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Hi everyone - I posted a diagram of the space in my basement I have to work with and was wondering if anyone can help me come up with some ideas of what I can do here. I am somewhat leaning towards the Virginian layout as it incorporates a lot of what I want.
There will be a lot of folks in this forum who will tell you, that a 4 by 8 layout is not the best footprint for a layout. I looked through a bunch of layout books and got great ideas, but most of them are just track plans and don't go into details about the benchwork. Clarify something for us.  You have a space approximately 14x11, but are you limited to a 5x10 portion of that space? Cowman - I did think about doing a lift section for continuous run and like that idea a lot - but again I go back to the original problem of not knowing how to do the benchwork. There are sixty-eight photos of this HO gauge layout under construction at the National Train Show. KMOX radio auctioned the entire HO scale train layout, with all proceeds going to Outreach Saint Louis. I'm inclined to do a 4x8 because this is my first layout and it seems less intimidating for some reason.

Just really looking to do something that I can operate with my son - having the ability to just let the trains run if we want, but also have the option to do some light operations.
If anyone has any other creative ideas of what to do with this space I'd love to hear it.
The appealing thing about something like the Virginian for a beginner like me, is that everything is shown step by step, etc.
So for now I'm limmited to using the upper portion of the room which is what I illustrated in the diagram.
If it were a little taller, you could make it go all around the room and let it go right over the top of the door.
Once upon a time the LION built a 6' tall bed and could have a living room right under it. Perhaps if the layout is at the 50" level you could have your work desk under the layout. Have actually spent a lot of time on there and if it wasn't for that, I would probably already be set on doing a 4x8.
Louis area members of the National Model Railroad Association and is inspired by scenes and railroads of the Saint Louis area.

I understand there are much better things you can do in the same space, but the bench work is the thing that intimidates me.
But, as you say yourself, a 4 by 8 is less intimidating to build, especially if you follow one of MR´s project layouts with their step by step description.
If I built the Virginian, would that give me options to extend the layout at some point in the future? I thinnk a 4x8 might be a good way to hone some basic skills and then shoot for something more advanced for my second layout. If I do something more creative and non-standard, I feel like the the benchwork will be a lot more difficult. I think an L-shaped layout could work here - but will I have the ability to turn trains around in that upper-right corner easily? I wouldn't be afraid to tackle a non-4x8 if I had plans with instructions that someone else designed and built previously.

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