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I found this little video, showing the joys of railroading in the Swiss Alps during winter. If you think that´s serious snow, you should see what they have to do to clear the Furka Pass line! Highlight was the re-installation of the Steffenbach bridge, the only foldable bridge in the world. Gidday again, A dangerous thing stereotypes, when thinking of the Swiss, bankers and chocolates are the first things that come to mind, though the phrase, "running like a Swiss watch" is in the common vernacular, and Pilatus make darn fine aircraft, but a folding bridge ?? When the line was built, in 1916, there was a stone arch bridge across the Steffenbach creek, which did not survive the first winter, never having seen a train crossing it. Is there anyone out there that has set their railroad in the late fall or winter of the year? I am considering setting my next layout in late fall early winter and would like to see what others are doing. I would add that a much extended and more detailed version of this layout project, revised to an all summer setting, was re-issued as Kalmbach's A Realistic HO Layout For Beginners in 1998. I happen to model late fall in the Alleghany Mountains, and I set my time frame about 1976. I've never actually experienced snow first hand - just as shown on TV and in magazines. One winter layout in MR from, I believe the 1990's, was completely covered in snow and it looked interesting because of its novelty value - perhaps because of my own experience in a snowless environment, I wonder if modeled snow is a permanant fixture on any layout.
Saw this somewhat strange car at a museum this summer and assume it is some sort of maintenance of way car.
The car is at the Flin Flon, MB railroad depot museum, an old repurposed and relocated Canadian National station. The Rochester sweeper and the car at Flin Flon could have been built from the same plan - possibly a stock model from some car builder's catalog. I searching for pictures of the inside of a canadian Comfort Cab mounted on Canadian National SD40-2 GMD no.5256.Who one can help me? Not sure about finding pics from that exact loco, but there shouldn't be much of any difference between any of the particular SD40-2Ws. A quick look on the web suggests that there are very few Halifax bombers that are still in existence and none still flying.
Ulrich continued prayers for your family.  I hope that you are not going to have to be away for too long?

Have a great day everyone, I need to go and wash up and get to work having just come back from the bike trail.
Running late already, for some reason I spent too much time out in the yard reading other threads.
Lee- Your recanting of the events with your Grandmother mirror almost exactly those with my Mother.
In order to keep my position as Master and Supreme Ruler of the House, I don't argue with my wife.
Todd - it was not before the picture posted earlier in this thread, when I saw a Ju 87 with retractable landing gear.
Sorry for letting off so much steam, but you folks are the only people I can talk to - the only folks I know who care. Model Railroader associate editor Steve Otte works on transferring the track plan on to the benchwork. The line is now operated as a tourist steam line, but even during the times of regular operation, it had to close down beginning of October and was reopened in July. I recall in an old issue of MRR a pic of someones layout with winter scenes involving the Hoosic River (I think). For this reason and not to break any trends I have enjoyed the snow featured layouts in several editions of Mr over the years - this post is enjoyable in the same vein. Both front and rear yards need to be cut and there the Poison Ivy that is looking way to healthy! The new Bear Motors I bought seem to be put out a charge when I test them on the Ohm Meter?
Kinda sad to see all those F-16s, A-10s, and B-52s sitting there all wrapped and forgotten!!!!! My sentimental favourite is the Halifax probably because Dad flew in one as bomb aimer and assistant pilot. Coffee and a ham sandwich with bacon and a fried hard egg and melted Swiss cheese on wheat please.
It was also to show that if you wanted to be prototypically accurate on something, you could belly up to the Rivet Counter and talk prototypical.
Still have about 25 feet of pipe to lay and since the ground is soft it’s actually pretty easy digging.
Earlier versions all had that rigid gear with those skirts, but as my grand uncle had told me, it slowed down those dang things considerably.

An easy solution to this common model railroading problem is to add a distant treeline along the layout backdrop. It seems the same methods for snow removal are employed just about everywhere it's needed. In the early 1920´s, the line was sold, and the new owners (the county and some communities along the line) had the new folding bridge constructed.
I've seen a permanent layout (I believe in Florida--maybe Cypress Gardens) that had an area with snow.
So if you find any photos from those locos, they will be close to identical to what you're looking for. I use to take pretty good care of them while I had a good job, then my Dentist passed away.
I can easily get it here as virtually all the supermarkets stock it and I could mail some to you next time we are visiting our friends in Minnesota. For some reason, I spent an hour yesterday trying to find a picture or reference to a Stuka with retractible landing gear.
Follow associate editor Cody Grivno as he shows you how to model a treeline using scuff pad material. I remember watching crews digging out the gun emplacements in a mountain pass once, and as luck would have it, on my return trip two days later the military had the Howitzers in place and I got to see them fire these monsters and watch the snow come down. While I had the funds, could not find a Dentist that was open on the weekends and it was the only time I could go. Downslope, of course, (first rule of plumbing) but not too deep to end up lower than the bottom of the ditch.
I may clear the layout of some of the clutter that has piled up due to working on the GP7 project.
I also tried to talk about a possible move with my father, but he is so happy where he is, especially since I have now arrived.

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