods as well, in case you prefer trying a different one (or have to, based on available materials). He also warns you which procedures are messy or hazardous and how to avoid accidents with each product.This book is accessible, and written to appeal to just about anyone who is interested in model railroad scenery. It’s probably too basic for highly experienced or veteran modelers, but even so can provide a valuable reference book (“What was the recommended water to sculptamold ratio again? And it’s extremely useful for those of us just starting out, because of how methodical the explanations tend to be.
When you have graduated past ovals of track on the dining room table and are ready to move on to making scenery, Dave’s book is an excellent first step.

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