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All the talk about new grills, well the old reliable out in the garage will get fired up later this afternoon for burgers & kielbasa. One may have to buy the fifth on the third to go forth on the fourth,as on the fourth the store may be closed, but going forth on the fifth may be difficult with the fifth taken forth on the fourth! I know form having  lived on Cape Cod that you must get your fith, third, pint, gallon etc at the liquor store, no exceptions!
I had to get an electrican out yesterday as we lost power on the south wall which includes the outside plugs.
Well most of our company has departed but we still have the 2 grand daughtrs from Cincinnati. I posted this in the Diesel thread that was started a while ago, but I might as well post it here to.
This is an old Tyco reefer that I brought up to my current standards, replacing the truck mounted horn-hook couplers with body mounted Kadees, replacing the trucks with better ones with impproved mountings and adding weight. This started off life as an OO model of the French prototype, made by Joeuf, that was saved from the rubbish bin. The Mehano boxcar has only had body mounted couplers, Atlas wheels and trucks, and extra weight fitted, now a better runner. Gidday All, well it’s a warm humid Friday night, the convection clouds were building since lunch time and the resultant rain from the thunderstorm only cooled things briefly. It is always interesting to see the variety of locomotives that have been run in your neck of the woods. On the bright side, the decals for my McKeen Motor Car project will be in the mail soon and I am really looking forward to semi-finishing that project.
Tell me about it Dave, though the frustration doesn’t go away, I must admit that seeing others efforts, no matter how big or small, gives me pleasure and cheers me up.
After removing the shell to have a look I found a bunch of little plugs and wires running all over the place. Looking through it, I see another structure I still have, a wedge shaped warehouse, which is the Crooke's hardware warehouse in Silverton now. I checked out that the height was not too implausible; there is a viaduct in Wales that is taller, and did a drawing. People should give scratchbuilding a try if they've been wondering about their capabilities. I'm at the same point re having built almost all of the structures that I need for my layout. Gidday All, at this time of year talk of Lionel and American Flyer trains under Christmas trees is quite common for you Good ffolkes in North America, particularly the USA. As a lad those names were unfamiliar to me and what I would have seen is what’s represented on this small portable layout that was at the local clubs open day, Hornby O clockwork, Hornby Dublo 3 rail and Hornby Dublo 2 rail.

Good morning Bear and the rest of the forumers, hope we all have some great pictures to share! Rule 3: Illuminating discussion of prototype history, equipment and operating practices is always welcome, but in the event of visitor-perceived anacronisms, detail descrepancies or operating errors, consult RULE 1!
Bear, I know you are still wet behind the ears compared to this old geezer (1957) but did you hear of "Lone Star Treble O" in your neck of the woods? Here's a pic of the San Juan Zephyr luxury cruise train testing on the new trackwork on the approaches to Lime Creek Gulch.
Basically, I turned the track arrangement at Purgatory around to better suit traffic, while gaining a much needed second industry spur by converting one of the turntable leads to serve this sport.
Sport Auto Hors-Serie from L'Annuel 2016AD Architectural Digest Spain from Mayo 2016The Economist from 07 May 201618+ Wild from Vol.
That will be dinner along with potato salad & a glass or two of Reisling from Seneca Lake. He has this each year and its a good time.I live amongst the illegal aliens and its like a professional fireworks show around my house tonight.
Turns out a squirrel had chewed the cable that runs underground to the the recepticle by the pond and the wire shorted out. Sun is out and its nice but after being out in it all last week I have felt kind of slugish so might stay out of it today.
I used the excuse that we needed a grill with a side burner so I could boil the armatures for Supertrees outside and not stink up the house!
I will wait for a few more days before making those 400+ shingles I need to finish the roof. The Lifelike covered hopper has had scratch built grab irons and hatch handles fitted, a brake system made from Tichy spares, sprue and styrene off cuts, body mounted couplers, Proto wheels and trucks, and extra weight.
I have been spending my time (and money -ouch!) on acquiring components for the lighting system for my layout. Problem with being retired is friends and family say "You are retired and you are doing nothing. I guess we really haven’t really lost too much, though even as it is 1144 Saturday here, the forum time is (I think) 0444 Saturday.
I then started going to prototype RR engineering sites and discovered the longest unsupported girder bridge built was a 172' long. I built it from a planbook (will try to locate) when I was living in Germany as an AF brat. It's the warehouse behind the brown Rio Grande RBL in the middle right side of the pic. However, having seen the quality of work done by others on the forum, I am tempted to re-do a few of them that I didn't put quite enough thought into originally.

I have also been modifying the 43 Peco Electrofrog turnouts so that the frog polarity can be controlled, as well as installing jumpers between the point rails and the closure and stock rails for future reliability. If and when they do that I will have to do some major surgery on the Motor Car to fit the sound decoder and speaker(s) into the beast. After about 40-minutes examining everything through a magnifying glass I changed the location of one little plug and voilà, a DCC decoder came to life on my programming track. They had pic's and I was off to the races, knowing something similar and longer than mine did exist in real life. When my Volvo got rear ended a few years ago they gave me a loaner that I had for 3 weeks while they waited for parts and the ok to do more repairs. He intended to keep it for several more years because its V8 engine is no longer available. Ran these for many years even though my roster grew to include Kato, Stewart, Atlas, P2K and other fine pieces.
So far, that seems to have satisfied any need for contesting, but certainly not scratchbuilding.
I can’t remember how long it took, it was a fair while, but I reckon the result was well worth it. You'll gain confidence and skills as you go and look forward to solving the challenge each new projecft brings. Click on the small pic of the mountain and star and you will get a pop-up box to enter your pic code from the pic hosting website. After a trip to the shops and a scolding from the Fat Controller, she was back on the rails. I also started a before shot of where the Transload Terminal will go, hopefully I can post before the weekends out. Traffic on Norfolk Southern's line should be back to normal as I believe they had all tracks reopened by last night. Hard to believe that the only visual evidence was a broken tail light and a cracked bumper.
They are saying it will take a couple of weeks to determine why one train rear ended the other.

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